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What brand of ink pen do you use? I used to really like papermate. But lately their quality has gone downhill. I've thrown away some recently because they leak ink. That used to happen only if I... Read More

  1. by   ShayRN
    Quote from txspadequeen921
    hello, my name is queen and i am a pen thief . is there a aa for people who run off with pens that belong to others ..cause i need it. to answer your question about what kind of pen do i use.....what everyone else uses..cause it will be in my pocket by the end of the day......:roll

    do you take my socks out of the dryer too? cause if its you, just take the other one that matches next time so i don't spend so much time digging for the mate:smilecoffeecup:
  2. by   nursemike
    I like Zebra 301 retractable ball-points, which I buy in 10-packs for a little under ten bucks. I like the Zebra 401 even better, because it has a slightly thicker barrel, but I haven't found them as cheap. I usually carry a 401, but also a couple of 301s in case someone needs to borrow one.
    The Pentel (I think) Client is a really nice pen--perfect size and weight for my taste--but not durable enough for a nursing environment. The Zebras are stainless steel.
    I am very excited to be a part of a community that finds this an interesting topic for discussion. I think I'm up past my bedtime.
  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    So who else here has a shoebox full of pens?
  4. by   I_am_Julia
    i "borrow" the ones that the drug reps leave. those are the best.:d

    Quote from betty_spn_ks
    what brand of ink pen do you use? i used to really like papermate. but lately their quality has gone downhill. i've thrown away some recently because they leak ink. that used to happen only if i carried them in my pants pocket where they got too warm. now it's happening if i carry them in my smock pocket or maybe even on the tx cart. black ink is used where i work.
  5. by   wooh
    Another vote for Papermate Xtend pens. Absolute best, smoothest writing, comfortable pen there is.
  6. by   lilypad2424
    I love this! I am a pen freak! I probably buy 10 pens a week, and I have to agree.....velocity.
  7. by   maolin
    I use Avery's Triple Click. It's a black ball point, pencil & stylus in one. I love having to carry around just one instrument!
  8. by   flashpoint
    I like the Zebra F-301. They write well and have a nice fine tip, which is good because I write really small.
  9. by   Morgan314
    I have used the same pen since I was pregnant with my youngest daughter and she turns 13 tomorrow. It is a Zebra, but not one of the silver ones. I like those too, but this one is black, retractable and uses Zebra refills. It may be a F-301, but the lettering on the barrell is long gone. It is the best pen in the world. No one where I work will touch my pen, and if they do, the minute I start to say something, they will say "yeah yeah, I know....this is your favorite pen, you've had it for over 10 years."
    actually, I do use other pens and my next favorite is Pentel RSVP.
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  10. by   momtoseven
    pilot refillable Dr. Grip, and of course all the free rep pens.
  11. by   P_RN
    I like the Rose transparent wild colors , take the end off and insert a paper with my name on it. BUT I have had pen-takers holding MY pen saying they won't give it back! MY name in it!!!!
  12. by   Morgan314
    P_RN: thank you for the great idea for labeling pens!!! I will try this!!!

    I like pens with a gripper. In nursing school, my hand/fingers would ache from so much writing (pre computer days), so I would wrap a cotton ball around my pen and secure it with bandage tape. When gripper pens or those rubber gripper things came out, I resented someone else getting rich from my idea.
  13. by   Cherish
    I LOVE my BIC Duo pen. Its a black ball point pen with a highlighter you twist it and it becomes a highlighter twist it again and its back to being a pen. The highlighter is refillable. Theres also a pen I have thats a highlighter, pencil, black and red ink pens. I got it in the army I don't know the name of it but I got like 10 of them. Its great pens to have in school.