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  1. by   CCU NRS
    revision i don't know what i was thinking but below 72 is fail but i believe the rest is accurate. we also can not make below 72% average on tests no matter what test grades are averaged separately.
  2. by   camkib
    Hey...I want you to know that I'm only replying at your request .
    I'm not in my program yet and am not sure what the grading scale will be. I do, however think that it will be harder than the scale the rest of my school uses--which is:

    A 93-100
    B 85-92
    C 77-84
  3. by   wv_nurse 2003
    93-100 A
    86-92.99 B
    80-85.99 C
    Below an 80 is failing
  4. by   mecon
    I applaud your faculty for maintaining a high standard of academic excellence. Quality nursing care demands qualified nurses. I'm ashamed to say that my school has lowered its grading scale:


    The faculty claims it must be consistant with the grading scale established throughout the state university system.


    But I really don't give a's my last semester!
  5. by   Little One2
    My grading system is different. Probably because I'm not from the states. It would be pointless to response to this thread.

    -A A +A 80 - 100

    -B B +B 70 - 80

    -C C +C 60 - 70

    -D D +D 50 - 60
  6. by   Teshiee
    My director of nursing says that C students may need to take a refresher course when taking boards and that A students need not too. Well I disagree it is the individual. I am a B/C student and had no problems passing my boards but found some of our A students lack common sense which is 90% nursing. The grading scale is nothing more than bureaucratic (sp) nonsense. Nursing schools should teach reality not utopian theory?!
  7. by   NMAguiar
    The grading scale at Peter's school is a nightmare! NO WONDER THERE'S A FRIGG'N NURSING SHORTAGE!!!

    I'd love to compare the workload and course work with the typical 80-75=C school. Geez, only 1 person in our class recieved an "A" on any of three midterm tests last semester; we'd all be out of Peter's program.

    While we can't get less than a 75 percent and pass the program, we STILL loss about 30 percent of first semester students.
  8. by   angelnurse75951
    I am a nursing instructor and while I agree and have observed that the academic grade is not always indicative of how well you pass boards, because common sense is a large part of nursing, we have to have a cut off point for passing. In our program it is a minimum of 75% overall. Clinical and labs are pass/fail, and you must pass dosage calculations. It may sound tough, but you will have people's lives in your hands. We want to graduate the best possible people we can.
    Good Luck to all of you in nursing. We need all of you and I for one am thrilled you are pursuing nursing as a career. I have been a nurse for 21 years and can't think of anything I would like to do more.
    Hang in there!!!
  9. by   RNFROG3
    I remember:
    A lot of our folks got really hung up on the grades, so much so that they gave themselves headaches and nausea. I figured if I can just pass and know the important stuff (like how to critical think things thru) then passing boards is the real test. College for nurses isn't the key graduating and being able to board is more important.
    Don't get me wrong I liked my A's and B's but I just tried not to make a big deal out of it if I didn't make it on one test.
    Just curious why change your schools grading system. Even the High Schools here in Indiana use this grading scale. I hope its not just because you (your class) have a high fail rate. I think the real point after learning the material is to inflict stress on the students so that those who can't handle it are eleminated before the diploma. Let's face it there isn't a part of this job that isn't stressful and if ya can't hang.... Goodluck in school-though I don't know if I agree with what you are attempting. I do know its great that you are a go-getter!
  10. by   BritishStudent
    Errr 40% is a pass and less is a fail, its a pass fail course! yey!. Those may sound a little low, but all our assignments are essay format, where as (ive been led to belive) american ones are largely multiple choice....
  11. by   PsychNurseWannaBe
    Our is

    A = 93 - 100
    AB = 92 - 89
    B = 88 -85
    BC = 84 - 81
    C = 80 - 77
    CD = 76 - 73 ****considered failed, not allow to receive this as final
    course grade. Must retake or will be kicked out of
    college/nursing program. Only allowed to retake
    2 classes through out your nursing program.
    If a transfer student a C- is
    also considered failure and not acceptable
    D = 72 - 89
    F = 68 or below

    ***Also if you receive less than a 77% on an exam, you must retake the exam, however the highest grade you will recieve is a 77%, even if you got a 100% on it. The 100% will be dropped down to 77%. Also all final exams are comprehensive..YUK!

    ~ Psych
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  12. by   luvmy2angels

    We don't get D's, anything below 75% and you FAIL!!

  13. by   sonja77
    Quote from studentsandra
    grading scale:

    for nursing classes:
    no need to worry about anthing below that.

    nothing below a c allowed in any required support class. the rest of the college went by 90,80,70,
    we use the same grading scale.

    care plans are graded, clinicals are pass or fail.

    our school starts the lvn program with 55 people, so far we have lost 3 (that i know of, but we got our last graded care plan back today and several people were called to their clinical instructor's office, so i'll have to see about those).
    from the last graduating class in may, 42 out of 47 people have taken the state boards so far and all of them passed. from last year's graduation class, 100% passed state board.