Hep B waiver while taking series?

  1. The usual,

    My nursing program has informed me that I must sign a statement that says that I refuse the Hep B series and I understand the dangers of not being immunized,one being my possible death, and that I take full responsibility for any complications from Hep B. If I don't sign this statement I will not be allowed to attend clinicals.

    My problem with this action is that I have had two doses in the series and the very same form has a box to check on it that says I'm currently in the process of obtaining the series. I turned that form in yesterday with the box checked that says that I am in the process,but they say that I have not turned in my waiver(because I haven't checked the box that says I refused the Hep B). I'm sure my form will continue to be "lost" until I sign away thier responsibility.

    Since they are not being forthright I will have to ask my allnurses family............

    Is the Hep B series that ineffective? Do I have anything to worry about?

    What actions can I take that will hold them responsible?

    My deadline is Thursday morning.
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  3. by   fergus51
    Why would you expect the school to protect you when you haven't had the whole series? I understand the timeline made it impossible to get the whole series before, but I don't get the huge deal. Either wait until your series is done before clinical or sign the waiver. Besides, you are ultimately the one who has to protect yourself from Hep B in the clinical setting with rigourous universal precautions.
  4. by   AngelicNurse2B
    That doesn't make sense though. Especially since you have to wait so long between the second and the third. At my school we had 3 options to check off: 1. Yes I have had the series; 2. No I refuse the series (and then you had to sign the waiver saying they aren't responsible if you die from hep B, etc.); 3. Yes I'm in the middle of getting the series, I've had either one or 2 shots. You should not have to sign that waiver Peeps. I would keep fighting them on it if I were you.
  5. by   Ortho_RN
    Be careful fighting people in nursing school.. If you do they might put you on the "troublemaker" list and make the rest of school life a living H***...
  6. by   Albirdie
    It sounds like the school is just trying to cover their behind. Can you blame them. Besides does it really matter anyway, you are in the process of getting the shots. You don't want to cause a big stink over something minor like this. And you really don't want miss clinicals either. If it were me I would just sign the waiver. How will it hurt you anyway????
  7. by   CaliNurse
    When my co-worker was in her clinicals they ( a vocational school ) required a lab draw to show each students titer. After 3 injections she still showed unprotected and was required to have a 4 injection as part of her series. I know this also happened to my husband who is in ESRD. I would ask them point blank " How is it handled when someone already has 2 injections and only needs a 3rd one when it is time?" If they draw labs later and see that you are not fully protected let them give you another injection.

    An anesthisiologist (sp?) where I worked once got it - hepatitis - from a patient on the operating table. " a needle stick" this was in 1989 or 1990.

    We need to do all we can to protect us from what ever is out there.
    You can always call the health department for your area and ask them advice and ask them to fax or mail something to you.

    Good luck,

  8. by   sjoe
    What is the problem you have with signing the waiver? All it does is complete a requirement the school has with its clinical placements--it doesn't make you susceptible to lawsuits or anything. Then, after you have completed the series, take THIS paperwork in so your school can update its records.

    Nurs2b--Yours is the attitude that bullies always hope their victims will have. Aren't you paying these people to teach you what you need to know to pass your boards? You are the customer. Don't be such a pushover. Make THEM earn the money YOU are paying them.
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  9. by   laurainaz
    I am also a nursing student, but at my college we didn't have an option to refuse the HepB series. (At least, if we did I wasn't made aware of it!) Our first shot just had to be prior to clinical and complete the series in 6 months. What is the big deal with signing the waiver, you're completing the series anyway. Best of luck! :angel2:
  10. by   Ortho_RN
    Well.. I understand what you are saying sjoe... But its a fact... You can tell when an instructor is trying to push you out for a stupid reason... Trust me, I don't take crap from them, but I don't argue over minor petty things that don't matter anyways... ANd I do agree with you 100%.. I don't think we should have to feel worried about them making your life living hell, but unfortunately I have seen it, and what can a student do about it... NOTHING
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  11. by   NRSKarenRN
    Check out the International Health Care Worker Safety Center at the University of Virginia Health System ---- dedicated to the prevention of occupational transmission of bloodborne pathogens.

  12. by   globalRN
    I believe that you can take your third dose as early as 4 months after your first if necessary(2 months after your second).
    So you could check on this possibility?

    It is true, some people don't develop antiBodies even after the full series(3 shots). It is not routine to check titers after a series. If titers are checked and are negative: That is why they get a 4th shot and then titers. The most one will get will be 2 full series...if there are still no anti-B....then you are outa luck....you are just one of those nonresponders. So be real careful or if the risk of contracting Hep B is too scary....change careers.

    As to being thought a troublemaker....nursing needs more people who aren't afraid to speak out or up. Any nursing educators who would penalize a student shouldn't be in teaching.
    Originally posted by globalRN
    As to being thought a troublemaker....nursing needs more people who aren't afraid to speak out or up.
    Wonderful point! I'd take a trouble-making policy-questioning nurse anyday over the alternative.

  14. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    The reason they won't let me mark on the form that I am in the process? There is a choice for that on the form,but they "lose" the form when I mark it(x2).

    During orientation we had the form that they are now "losing". It clearly states that after the second shot,you are said to be "in the process".

    Why would they have such a statement on the form and then use extortion?
    They could have just said(6 months ago would have been nice) "you have to complete the series and the titer or you will be considered as refusing"

    or how about,
    "cross off the choice of had my second,in the process because that does not matter."

    I imagine the school would rather have the students refuse the series because off liability concerns if one should become infected with Hep B.
    They are now free from worries of which pts I get. If they had taken that choice off the form I would probably have gotten the third shot by now,but I was two months ahead of schedule.

    Contracting Hep B will end my bedside career before it starts,but hey that's my fault because I refused the series and I take full responsibility right?

    Any chance I'll be exposed to Hep B as I give baths to everyones pts covered in feces as my "rite of passage" for the next year?

    I'm sure those forms that say I have refused the series will somehow stay in my file and the completion of the series will somehow get "lost" just incase my titre was mixed up by a tired lab tech,or analyzed incorrectly.

    I'm willing to lay down hard cash that says twenty years from now some clerk will be purging paper files and come across the refusal in the "trouble-maker" file.:roll

    Seriousely though, It doesn't bother me at all except for the fact that they made me think I could start clinicals after the second shot. They print forms all the time,why not one without the choice for in the process for orientation...........uhmmm?

    Thanks for your responses everybody.

    Thanks for the link NRS Karen.