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  1. WendyBSN2004

    High Fail Rate for new Grads on Boards

    It is true they did change the test...they have made it harder. I believe it started April 1st 2004. I will be taking my boards in a week so I will find out how hard it is soon. :)
  2. WendyBSN2004

    Just got a loan for a new house!!

    Congrats on the new house!!!! It is always an exciting feeling!! Wendy
  3. WendyBSN2004

    must share this wonderful book I got

    UUGGHH!! Potter & Perry, I'm afraid I've only just begun with them...HAAA!!! I thank you for the info, I plan to purchase the kaplen book...it sounds great. Wendy
  4. WendyBSN2004

    Financing nursing school

    Hi, I am also a Hoosier!! :) I am currently a nursing student in the BSN program at IUSB in Southbend...I found the financial aid office and also my nursing advisor to be a great help in financing my schooling. I am a mother of two and I have had...
  5. WendyBSN2004

    Starting school in 3 weeks!!!

    Hi!! I too am starting this fall on Aug 27th in a BSN program at Indiana Univ. SouthBend. I am so excited, but I can't believe how nervous I have become in the past week. I too have read the echo heron books, they are great!!!! I must say I wish ...
  6. WendyBSN2004

    I Passed!!!!

    Congrats!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)
  7. WendyBSN2004

    I made it into the BSN program!

    Hi everyone I received my letter of acceptance into the BSN program today. I am so excited. I can't believe I finally made it. Finally I am a nursing student. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Wendy
  8. WendyBSN2004

    Graduate July 10th.

    Congrats! and good luck in your career. Wendy
  9. WendyBSN2004

    "Hell" week is over

    Congrats to you!!! I am sure you will do just as well on this up coming semester. Good luck!!! Wendy
  10. WendyBSN2004

    Accepted to Nursing School!!!

    Congrats and good luck!! Wendy
  11. WendyBSN2004

    Accepted to nursing school!

    Congrats on your acceptance!!! From another nursing student named Wendy :)
  12. WendyBSN2004

    Any study tips for A&P?

    That was the same book that I used for A&P I and II. It is a great book. I think the best part about it is the pictures and figures. They really explain what you have read by giving a visual to it. We had a small study group, and think it hel...
  13. WendyBSN2004

    How old are you?

    I am 27 now and will be that when I enter nursing school. I should be 31 when I graduate from the BSN program. I am so excited to be back in school, and my children are learning a lot about how important school is. Good luck!!!
  14. WendyBSN2004

    Any study tips for A&P?

    What helped me was to keep up on the reading, review my notes after class, and I just tryed to review when ever I had a free moment. I wish you the best, it is a hard class. I learned a lot though. I just finished A&PII this spring with a B. G...
  15. WendyBSN2004

    MA's calling in physican's orders

    I have been a medical assistant for five years and we were only allowed to call in meds that where okayed by the physician or RN. No, we were not allowed to pretend to be nurses. I would always let the caller know that I was an MA. As for the 8-9...