Got a new job and I love it!!

  1. I started at Interim Home Care a couple of weeks ago, and I love it. I am working so far 2 days a week for a great family, who adopted 9 kids. Yep. 9. She rescued them from abusive situations, and they were all drug babies. But they are the sweetest kids, who just want to please so much. The little one I am taking care of was a drug baby, who was predicted not talk or walk at all, and at 2 and a half, he's running all over the place!! :chuckle He's still non verbal but he does try to communicate what he wants and it frustrates him to no end. It ain't the Brady Bunch, but it's a whole lot of fun!!! Hopefully, I'll get more hours there. Oh and the BEST part??? I GET PAID WEEKLY!!!! For the first time ever. Just thought I's share.
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  3. by   jnette
    Sounds great, WW. Hope things work out for the better for you.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    So glad for you. You sound so genuinely happy, I'm so glad for you.
  5. by   julissarn
    [I]Just wanted to take the opportunity to say hello to a "fellow" employee of Interim Healthcare! I am from Connecticut, and recently obtained a full time position as a Homecare Nurse...we also have a Pediatric Program and it is BOOMING! I love working for this is really AWESOME! Pediatrics take a special person...the kids are lucky to have you! Just wanted to say "HI" neat to see someone else working for Interim!
  6. by   warrior woman
    Thanks Hon. I'm so looking forward to Mondays and Fridays now!!!!
  7. by   jkaee
    Warriorwoman, that sounds like a great job! I've always been interested in home would be nice to care for people in their homes and really get a feel for the "person" in them rather than just the "patient." But I'm such a dunce with driving directions that I know I'd get lost all the time! :imbar

    Wow, 9 kids! What a blessing she must be to all those children!

  8. by   Sadie04
    Congratulations WW, and best of luck. Sounds great!
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    Congratulations, Theresa! :hatparty: I knew you could do it!!
  11. by   nurseygrrl
    Congrats! That's awesome!!
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    best of luck Theresa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   itsnowbegun
    that sounds wonderful... congrats on finding your niche!

  14. by   sphinx
    Congratulations, friend!!!!! Doesn't it feel good to go to a job you love? I started my new job a couple weeks ago too, and feel the same way. Does wonders for the mood!!


    !!!!!!!!!!!!you're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!