GED and nursing school

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know if having a GED is detrimental to nursing school admission? Is there a specific requirement that says you have to have attended high school in order to get a nursing license?

    thanks in advance

    mona b
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  3. by   louloubell1
    I have a GED & had no problem at all getting accepted to nursing school. No requirement says that a GED won't suffice when it comes to obtaining your license.

    Good luck!
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  4. by   mona b RN
    That's good to hear. I was talking to a nursing instructor at a potential school and she told me that you had to have High School transcripts in order to get licensed. I don't know what she's talking about because everything I've ever read about a GED is that your entitled to same benefits as a High School grad. In addition, my GED says in real big letters "HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA". She made me feel like sh**. I guess there was a communication problem or something. She did get me worried though. I tried to find info on Nj website but it's under construction. That's Jersey for ya.

    mona b
  5. by   louloubell1
    I'm licensed in MO & to my best recollection I was not asked to provide my high school transcripts for licensing. I mean, other states might ask for it I guess, but it seems sort of ridiculous to me. If you got into college, you obviously have a HS diploma or equivalent. Hmmmmmmm

  6. by   TeresaRN2b
    I have a GED as well. I have seen some schools require high school algebra, chemistry, or a biology for a prereq. They had me submit my high school transcripts even though I have a GED to prove that I had taken these classes in high school. That is the only reason I can see that it might be a detriment - that you'd have to take college level classes in place of the high school ones. If you are going for a bachelors degree then you might have some problems without going to a community college first, but other than that I don't see any reason a GED should hold you back.
  7. by   Just Angi
    I also started out with a GED. The only thing is---- if you didn't take Biology and chemistry in high school, you have to take it as a pre-req. course. If you really want this, you can do it!! DON'T GIVE UP!!!! This is for SC nursing courses.
  8. by   Vsummer1
    Hi, this may not help, but I am a HS grad who went back to school almost 20 years after my HS graduation. Yes, they needed proof of HS graduation or a GED, but in my case the HS classes would not help. I had to start with the basic math (they test you on your level when you return and I forgot all but the most basic). My HS chemistry was of no use, nor was my HS algebra, bio etc.

    So, if you have your GED it seems to me that you would be in the same position as I was... prove your competency level (HS level or worse -- forgotten HS level!) and go from there.

  9. by   TELEpathicRN
    I know a nurse that has her GED. Went to school for RN, is going back for BSN and planning on continuing with MSN! It doesn't matter, all you have to have is a high school diploma or equivalent
  10. by   sjoe
    " The only thing is---- if you didn't take Biology and chemistry in high school, you have to take it as a pre-req. course."

    In my nursing school you had to have taken these courses (and physiology and statistics and anatomy) on a college level, so taking them in high school was irrelevant.
  11. by   mona b RN
    The replies I'm getting to my original post are exactly along the lines of what I thought. There must have been a mix up or something. We were communicating by email, so maybe she got mixed up. I realize the fact that you need to have the math and other prereq's but she kinda blew me off. Maybe she was having a bad day.

    mona b
  12. by   Emery
    This is a good thing for me to know as well. Being homeschooled, I don't have HS transcripts and all that good stuff. So, I'm glad to know that a GED is = to a HS diploma. I'm not under any umbrella school or anything so its not like I'll get a diploma anyway. But what if I have to give proof of chem and bio? How would I prove that? Any ideas? I really don't know anything! :imbar

  13. by   Shevalove
    I only had my GED,but had no problem getting into nursing school. There are probably going to be extra courses you may need to take or pre-placement test. If you do well on the test sometimes you can skip the class. It all depends on the school.
  14. by   babynurselsa
    Do not despair. I had only my GED. I took all of the required prereqs in college (algebra and chemistry).
    I had no trouble getting into Nursing school.
    Hang in there. You can do it!!!!!