Glad to have this forum

  1. Let me apologize for the length of this message now. I have been off of work for the past 16 months due to back and related problems. I have been a nurse for 26 years and miss it terribly. I was told by my doctors that I will never be able to return to work and to pursue disability. I am unable to sit for longer than 20 minutes, walk further than 10 feet, without severe pain in my back and hip. I cannot stand longer than 2-3 minutes without my leg going numb. I am home alone all day and all of my friends locally work during the day. I am so glad that I found this forum. This has totally been a blessing to find. There are days that I may stay on this forum for hours reading the posts and replying to the ones that I have some knowledge of. Nursing was my life and I loved it dearly. I really miss it. I am glad that I have my forum friends to talk to during this time in my life. Thank all of you that have befriended me and I hope to make many more. If I say anything or post anything that is inappropriate just tell me or PM me because I sometimes let my "mouth" get ahead of my hand. Once again thanks.
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  3. by   jnette
    (((:kiss )))

    I'm so sorry. Yet I'm so glad you have this place to come to.

    Gee... makes us realize how good we really have it, even when we whine, huh? Big Hugs.
  4. by   Flynurse
  5. by   LasVegasRN
    Welcome to the board and glad you are enjoying it, Disabled!
  6. by   Sable's mom
    Glad we're here for you. I PM'd you.
  7. by   mattsmom81
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, dear Nurse.

    Personally I have recently returned to critical care after an LOA for injuries (MVA and OJI) and am struggling with the role after being absent for several years and 'out of the loop'/ new developments. This is after 15 years of prior critical care experience. Things change VERY fast these days and I have missed a lot.

    It is difficult for me to accept limitations but I need to realize I am on a learning curve 'all over again'...careerwise and personally.

    I am glad you are here and pray you will feel better in time; and find an outlet where you feel satisfaction and worth....whether in nursing or outside of it. Letting go of a career is very hard and something I struggle with too. I feel your pain. (((HUGS))))

    There are many of us here who are here for you. PM me anytime if you want to talk, and may God Bless.
  8. by   spineCNOR
    I am sorry you are having this trouble after so many years of serving patients you deserve better. I am glad that the forum has been helpful to you--there are a lot of good folks here!
    After 26 years of taking care of other people it is now time to focus on taking care of yourself. :kiss
  9. by   GraceyB
    Hugs to you and hope you are not in pain for much longer.
    I am out of a job and get depressed every so often and I am also glad that I have this forum to come to. I'm home all day so if you would like to PM me, I'd be glad to talk!
  10. by   NursieRN
    (((hugs))) and support to you. It must be very difficult for you
    not to be able to do bedside anymore. Just a thought, if you
    wanted, maybe you could do some on-line or telephone consulting. I always see ads in AJN on becoming a nurse consultant. Or maybe you could write a book of memoirs on
    your nursing career! Just offering my ideas and support, I
    hope it doesn't come across the wrong way!
    I wish you the best, and I'm glad you've found comfort here at
    our beloved!
  11. by   wv_nurse 2003
    My thoughts and prayers are with you--and I have enjoyed your posts, and look forward to more.
  12. by   Hidi74
    We are glad to have you here as well!!!!! Take care of yourself and my prayers are with you!
  13. by   P_RN
    We will survive.

    Yes we will!!!!!!!!!.
  14. by   nakitamoon
    Welcome,,,, glad to meet you I love the board too,,, The wonderful ppl,,,, who are this forum,,,

    Take care of yourself,,,, an end to one thing,,, leaves opening for many others,,,,, Nik~