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There is section in RN magazine called Helpline. Managers send in questions and advice is given, these questions are located on page 26 of April issue. The first question is from a manager who... Read More

  1. by   sanakruz
    what the heck is that a picture of??? the 50 ft wommin?
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  2. by   liberalrn
    gwenith--I think I will take your advice. I will post any results etc. anyone know the web address for RN magazine--I really did leave it at work! See below:
    Sakruz--yes, what exactly IS that a pic of? Is she green? Out of the corner of my eye, she resembles the grinch w/ little purple men......

    I blame this on the inferior drugs of my youth.
  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Originally posted by nurse-lou
    Someone in my unit decided to post at the bedside (computer) a "did you remember to" list....mouth care, bath, pain assessment, turn, etc. Most RN's in my unit took this as a slap in the face as it was all basic nursing care type stuff. Some people removed it but it was just re-posted the next day.

    I think that when a family member sees this list that they will become more vigilant in making sure that this stuff is done and being a bigger PIA than they already are sometimes!
    OMG!!! Do you work in my unit? Our CNS did the same thing, with the same response. But she also included in her little post-it note that we are to also CHART IT in our progress notes. We already do far too much charting, so guess how many of us are writing it down? And the prediction about family? Bang on. Had an infant so unstable that any handling caused desats to the 50s and SBP drops to the 30's... Mom says, "It's been nearly three hours, when are you going to turn her?" Obviously didn't notice all the slight changes in position I'd been making everytime I had to touch the babe. Too bad the CNS isn't required to come down from her ivory tower once in a while and do some real patient care!
  4. by   fab4fan
    RN is the worst offender when it comes to "dumbed down" info; in my diploma program, nearly 20y ago, we were not allowed to even reference it in any papers we wrote. It was not considered professional in content.

    "Revolution" in the only nsg. mag resolute in its refusal to accept ads, and I applaud them for it.

    Maybe AJN has changed, but I got such a bad taste in my mouth from them previously, that I am not too interested in spending the $$ to see if they really have improved.
  5. by   karbyr
    I agree w/ you fab4, really like revolution
  6. by   karbyr
    ................. and, do ya ever feel a little sorry for the nurse managers, who read these things, try the 'tips', and only manage to make their staff angrier..........wouldn't it be nice if they had some real, useful direction, such as meet with your nurses and set up QA/QI assessment and interventions based on actual unit tasks.................maybe I'll write an article, lol
  7. by   AAHZ
    I had a unit manager pu a "reminder list" at the nurses station one time. We started to put lists on the door to her office all the time. She finally got the hint. I am going to try and find a copy of revolution, i'm encouraged.
  8. by   sanakruz
    You like Revolution, fab4, because its named after a beatles song...
  9. by   liberalrn
    how does one acquire Revolution? Never hoid of it!

    John Lennon rocks.
  10. by   ceecel.dee
    mass conspiracy?

    Surely you jest

    Pick the info you can learn something from, and let the rest go.....just like with any news program, it's colored by the writer!
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    ceecee. ah the voice of reason. they all have their merits. we just can pick what works and what does not. the beauty of choice and freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........
  12. by   Liddle Noodnik
    re: "Nursing magazines are to real nurses as Cosmo and Glamour are to real women."

    This made me laugh SO hard!

    Well I notice there are some really fine writers on this discussion board -- submit your OWN articles and then they will become "real-er" ... provided that same management with the wand is not the editor (I know where we could put that "wand"...
  13. by   mfdteacher
    Unfortunately I find that most of the magazines, journals, etc have no clue to reality. Most of the clinical tips are good but the replies to problems are off the wall. Hospital nurses work in horrible conditions, 12 hour shifts, budget cuts, personnel cuts, constantly being asked or forced to work overtime, and little or no recognition for a job well done. There is no nursing shortage, just a shortage of nurses willing to continue to put up with the above. If hospitals wanted to recruit, all they would have to do is make nursing at their place desirable. But the bean counters rule and our associations are full of advance practice nurses that refuse to stand up for themselves or nursing in general. Yes I know it's simplified but tell me it's not true.