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Taking a little poll here. I am work in I.D. and one of our co-workers was recently hospitalized. She said not ONE of the people who drew blood from her, etc. wore gloves. The guy who drew a blood... Read More

  1. by   VivaLasViejas
    I have to 'fess up here: I cut the thumb and forefinger off the glove on my dominant hand when starting IVs. I know all about the risks, but I just can't feel anything through the gloves, which at my hospital are the thick nitrile type that are GREAT for protection but fit poorly. If someone could invent a thin glove which fit like a second skin while still protecting the wearer from exposures, I'd buy stock in the company, because I start a lot of IVs and I hate taking the risks I do. But until then......well, getting the IV in swiftly, accurately and with minimal discomfort for the patient is my priority, and then I wash my hands like crazy!!
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    said this before:

    If it's wet and it ain't yours, DON'T touch it!....

    YES I always wear gloves in any situation where I might touch body fluids, BM. PERIOD. including when I start IV's.
  3. by   Faby
    I used to work in ER and ICU, there I got used to wear gloves whenever I contacted human fluids. I?m a Head Nurse of a Maternity Ward ( it has a delivery and cesarean section room, and a new born area), and I work hard so that every nurse in my unit wear gloves, and wash their hands before and after contacting patients. It is very, very hard to achieve, but I think is basic for the patient and nursing staff.
  4. by   mario_ragucci
    Originally posted by BrandyBSN
    I dont do any part of patient care without gloves on. Makes my skin crawl to touch anyone without gloves.

    Use Gloves! Please!
    Brady - I respect you from way back, and I gain insight from everything you said in your post but the quote here. What if a patient asked you to shake their hand? If you were my PT and wanted all contact to be gloved, I would respect that and do it. Your right about everything in your post, and wearing gloves as part of following protective precautions is essential in our environment. Heh - I would feel a little funny if someone put on a glove to shake my hand, lol. The awareness points you raise are well taken by me, but, could there be a cultural awareness issue with patients who may want, or feel uncomfortable with, gloves in certain situations when no precautions are indicated :-)
  5. by   meownsmile
    i have to agree with wildflower,, wearing gloves is as much about protecting the patient as it is about protecting ourselves. Who knows what creepy crawly things we carry patient to patient off the door handles, faucet handles,, etc.
  6. by   Erin RN
    I always wore gloves when there was any sort of exposure possible except I have to be honest like a previous poster..I have been guilty of tearing the fingertip of the index finger off when I am having problems with an ABG stick..Smart?? No!! But I have done it.. Erin
  7. by   live4today
    Originally posted by BeachNurse
    Taking a little poll here. I am work in I.D. and one of our co-workers was recently hospitalized. She said not ONE of the people who drew blood from her, etc. wore gloves.
    A few weeks ago while visiting a friend's mother in the hospital, and after the nurses made numerous attempts to restart the patient's IV site, they had to call the doc. I said to myself, there is no way he is going to get an IV in because I have YET to see a doc place an IV successfully with the adult population ON MY WATCH anyway. :chuckle

    Sure enough, the doc makes two attempts to restart the patient's IV site.......BOTH TIMES while wearing NO GLOVES! (he never got the iv in either)

    That doc had blood all over his hands, fingers, nailbeds. He rinsed his hands in the sink, and left the room.
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  9. by   hmccartn
    As I am still in school, I don't have much experience but so far in my placements, I am a glove freak..I load up pockets so i am never without. Just recently I was doing a rotation in the ICU and the nurse drew an ABG from an ART line, withdrew the ART line and recapped the bloody needle all without gloves..I think she could see the look of horror on my face because she said matter of factly, "i am old school, i dont use gloves..i've been nursing for 15 yrs and haven't caught anything yet"... my thought was, so you've been lucky but how many germs and diseases might she have passed from one patient to another?????? Being in hospital, they are likely immunocompromised and more likely to become ill. Another point, we should be treating all of our patients as if they have HIV or Hep C/B because we dont know...the patient may be undiagnosed or unable to tell us their status.. these tests are not routinely run on admission so its important to take precautions with everyone..to protect you and the patients.
  10. by   NHLPN
    I always wear gloves......drawing blood, starting IV's, even giving injections. It is our hospital's policy to wear gloves when giving injections, you could be fired if you were caught without them.
  11. by   unknown99
    Not wearing gloves????
    Gloves should ALWAYS be worn when you have the potential to come in contact with any body fluid/secretions. Gloves can save your life as well as the lives you come in contact with.
    To start an IV, you can feel for the vein prior to putting the gloves on, then put your gloves on just before you stick them. Any way, that works for me.
  12. by   newbetonursing
    whoa.....your gloves will protect you when using almost anything in the field of nursing. And yes if your going to do IVs then you all should get to the Phlebotomy labs and start figuring out how WE find the veins. Patients in the veterans hospital that I am at complain all the time that the nurses have to stick them a bunch of times in order to find a vien. Start practicing. And btw sometimes, in some cases, the gloves have saved me from sticking myself. Better to treat everyone like they have some serious illness then to touch them with bare hands and pass that on to others or even your family members.
    if your going to RIP yoru glove just to find a vien then Im sorry but you GOTTA practice. Thats how I had to learn, I never had the option of not being able to wear my gloves as a phlebotomist.
    Its all connected, and if any of ya were my nurse and couldnt get the stick or couldnt get the IV in, then your darn right I would ask to see someone else who knew what they were doing. I think all nurses should really take notice that the phlebotomy aspect can over lap the the nursing. It will definately help me when I start a nursing program some day.
  13. by   newbetonursing
    oh and btw, when Im done with my statisics class, I would be more then willing to show you the results of those nurses that were followed after having sat thru an ed. glove wearing class. Its kind of scary that the data shows those who have not been a nurse for that long wear gloves constantly, vs those who have been working say 15 or more years. Dont get comfy, get smart and be safe!