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  1. by   peter73
    I must have went to the nursing program from hell...
    The school of nursing had a different grading scale, because "In nursing being wrong can kill a patient, being wrong more than 10% of the time is beyond negligence." or so the head of the nursing dept told us in our first theory class.

    97-100 A
    94-96 B
    90-93 C
    0-89 F
    clinical #1 LTC pass/fail
    OB, peds, med-surg, oncology, etc graded
    fail a class or clinical and you are kicked out until it is repeated the next quarter. Fail 2 classes and you are perm. removed from the program.

    it was brutal and we lost tons of people. 60 started the program and 35 of use made it.
    The class before me lost 3/4 of the students.
    No one ever batted an eye over the fail rate.... wait list for the program if all prereqs are done, and your GPA above 3.5
    GPA below 3.5 and you are told to transfer because you will not get in.

    i didn't realize the scale was so high until i compared it with friends at another college who could pass with 80%

  2. by   rosemadder
    93-100 A
    85-92 B
    77-84 C
    Lower than 77-you are out!!!!

    I hate this seven point scale but at least it's only the nursing program at my school so any other course work is based on a 10-point scale.
  3. by   Marianne518
    100- 93 A
    92- 84 B
    75- 83 C

    Anything below 75 is failing and you are automatically out of the program at the end of that semester.
  4. by   GPatty
    Like the others, anything below a C if failure.

    A 93-100
    B 83-92
    C 75-82
    F 0-69

    Ivy Tech College in Indiana
  5. by   peaceful2100
    WOW, the grading scales for other schools are tough compared to my school but I will be able to do it anyway. My school is like this:

    Clinicals are either pass or fail and the other work including tests goes as follows.

    92-100 =A
    90-91= A-
    88-89= B+
    82-87= B
    80-81= B-
    78-79= C+
    70-78= C
    68-69= C-
    60-65= D
    0-59= F

    If you get anything lower than a 70 at my school it is considered failing. It is a crazy grading scale but if someone was to get a C- and then decided to come back again later and re-try then at least their GPA won't be quite as bad.
  6. by   essarge
    Same as yours and below a 74% and you fail and have to wait another year to start that part of the program over again!!
  7. by   Cindy_A
    Like Julie, I go to Ivy Tech in Indiana. Anything below a 75 is failing, so I stop counting lower than 75.
    WOW peter!!!! What a scale!
    I guess the majority of us are pretty lucky!
  8. by   tattoochick
    Here's how it is for my BSN program:

    91-100 A
    88-90 B+
    81-87 B
    78-80 C+
    71-77 C
    70 and below fails

    Plus we have to get 91 or above on all math medication tests and an 85 on the HESI or we don't grad. I think it's pretty fair, even though some of my instructors won't round unless you have a .9 at least!
  9. by   TruthSeeker
    Thank you to all that have posted and to all that I do hope that will post.

    So please anybody that reads this, please post/respond. I truly do appreciate it so much. Thank you

    Merry Christmas and God Bless you all.

  10. by   capgirl
    I graduated in 1998. The scale used at my school was just like yours I think. Under 74 was a failure, out of the program.
    Good Luck!
  11. by   Future LPN Sheryl
    Here goes
    90-100% A
    80-89.99% B
    75-79.99% C

    anything under 75% is FAILING and you are OUT, and can never attend Nursing School again. I've seen people with a 74.99 get thrown out. The med test must be passed with AT LEAST an 85% below that, your out and you MUST pass clinical!!!!!! I am still in school, we started in September with 36 students, we are down to 24.
    I just finished finals for the first term. I have 5 "A's" and 3 "B's". My lowest grade is in A & P, got a 84.06% in that.
  12. by   TracyB,RN
    Went to ADN program. We used the 93-100=A. Anything less than 80% didn't pass.
    I like the higher grading scale.
  13. by   BrandyBSN
    93 to 100 = A
    86 to 92 = B
    80 to 85 = C

    Like others have said, we dont have Ds and Fs either. Anything below a C and we are removed from the program. It does make Dean's List, or honors very hard to get into. the rest of the university has a 100-90, 89-80, 79-70 scale. Sometimes it doesnt seem fair, but then again, life isnt always fair We hold patients lives in our hands, so holding us to a higher standard does make sense. Makes it tough though.