Having second thoughts about going into nursing...

  1. Hi,

    I always thought that I would become a nurse. I have always been a caring, compassionate, loving people person. I have always been fascinated by the human body and mind. I thought that the nursing profession would be the perfect fit for me. But life and circumstances had kept me away from obtaining this goal..until now...

    But I tell you, I have picked up more negativity, hostility,& burn out regarding this profession on this board, that I am seriously thinking of looking into another allied health career. (Radiology/Diagnostic Sonography)

    The biggest thorn im my side has been the LPN/RN situation. I was going to do the LPN route because it is the best choice for me financially and personally. But jeez, I almost feel like WHY BOTHER? Why give myself heartache and misery?
    (EX: bashing, not bashing, real nurse, not real nurse, can do this- can't do that, stuck in LTC, not good opportunites, not hiring LPN's, etc etc ...)

    I live in S. Florida and I KNOW there is a shortage here of nursing. But if this is the real world of nursing, I DON'T want to be a part of it.

    Thanks for letting me "speak"

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  3. by   Pretzlgl
    I agree with some of your comments, Justy, because I have felt that way myself. I have been an RN for 6 years and sometimes wonder if I shouldn't have chosen another profession. However, don't be discouraged completely because of this board. I think that alot of people who use this site, myself included, come here to vent frustrations and share situations that happen at work. It becomes a support group of sorts. And I think it serves a valuable purpose. Nursing has a lot to offer - if you don't like a particular field you can move on to another. Yes we are overworked, and for the most part underpaid, but we do have great job security. And some of the relationships I have made at work are invaluable. We change peoples' lives, and it sounds like you have all the wonderful qualities that a good nurse should have. And if becoming an LPN first is financially smart for your situation, then do it! And don't even give a second thought to what other people think.
    Best of Luck in your decision.
  4. by   911fltrn
    Nursing has alot of problems. Burn out, low pay, terrible working conditions just to name a few. To be effective you have to try and put those things out of your mind and concentrate on the patient. Try and find a few local nurses and take them to lunch! They will more effectively answer any questions you have. A small suggestion if you find nursing isnt for you, ---- Nuclear med techs are up to 54 dollars an hour where I live! Hope everyone is having a great day!
  5. by   Genista
    Hi Julie-
    Your reasons for going into nursing sound a lot like the reasons why I went in. I'm sorry if some of the negativity on the bulletin board has scared you off. Keep in mind, this is a safe place for us to come and vent. So, oftentimes you'll see our ranting & raving here, as we let off steam.

    Contrary to our complaints, there are many nurses who love what they do! And, on top of that, there are many, many settings to work in, yes, even for LVNs. ;-) I work with some top notch LVNs in acute care (California) and they are well respected members of our team. Believe it or not, I'd much rather have some of these LVNs care for me if I was a patient, than some of the negligent, brainless RNs I have worked with.

    I can't speak for other states, but here in CA, LVNs work in pretty much all the same settings as RNs. Here, they cannot push IV meds, hang piggybacks, or do central lines, but can do pretty much everything else an RN can, including start IVs, pass meds, do dressing changes, etc (of course, the "RN" is teamed with the LVN where I work, and is responsible for overseeing care).

    I won't kid you- these are tough times in nursing. I'm feeling burned out myself these days- because I work overtime everyday & always working shorthanded. I rarely have time to take a break in my 10 hour day, but that's part of the problem with the acute care hospital setting right now. I hear other settings can be less stressful. In the hospital I work at, there never seems to be enough staff & we nurses are worked to the bone. It's a huge responsibility, but is also at times very rewarding. I have learned a great deal, and have had the opportunity to meet some WONDERFUL people from all different backgrounds that otherwise I would never have known (patients, families, and coworkers). Nursing is interesting- I learn something new everyday. And the pay in my area isn't half bad. It might be the career for you, who knows!

    I would suggest that you keep an open mind, and perhaps arrange to shadow some nurses in different settings to see if it's what you imagined. Good luck in whatever you decide! Nursing needs good people like you, so please give it some thought if you are truly interested.Please don't let our grumblings discourage you, if it's really in your heart to become a nurse.

  6. by   serenaud
    DO NOT GIVE UP !!!!! Trust me on this. You sound as if you would be a great nurse.. dont listen to others, follow your heart. As an add for something once said, "It's the toughest job you;ll ever love". You'll have bad days,good days, and GREAT days. You'll make a difference in someone's life every day !! How many other professions can say that? I'm not naieve, I know the paperwork is overwhelming, we still dont get the respect we deserve from some Doctors, but when a patient tells you they couldn't have gotten through their chemo without you.or a pediatric patient smiles a smile that lights up the room just because they know you are their nurse that day...nothing can feel as good ..Please do what your heart has been telling you for so long...You wont regret it !!!!!!!! Good Luck... from Sarah..
  7. by   nurs4kids
    This is gonna sound harsh...

    Nursing is an awesome field..
    It gives much more than it takes..
    BUT, if your career choice can be changed by reading one thread on this bb, then you may not be cut out for nursing anyway.

    Nursing is not just a job, it's a passion...and it takes passion to survive nursing school..let alone a career in nursing.

    However, before I decided for sure, I'd surf a few more boards..a few more career oriented boards. I think you'll find that there's a common thread on career boards...
  8. by   renerian
    Don't give up! I think if every profession had a board where people could come and vent you would find both negative and positive. I know for myself I practiced nursing for 16 years and recently got my BS and almost done with my MS and my career is taking me somewhere different. I want to eventually teach a health or wellness course at the college level. I know someone a few days ago posted a request for positive comments. It was very nice. Try to check it out. Even though I won't be practicing hands on nursing I will be using my nursing knowledge in my new job. I still am so proud to say I am an RN!

  9. by   talkall
    Please dont give up till you try it you will only regret it.
    Sure their is alot of negativity on this site but think aboout it, this is a place where nurses go to get things off their backs and to seak advice for problems so your are seing a mainly one sided view, besides its what you want to do that matters not what every one else think of what you want to do
  10. by   Cascadians
    The ideal of nursing is wonderful.
    The science of nursing is wonderful.
    Nursing itself, direct patient care, 1:1, is wonderful.

    The reality of nursing in America 2002 is less than wonderful.
    The field has been taken over by management that is driven by the bottom line, money money money, rather than the true common-sense standards of nursing care.

    Get your nursing degree.
    But also prepare yourself for another way to make a living, something allied if, after working in nursing, you love it.

    Working conditions in nursing look like they'll get worse before they get better, based sheerly on demographics and the continuing dominance of greed over caring.
  11. by   sjoe
    Julie--You are wise to be having second thoughts. If I had it to do again, I would not go into nursing, spending all that time and money.

    Yes, things are tough now, but they've been tough for over 10 years now, and not likely to get better any time soon. This is NOT a temporary situation.

    By the way, check out the Florida State web site. You'll find that the average RN wage is less than $18/hour in that state. I don't recall what it is for LVNs. This is NOT a lucrative career in that state.

    Talk to some LVN/LPNs in your area to get a better idea of exactly what the job is like. You might want to do some volunteer work in Hospice or Nursing Homes in your area, to see things from the inside for yourself. Better to do some careful investigating before spending the money and the time.

    Best wishes
  12. by   LoisJean
    Think about it: if it wasn't for these boards and the varied opinions expressed we would all be clueless. Every profession needs a shake up now and then and the nursing profession even more so. Why? Because people do not go into health care facilities for DOCTOR care, they go in for NURSING care. It's not all about us and we know that. It's not LPNvsRN and we know that. It's about change and change is the one constant that tends to send the boat into capsize mode. And guess who goes down with the ship: our patients.

    Our profession is changing. The scope of health care as a whole is changing. For those of us who have been in the rank and file for awhile we can sense and see that what we have to work with these days is not adequate to meet the needs of the patient. We, and they, are at the mercy of a health care system that seems to create more harm than healing. We know that the bottom line is money and that, sadly enough, is the way it is from sea to shining sea in this country.

    Nurses who are frustrated, angry, depressed, unhappy, resentful, tired, irritable and discontent are the ones who write the posts I want to read. They are the ones who have their fingers on the actual pulse of a dying system. It is no wonder that we vent the way we do. Who else would listen?

    Julie--you will make nursing what it will become--it will not make you what you want to become. It is our newer nurses who will keep the boat afloat; it is you who will challenge the changes; it is you who will help to create a firm understanding between the roles of ALL nurses and the powers that have so blatently and stupidly bastardized our profession.

    I predict that the Licensed and Registered nurse will come together in time to produce a wonderful new working relationship. I feel that this is inevitable. I believe that the day is coming when Professional nurses will be the leaders in initiating all the Federal and State guidelines which will be required to carry out quality care in ALL health care settings. I believe that there will be a day when health care administrations will be working for nurses and not the other way around.

    No one can tell you what to do and how to do it; no one can tell you what to think or how to think. But, if your gut keeps whispering "nurse" to you then go for it--why not?

    I have answered to another of your posts in another section of this board. Back then you were concerned about the LPN in the area of 'discrimination'. Somehow, I believe, you have got to get past this; to tell you the truth, Julie, what this world thinks of me is none of my business...my business is what I think of myself-period.

    My best wish for you is to be at.....
    Lois Jean
  13. by   Tweety
    A board such as this can be a place to vent, so don't think we live a live of misery because we are nurses.

    I don't think I can and want to do anything else. I just can't imagine it. Follow your heart. The qualities you describe are exactlyl what is needed. Nursing has and always will be a stressful job, and nurse always have and always will vent about that stress. It's what we need to do to carry on.
  14. by   GPatty
    I work in LTC and happen to love it! It's my first job as a LPN. I have found no bashing or cutting because I happen to be a LPN in LTC.
    You do what makes YOU feel right and feel good. Don't let anyone sway you.
    Besides, here on the board, we all cry, vent and cuss because nurses do what others don't understand.
    And it's nice to have a place to go where others can understand what you are going through and offer advice knowing the predicament you are in.
    Hang in there and you'll be fine.
    Remember, we are all here to support you and be there with you!