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Hello fellow nurses. I'm a 21 year old male practical nursing student. I have worked in nursing for a little over a year now as a CNA and CMA. One think I have noticed is the very small percentage... Read More

  1. by   Jay-Jay
    We have one male nurse on our team. He is a former urology tech, from back in the days when female nurses were not allowed to cath male patients (he's from India, where I believe they still have restrictions on this). Anyway, in home care we often have to treat perineal abcesses, and this can cause a problem. Some women do not feel comfortable with a male nurse visiting them in their home where there may not be anyone else present, especially when it involves wound care in the anal/genital aea. I guess what surpises me is the number of times the patient says, "hey, not a doctor's a man, and he's seen my tush before!" It is most often a problem with Muslim women, and in those cases we try to be culturally sensitive, and send a female nurse.

    He has had patients accuse him of being gay, even though he's a married man wih childen. Some people just don't get it, do they??
  2. by   NannaNurse
    Hi All......I currently work with 4 male nurses. All are great, 3 are married and 1 is still too young. We get nothing but respect from them and we all work as a team.
    I have, in the past, worked with some male nurses that were TERRIBLE!! Major 'he-man- egos. I have also worked with a couple of male nurses who were People are people and I really don't care what you do 'on your own time' as long as it doesn't spill over to hinder your work.
    If you have been 'called' to be a nurse, it shouldn't matter what you are. If your good, GREAT!!
    There is a 'stigma' about male nurses.....just the same if a woman is a cop, fireman, truck driver..........we need to get away from the gender jobs and realize that whatever you want to it.

    Thanks to all the guys out there that have a heart of gold and wear scrubs to work...we need ya!!
  3. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    Nurses are Nurses I welcome the men in the nursing field....please come one come all......we need the help.....yes indeed we do..........NURSES ROCK HARDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!
  4. by   jamistlc
    Originally posted by MarcusKspn
    I didn't mean to sound as if I have a problem with gay guys. I just have encountered that a lot of people have that perception, especially outside of nursing. If you are a male nurse, you are a gay nurse. I have worked with gay and straights of both genders, and both made great nurses and aides. I didn't mean to make the gay-issue the center of the threat lol. I was just wondering of guys in nursing in general.
    :spin: This is a topic I know first hand! I am a male LPN been a Nurse now for over 13 years and a male all my life. Yes I have been refferred to as "Doctor" and I too correct the client or whomever. I also worked for a Family Practice Doc whom I wrote for and did the initial client work up and physicals, very often this was why they called me Doc too! In some ways a male NURSE is a benefit with the heard of hearing they can hear the deeper tones of my vioce and follow instructions. In addition since I keep current and did well in school they listen to me as an expert, I think my gender has something to do with that (I am a blonde and if I was female I would have a different stereotype to battle). Speaking of stereotypes, It is unfortunate but they often assume I am GAY since I am a Nurse. To which the few times it was voiced I tell them of my 2 sons and my wife of 21 years, LOL!

    There are situations though that can be an advantage I worked in a very small hospital in the middle of nowhere Neb. and I had female clients whom had they thought I was a hetrosexual male would have been very uncomfortable with some of the treatments or procedures I preformed or assisted with. As a small community hospital with 3 family practice Docs and 1 surgeon I was often working with OB/GYN clients. Even today I do not let it get to me and depending on the situation I let people think whatever, as long as I know I am doing my practice as well as anyone else then it does not really matter. Use what God has given ya and improvise the rest! LOL Good luck, I hope to see LPN after your name soon!
  5. by   mark_LD_RN
    Originally posted by jnette
    So now you know how WOMEN have felt all along ! I remember the days when female Dr.'s were a rarity. Still know folks who won't see one! Thought was.."only men are Dr's." Rubbish !

    Tit for tat !

    Somehow, though, I still think this is a "cultural" issue. I have not found these preconceived ideas in other countries.
    Jnette--I agree . I know that some think that way though. I always wonder how they can justify that thought process. howdoes that( tit for tat) make it right, two wrongs do not make a right. people thatfeel that way have a very immature unprofessional wayof looking at the situation. today women are accepted as doctors there is not reason men should not be accepted as nurses
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  6. by   streetwise
    I have been int he EMS field for 8 years. Not once has any body qustioned the fact that I am a guy in this field. Soon as I went to nursing school I encoutered a major resistance by my freinds, family and co-workers. My family was proud, however my father thinks nursing is for " GIRLS" and that I am a wimp. My friends tell me that I should be a doctor because nursing is a " GIRL" job. My co-workers in the E.M.S field tell me that paramedics are better than nurses and that nurses are a pain in the butt. In clinical the patients are surprised to find out that I am a nursing student. They all call me a doctor. Well I am here to tell everyone who is thinking about becoming a male nurse " laugh because when you are happy at your job and love what you are doing, they won't be."I love being a nursing student.
  7. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    For those patients that ask "are you a doctor?".............I reply,"No,but if I'm not tough enough to become a nurse,then I'll have to go to medical school!"
  8. by   jnette
    Mark !

    My gosh !!! I can't believe you took that the way you did ! Of COURSE it doesn't make it right !!! That was my whole POINT ! Geeeeeeeeeeesh ! The "tit for tat" was a TOTAL tongue-in-cheek ! Boy, talk about misinterpreting! If I came across the way you TOOK it, one would assume I take the position of anti-male-nurse. WRONG !!! Read the rest of my posts, my friend... somehow we got our wires crossed, and if it was my doing or lousy use of the English language, I certainly apologize..truly. As for male/female docs... I don't care if they're spotted, striped, whatever! But I DO remember the days when a female doc was not kosher ! (at least in the US) Now it 's different... so will be the male nurse thing... and it never should be an issue to BEGIN with !!! THAT is my point... it's ridiculous..gender should have NOTHING to do with one's choice of profession !Period! Gee, you really made me feel like crap with that post... now I'm afraid to say ANYthing for fear of being misunderstood!
  9. by   jnette
    Good for you, Streetwise ! That's the spirit ! Do what you love and you'll love what you do ! Go get 'em!
  10. by   mark_LD_RN
    sorry jnette I reread my post did not mean to sound like it was aimed at you. i guess in a hurry I left out a kep part of my post.oopps
  11. by   Bluebarn
    I've been nursing for about 1 year now and received mostly positive feedback for it. I feel that the common "Are you training to be a doctor?" is a natural product of our socialization. I correct them and don't hold it against them.

    My fellow staff (females) treat me like a brother and we get along great.

    I try to be more sensitive to the privacy concerns of my female patients, especially in our nuns and teenage girls. Some may be a little more uncomfortable but none has yet refused my care.
    Once one of our own staff members was hospitalized. I asked a female coworker to put in the catheter. A special anti-embarrassment case for someone I know personally.

    A lot of the patient family members tease their mother/grandmother/sister about having a "a cute male nurse", especially in cases of poor eyesight.

    Some male patients relate to me well and we "buddy" around.

    I feel maleness has only enriched my nursing career. As the percentage of men in nursing increases, the stigmas will fade.
  12. by   jnette
    OK, Mark...we're kool then.
    Just wanted to clarify myself, in case I was misunderstood. I do sometimes say things that seem to come out the wrong way, meaning sth. entirely different. Thanx for making me aware of it and I'll try to be more careful in the future.
    Glad you responded, however.. now I feel better.
  13. by   AJACKT33Z
    Marcus- have close to 20 yrs LTC exp. & let me tell you I've heard it all, gen'lly the female nurses are glad to work w/ us--it's always a riot to hear how ignorant people are--I usually have a flip remark(depending on the nature of question,attitude of the person asking,etc ect.)Over the years I've staightened out many- the list of snappy coments are so many ,I've forgotten most.Just remember we are doing something that most people can't/won't do--the gals are great & they'll cath the alert older (modest) ladies--if you'll take care of the obnoxious dirty old man in such-n-such room w/ the hands that fondle the fems. Do I get flak from this type of pt.? I always hope so--they see the glare in my eyes that males reserve for each other-when one is a gentleman vs a lecherous louse---I think you know the look---and say in firm tones--these ladies are my sisters--guys humiliate my sister-ONCE!!! you will be working w/ a (said earlier) bunch of great nurses!!! We are all comrades doing a job most can't