HIV Cured?


    Or could this have been an nurses mixed up at Hospital with results?
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  3. by   HappyJaxRN
    Quote from dave777

    Or could this have been an nurses mixed up at Hospital with results?
    That's interesting....He needs to let them retest him tho. Just to be safe. :uhoh21:
  4. by   Gennaver
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    Or could this have been an nurses mixed up at Hospital with results?
    Hello Dave777,

    After reading the article:

    1-the patient thought he was positive for 2+ years and saught no tx

    2-the patient refuses to come in for further testing in order to either to: a) r/o possible misdiagnoses or to b) help immensely with future HIV resistance studies.

    Before I could even begin to formulate and educated opinion I want to read some evidence based information. None of which will happen with this non-compliant client.

    Pasted from the article:

    "This is a rare and complex case. When we became aware of Mr Stimpson's HIV negative test results we offered him further tests to help us investigate and find an explanation for the different results.

    "So far Mr Stimpson has declined this offer. It is therefore difficult for us to comment any further."

    End paste.

    We will apparently never know.

  5. by   SFCardiacRN
    Probably a false positive test from the very beginning. Same thing happened in Florida a few years ago. In fact, the Florida patient was put on AZT for 2 years. Turns out all his HIV like symptoms were from the AZT. He won a huge lawsuit.
  6. by   EricTAMUCC-BSN
    Just a few words about HIV and AIDS, first off let me start by saying that pharmaceutical industries make billions off of "antivirals". Secondly diseases that often accompany HIV infected patients are dehydration, annorexia, drug abuse, CVA, CAD, retardation, and cancer. Thirdly, how many viruses and cancers do you know of that destroy cells, not just "helper T-cells".

    Finally I am not condoning or disputing HIV and AIDS, just be sure to read the fine print before you justify an AIDS diagnosis based on a lab test.
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  8. by   Mississippi_RN
    LOL... I don't think "Secondly", "how", "many" or "condoning" are Russian words... Used a bad internet translator I suppose... :chuckle
  9. by   Jessy_RN
    It's interesting as to why he refuses further testing.
  10. by   nurse4theplanet
    okay, this was not a very informative article...

    no mention of what testing was done to diagnose him in the first place and how accurate it was, or how many times he tested positive...

    obviously, for years he did not seek treatment? why? does he have a death wish? does he not care? was he possibly knowingly having unprotected sex with others while he was under the impression he had HIV?

    Either one of two things happened...

    his first test was not correct. thank goodness...but disturbing nonetheless since we have hindsight of how he reacted to the news


    the second test is wrong, and he thinks he is in the free and clear and doesn't want to know any different...possibly allowing him to spread the disease rampant with a clean conscience.

    Also....a little info about AIDs/HIV as I wrote an extensive research paper on it a few years back...

    HIV has to reach a certain viral load before it begins to take its hold on the body. With the advanced antivirals, particularly the newest HIV/AIDS cocktails, physicians are achieving lower and lower viral loads in their pts. Well, this poses a problem because the Western BLOT and ELIZA tests that are used, only detect the virus if it has reached a certain viral load: hence why many are encouraged to continue getting tested after suspected exposure and why the disease can lay "dormant" before it is ever detected. As pts are tested during treatment, they may have the virus but it is not being detected because they are currently in good health with a decreased viral load...Makes you wonder about Magic Johnson since he has the best and newest medical treatment available at his fingertips right? Here is my word of caution: there is no cure for AIDS yet that can be backed up with extensive medical research so don't put enough stock in it to gamble...

    But, if you did not receive treatment, obviously you didn't seek out a cure right? This is hype, IMO. Leave it to the media to once again put false assurance in the people out there who are already clueless about the spread and seriousness of aids
  11. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Well, I haven't read the article yet, but wanted to comment anyway. If this guy was HIV positive, and was given a false negative, he may be out there spreading the HIV around.

    That's a sad thought. I think there should be some law to make him be retested.
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  12. by   CHATSDALE
    there are false positive and also false negatives

    and there are also cases on record of a definitive dx and in which the disease clears up completely..

    if he knows of any tx why wouldn't he come clean and save misery and grief