High Fail Rate for new Grads on Boards - page 6

I work in East Texas and have noticed a alarming trend, our new grads are failing their state boards at a alarming rate (60 % from our local junior college). Moreover, all these new grads that were... Read More

  1. by   All_Smiles_RN
    Like I already said, the 60% fail rate is INCORRECT. This thread keeps bashing on new and student nurses. You can't expect students and new nurses to know everything. All of you were once in training yourself. Maybe the reason it's so hard to retain new nurses is from all the crap that "seasoned" nurses are dishing out at them. Just read the first few pages of this thread and now this last one. Enough to make my head spin.
  2. by   Emilys Mom
    We graduated in 12/03 and 6 failed out of 17 and 3 have failed a second time I was in an ADN program. I don't feel they focused much at all on boards and was so concern with writing paper after paper. The teachers haven't updated their materials they teach with to reflect the times. We definately didn't get enough clinical.
  3. by   Emilys Mom
    For Va. it was like 80 some percent a year ago and has fell since Jan. this year to 60 something for first timers and 41% for each time after.
  4. by   RNIAM
    We had a very high pass rate for the boards. For three years in a row our school had a 100% pass rate. The rate dropped for one year but our class is hopeful that we can raise it back up to 100% again!

    edited to add that I recently passed the boards!!
  5. by   purplemania
    Jerry: You are right. We do need to work with the schools to prepare students for current practice. Our GN's had a 100% pass rate for the Dec. grads and 100% of the May grads (so far). I believe you and I are in the same facility, so I assume you got your info elsewhere. As for disease process, the NCLEX is so complicated now that the instructors are having to teach to the test. I hope these new nurses continue to learn, and as a preceptor, you can guide them to value lifelong learning. Unfortunately, they don't come to us as a finished product. They BECOME nurses with practice.