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Taking a little poll here. I am work in I.D. and one of our co-workers was recently hospitalized. She said not ONE of the people who drew blood from her, etc. wore gloves. The guy who drew a blood... Read More

  1. by   night owl
    How about when you're passing meds? I, myself do not, but I work with people who do. It just seems like a pain in the arse to put em on, take em off, put em on, take them off for 20+ residents. Well, maybe it's better to be safe. We have one 46 y/o res. with HIV and I of course would wear them when giving him his meds. What do you do?
  2. by   Genista
    Anytime I think I am going to come into contact with blood or body fluids, you bet I am wearing gloves. I ALWAYS wear gloves for IV starts.Always, always, always!!! I can feel for that vein just fine with gloves on; the secret is to wear snug gloves that fit.
  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi. Yes, after a short, shaky start, I'm compulsive with the wearing of gloves.
  4. by   JMP
    The phrase "universal precautons" ring a bell with anyone?
    You and I should wear gloves when there is a risk of coming into contact with body fluids.

    Certainly universal precautions are not necessary when passing out meds. That is just wrong.......I mean what do they think might happen?

    I agree with some of the posts regarding IV starts....the manual dexterity is just not as good with gloves......but I have had too much blood flowing down someone's arm to risk not using gloves....again UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS.
  5. by   ornurse2001
    OK-I wear gloves for most everything, but I cannot feel veins with a glove on and to practice trying that on real people's veins seems mean to the patient since everytime I have tried I end up sticking more than once.I have gotten wearing a glove on one hand and feeling with the other hand down to a fine art and seldom if ever come in contact with blood when starting an IV.I wear gloves for everything else.I will say to the double glovers that I seldom ever double glove and I work in surgery, often in the scrub role.None of the Surgeons I've worked with double glove either; however, I would bet that our surgical quality gloves are a bit more durable than the average non-sterile gloves.I have also found it difficult to double glove in surgery because of the bulk.You come to appreciate a comfortable surgical glove and in fact get quite "picky" about glove comfort when you scrub alot-at least I do.(I know-shame shame)
  6. by   puzzler
    Yep--every time. Esp. with IV's. If I have a problem finding a vein I will take the glove off, locate a vein, then reglove for the stick.

    As a side note-- I remember when we would have precipitate deliveries and deliver bare handed--Lordy--can you believe we ever did that? Not today, never, never. Also remember using the mouth suction meconium aspirators to suction below the cords of newborns. It is a wonder I am still here and healthy I guess. But you know what they used to say--God takes care of fools and babies and nurses get double duty

    Hope you all have a great week-end
  7. by   Q.
    I had to comment about the precipitous deliveries.....I've had more than my fair share...and yes, having gloves is nice in an ideal situation...typically I try to carry a clean pair in my pocket - however, when someone's emergency light goes off, and you run into the room and the baby is on the perineum and she needs support, etc....you do what you have to. I've tried to support the head with the buttom of the chux - but sometimes that just quite doesn't do it. Even though we aren't OBs - we like to deliver the babies to reduce the risk of tearing "upwards" if you know what I mean!

    Luckily we don't meconium aspirate with our mouths anymore!!! Yikes!
  8. by   denicke
    I also double glove for Foleys...after insertion and the balloon is inflated, I remove the sterile gloves (contaminated with Lord knows what!) and have a "clean" pair of gloves to handle urine specimen cup with. The cup then stays relatively free of whatever. I glove for everything, since starting an IV on a 2 y/o (you know how messy pedi IV's can be) only to find out later from the child's aunt "I think she's been dx'd with HIV" I do at times, however, cut off the tip of my left (non dominant) index finger to palpate a vein. Stay safe everyone!
  9. by   timonrn
    I 99% of the time wear gloves for IM's and SQ's but the one time I didn't for an IM the patient bled like the dickens and the little alcohol pad I had didn't quite do it! LOL Why the gloves with meds, tho--I'm not actually touching anything of the pts when I hand them their meds--??
  10. by   Chuckie
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  11. by   ornurse2001
    Denicke-I didn't think about it til I read your post-but I actually do that too!I don't double glove intentially for the added protection, but rather as you said to have a clean pair underneath.I didn't even think about that being "double gloved", but it is....
  12. by   BeachNurse
    Responding to the nurse who says she would wear gloves when passing meds to the HIV+ resident: completely UNnecessary. I work with HIV+ kids and I hug them, touch them, etc. Wearing gloves unneccesarily around HIV+ patients is cruel and insulting to them. If there are no body fluids present then gloves are not needed.
  13. by   night owl
    Beachnurse, It would be cruel and insulting to myself if I don't wear gloves when passing meds to an HIV+ pt.! Just protecting myself It may not be necessary for the pt, but it certainly is necessary for me and other pts thereafter that I have to pass meds to...