Help With Nauseated Teen

  1. all, anybody ever heard of an allergy diet. i'm not talking about brat diet, as he can't tolerate bread. i know that the first thing is rice, and then one adds on from there. adds what.

    here's the problem. my 17 year old son has been having nausea, and gagging for the last two months. md put him on nexium which helped somewhat. now for the last two days he can't keep anything down. no, i take that back, i put him on clears yesterday, and that is fine. had 1/2 cup plain rice last night, and no problem. plain piece of bread this am, went to school, went to br, threw up....

    we have been back and forth to the md 4 times in the last two months. have a call into the nurse right now to renew the rx for the nexium, and also tell her about the vomiting, and some pain after eating....right lower quadrant.......any ideas.....

    please help me if you have any ideas or suggestions. he is losing weight, and he is getting depressed about having to stay home. i'm an r.n. and i can't help my own me....
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  3. by   jbeachy
    I have not heard of an allergy diet so to speak unless one knows the specific foods to avoid, but the BRAT diet is bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast, but it sounds like that is not working at all for you or him! The general rule we use is clear liquids for 24 hours, then if no vomiting, proceed to the BRAT stuff. If he vomits then you need to wait 2 hours before he eats or drinks anything else to rest his tummy. But, something still doesn't sound right. Sounds to me with the continued nausea and vomiting, and the RLQ pain he needs to see a GI and soon. I would get an appt with your local GI to have him evaluated soon! It may just be GERD and that the Nexium is not the right med for him, but.... Wish I had more ideas for you. I hope he gets better soon!
  4. by   P_RN
    Has he been to a gastroenterologist? Rx for Nexium doesn't seem to be working. Perhaps there is a functional reason. He may have an obstruction, or a duodenal ulcer or diverticulitis.....

    Is he bulemic? Has he got panic attacks? My daughter had that in grad school and barely ate for 5 months...Your description fit her to a T.

    Good luck. Keep us posted.
  5. by   WashYaHands
    Have they ruled out appendicitis? or pancreatitis?
  6. by   gwenith
    Amen to both of those suggestions Washyahands. I would think a chronic grumbling appendix but there is also a little thing called Mekel's diverticulum which somethimes gives males a hard time. IT could be a UTI - not unknown to have SX like this. I would get a second medical opion and keep us posted.

    In the meantime - studies have shown ginger to be as effective as metaclopropramide (Maxalon) for nausea. If his GIT is clear try him on flat gingerale /sweet ginger and lemon tea if the nausea gets to where he cannot tolerate liquids.
  7. by   yannadey
    Sounds like appendicitis,
    Please take him to a gastroenterologist. I know how helpless we parents feel when we are unable to make our babies stop hurting. I always keep ginger to make ginger tea & gingerale at home they help my 15yr old when he is nauseous.
  8. by   Katnip
    If he gets sick from eating bread, could it be celiac? From the gluten. We've been hearing about a lot of problems with that lately around here for some reason.
  9. by   LilgirlRN
    I vote for chronic appendicitis.
  10. by   cokie
    just wanted to thank everyone, and update. my husband took my son to the md yesterday with a 3 x 5 card from me describing his symptoms. got an appointment with a gi guy today.

    went to the gi doc today, and am going for an endoscopy tomorrow am, fasting blood work, and a barium swallow.

    also, a scrip for compazine. so, gi guy says not to worry, at 5'10" and 154, he's at a good weight, looks healthy, so we'll fix whatever is wrong, and he doesn't think that it is anything big. when this all started my son weighed 160.

    thank you all again for the good imput. it helped to light a fire under me, and under my dear husband.......nurses, aren't we great. happy nurses appreciation week all.
  11. by   -jt
    <<went to the gi doc today, and am going for an endoscopy tomorrow am, fasting blood work, and a barium swallow. >>

    There you go. That should have been step one prescribed by the first MD when the kid wasnt getting better, but its nice to see that at least this dear doctor took our recommendations & agrees with our plan of care.

    And I bet you didnt even have to show him this page & all those private emails suggesting GI series & endoscopy to get him to do it either.

    Good luck!
  12. by   gwenith
    Godd Luck! Keep us posted
  13. by   charissa
    I work a peds/adol floor, and had a young lady come in with chronic n/v and difficulty with intake. she would get rehydrated, go home and end up back with us. Gastro said gastopyresis (sp?)
  14. by   cokie
    hi all. thanks for all the good advice. endo was clean....go for the swallow next monday the 19th. haven't heard about the blood work yet.

    my husband, who is not in the medical profession was wondering why they didn't order a flat plate first....does that really show anything.

    in fairness to my doctor, my son is a very bad historian, and would just descibe it as gaggy and nauseous....once he told me that he had pain, and once he started throwing up for three days straight (could hold down juice and plain rice) then they stood up and took notice.

    my son is afraid that they will find nothing wrong. i already have my husband checking out our psychiatric coverage........the gi guy says that my son may need to learn to relax, and not try to suck everything up, and not be so perfect........