Graduation Speech HELP PLEASE!!

  1. I was elected to give the short speech on behalf of my classmates at graduation! I have never had to do this! Does anyone have any ideas? Did you guys have a studnet speak at your ceremony and if so did they basically just thank the instructors??

    Please help!

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  3. by   Snugglibumkins
    I would imagine it would be appropriate to reflect on the school year and what graduation means to you all. It is a honor to be asked to speak. You should thank the faculty for a great course. Include some 'Thanks Professor Noodle, I'm certain none of us will ever be able to read ABGs without smiling to ourselves about your bad gas jokes.' It would also be appropriateto thank the families of the students for their support through out the school year.

    Good luck and congrats!
  4. by   ashleyjean3
    I am the student speaker for our graduation on thursday. If you would like I can send you a copy of my speech so you will kinda have an idea.
  5. by   oldiebutgoodie
    I was the graduation speaker 2 years ago at my nursing school. My speech was, "Nursing is a Team Sport".

    Good luck,

  6. by   Harleyhead
    I was the speaker for my class many years ago. That first response was good intoduce each instructor with something funny. try to use humor thru out the whole speech. Try to relate to the instructors and your classmates the audeince will not care about a boring subject. Good Luck
  7. by   KellieNurse06
    You'll do fine..just say it with heart! Also ....throw in some is what makes it memorable, my class speaker gave some funny scenarios from our clinical group...the whole school & audience was laughing outloud . Some of us even threw in humor in our little cards that were read outloud by an instructor as we walked up to be pinned.....One big, huge word of advice not go on & on talking...our ceremony was great until the last campus speaker got up there.....she talked..and I am not exaggerating either......for a good 25 minutes.....and kept saying in conclusion about 10 the point of the faculty suttly rolling their eyes as if to say shut up already......and even made off the cuff statements jokingly but we knew they really meant it about her looooooooooong schpiel. She sort of killed the excitement for us......other than'll be fine!
  8. by   ale_kat03
    Thank you all for your responses! I am trying to be sincere and funny! I have one page down!! I guess I am just nervous about the whole thing! It will come to me! Thanks again for your input!!
  9. by   bsunurse
    In ours, our student speaker talked about the commitment that went into earning our degrees and told stories from over the years that she had heard other students telling each other.

    Example: A girl miss her youngest kids first day of kindergarten.

    Another girl had locked herself into the bathroom to study so that she could be alone and her kids would not bother her.

    These examples made the speach personal and allowed the audience to "feel" and "see" what we went into!

    Best of luck!!!!
  10. by   Mizzyfrufru
    I spoke at our graduation & pinning ceremony. feel free to pm me and I can share it with you if you'd like. basically I did thank the instructors and families for thier contributions and then spoke directly to our class. ......
  11. by   happytobenursejenny
    Hello, I see this is from one year ago. How did your speech go? Can you share any ideas with me or send a copy as a sample? It would greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. by   happytobenursejenny
    I would love it if you could sens a copy to me also, I am needing to see some samples to get an idea of what to include, how personal to get, etc... thanks.
  13. by   happytobenursejenny
    Hi. Would you be willing to send your speech so I can read it and start getting ideas for how to format mine? Thank you.
  14. by   studentRob
    Wow, I was just thinking about starting a post like this. I have to give a speech at our Pinning a week from tonight and I have no Idea what to say! Any ideas would be greatly apprecieated