Hand sanitizer destorying my hands

  1. I'm doing H1N1 shots and am constantly using hand sanitizer or washing my hands with soap and water. The skin between my fingers is burning and peeling. I've tried using moisturizer a few times a day but that doesn't seem to be helping much.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what hand sanitizer I can buy that won't burn up my skin?

    I know they all have ethyl alcohol, but is there one that meets clinical guidelines with a moisturizer?
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  3. by   zephyr79
    I feel for you! I have the same problem. I get using the gel and I use foams instead. much gentler than gels. I also like germx for gels. I can't remember the name of the foam that was used at the hospital i worked at. I break out in a rash on the top of my hands. It feels and looks like i burnt my hands. I put neosporin on my hands every night along with vaseline. it helps some.
  4. by   annlewis
    I don't use the hand sanitizer at all because I have eczema and it makes it break out. I think you have contact dermatitis and need to see your dermatologist. I use only soap and water to wash, and dry hands very well, and I use eucerin cream on my hands and for break outs, OLUX foam. Put eucerin on at night with cotton gloves and this will help calm it down, but you may need a hydrocortisone cream for the itching and peeling. See a Dermatologist right away is my recommendation.
  5. by   nurse_mo1986
    There is a hand sanitizer called ALLCARE PLUS manufactured by STERIS corp. It is a foam, and has a moisterizer built into it. I have found that it helps with the dryness TREMENDOUSLY. My unit in our hospital just started ordering it this winter, and I love it. It comes in a bottle small enough to carry in your pocket. Def worth checking out.
  6. by   MauraRN
    Make sure you are not using latex gloves. Check out this product; surgeonsskinsecret.com or you can find it on qvc.com. If you use the lotion before work, it will hold up thru many hand washings/gelling. I am allergic to lots of soaps, latex and some gels and this stuff is protecting my hands very well. It was developed by an MD/surgeon who was having lots of skin issues with his hands r/t scrubbing.
  7. by   voraciousj
    I find that slathering my hands with A & D ointment and then wearing socks over them while I sleep has helped with my hands. You look funny and smell kinda weird, but your hands will thank you!:heartbeat
  8. by   Lacie
    I use the foam cleanser from CVS brand as it doesnt leave you sticky. You also can find the Pediatric hand sanatizer as it has no alcohol in it. I wouldnt go to work without a product called "Gloves in a Bottle" as it has protected my hands from all the gels, soaps and frequent handwashing we do. It's well worth the $15.00 a bottle and last a long time. I use it before starting work and may have to apply once during my shift. You can check it out here and I swear by it!!! Also at night I use the Burts Bees Hand Salve or the Banana Hand Cream.
    http://www.glovesinabottle.com/ (I think they send you free samples also on the website) I get it at the uniform shop in my area. If yours doesnt have it they may order it for you.
  9. by   suzwood
    Where do get the banana hand cream?? sounds like it smells good..
  10. by   Multicollinearity
    I'm using Corn Husker's Lotion in-between washings because it's oil free and it doesn't affect our gloves.
  11. by   drgnflydggr
    I love the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve from Kiehl's. Also, my hospital uses a foam that is very moisturizing. I believe that it is made by Steris. The foam doesn't build up on your hands like gels tend to.
  12. by   Sandcastles
    Bath and Body carries a mositurizing antibacterial cream in assorted scents.I love their stuff.It may be helpful to you.Good luck as I think all nurses have this problem.

  13. by   Smonson
    Mine were so bad for a while that i was using Vaseline on my hands and wearing latex gloves over it before bed.
  14. by   Lacie
    Quote from suzwood
    Where do get the banana hand cream?? sounds like it smells good..
    I love the smell of it and it does feel really good on my hands. Feels alittle greasy at first but absorbs quickly after a few minutes. But during work the best protection I found was the Glove in a Bottle!! My cuticles used to literally crack and bleed but since using it I have had no further issue. My nails quit chipping and peeling also. You can get the Burt's Bee products at just about any drug store like CVS or Walgreens. I get the Glove in the Bottle at our local uniform shop but you can order it online also.