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  1. tattoochick

    NCLEX review course ASAP!!

    Help guys...my hospital is paying for an NCLEX review course and I start work on June 3 and really need to take one before then...too bad I wasn't thinking about this a month ago!! Let me know of any good websites to go to to register for one in Dallas. Much appreciated!
  2. tattoochick

    I took my first nursing job...

    Well I finally graduate in May, and I just took a job in the neonatal intensive care unit for an internship. I'm excited because I'm actually going to work at the same hospital I was born at! Any advice for new grads in the NICU and how to make the transition to night shifts would be greatly appreciated!
  3. tattoochick

    Anyone from Texas?

    I'm in Plano!
  4. tattoochick

    How much community clinical does your school offer??

    Wow, 12 weeks total, huh?! We had a 7 week community clinical our last semester. I did school nursing, and the other choices were nursing home stuff and some Agape clinic for families. Then, each semester, we were required to spend one day (6-12 hours), in a community setting related to that specific clinical rotation. I had to assist in a Medicaid-funded woman's clinic, attended a childbirthing class and an AA meeting, and tour a nursing home and a children's rehab center. I'm not a total community-type person, but I really had fun in my school nursing clinical. The kids were so much fun!
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone else is finding the same thing as me with trying to find the perfect job after graduation... Are there any hospitals out there that are hiring new grads for day shifts??? I'm applying for neonatal or labor and delivery internships, and all I have been offered is night shifts...which pays a heck of a lot more, but I don't think it's worth it for me. Anyways, I was just wondering!
  6. tattoochick

    Where are you Texas Students?

    TexasRN To be: Hey....I'm sorry about your crappy experience so far! Just to let you know though, NO school is perfect....they all have some flaws, but you just have to find one that's fit for you. Anyways, I don't know much about TWU or TCU except that TWU has an excellent NCLEX pass rate. I go to Baylor, so let me know if you want any info on there, ok?
  7. tattoochick

    HESI exam

    Yes, we have to take the HESI in March and also have to make either an 85 or 88....can't remember...., and I was told by some graduating seniors last year that they all thought it was harder than the NCLEX. But, I NEVER listen to what other people say because I figure that I'm my own person and usually never agree with other people anyway. I'm just working the NCLEX books as often as I can and hoping for the best. Have confiddence in yourself and your abilities. You wouldn't have made it this far if you weren't a special person!
  8. tattoochick

    For all you LAST semester students...

    Wal-Mart ADN: I STILL LIVE WITH MY PARENTS.....AND I'M FREAKIN 22! I just have expensive taste and can't afford a nice enough "crib" yet. My school is too expensive!!!
  9. Hey guys.....all right....who is starting their very last semester this Spring?? I am so thrilled about graduating in May. I just wanted to know everyone's opinion of their programs and if they feel prepared for the NCLEX and getting a job and what not. Also, if you have any motivating advice for keeping on track at the VERY END!!! Thanks!
  10. tattoochick

    nursing career

    Well, from my experience...in school still (graduate in May), my professors LOVE the male students. They want men to come into nursing because it helps with the shortage, and guys are usually better at skills and hands-on stuff than girls, at first at least. I only got to know some male nurses in the ER and they were all really, really good. Always on top of things and what not. The only thing that my guy-nursing student friends tell me is that they struggled with psych where you just talk to patients and try to get them to work through their feelings. But, other than that, they love it!
  11. tattoochick

    NCLEX Preparation

    I was told by a graduate senior at my school that Mosby's has the hardest questions and helped her out a ton on the HESI. So I just bought that one, and I also have been working on Saunder's, and I think it's really good. Hope this helps!
  12. tattoochick

    Grading Scale For Your Nursing Program........

    Here's how it is for my BSN program: 91-100 A 88-90 B+ 81-87 B 78-80 C+ 71-77 C 70 and below fails Plus we have to get 91 or above on all math medication tests and an 85 on the HESI or we don't grad. I think it's pretty fair, even though some of my instructors won't round unless you have a .9 at least!
  13. tattoochick

    The Final Countdown

  14. tattoochick

    Favorite Quote and It's Origin Please

    My fav quote came out of my psych book... "Do not touch the psychotic patients" I cracked up when I read it because I was thinking, "well, DA!"
  15. tattoochick

    Hey Everyone! What are we taking next semester???

    My last semester! Human Needs IV Nursing Management School Nursing clinical Internship--NICU 13 hours, no class on Fridays, school nursing, and my internship at a hospital some what close to my house...this will be the perfect semester!
  16. tattoochick

    Where are you Texas Students?

    Hey. I'm from Dallas...born and raised in Plano actually. I go to Baylor and graduate in May. Which program are you starting?