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  1. Shevalove

    Rhode Island tragedy

    I work at that Hospital. Death toll is 95 now
  2. Shevalove

    How to prepare?

    Thank you so much...It is very scary and exciting at the same time. I have been brushing up on my anatomy...but it seems like I will never know enough! Thanks again!!
  3. Shevalove

    How to prepare?

    I do have Alexander's, but I don't have AORN Standards and Recommended Practices for Perioperative Nursing. can I get that on the AORN website or Amazon?
  4. Shevalove

    How to prepare?

    Hello, I am starting my Orientation on Monday in the OR. It is supposed to be 9 months. Is there anything I can read or look up to get ahead of the game?
  5. Shevalove

    21 Dead in Chicago Nightclub

    OH!! That is terrible!
  6. Shevalove

    Have mercy on me, I am supposed to be the strong one

    I am so so sorry. I hope your mare pulls thru. What an awful thing for you to have to deal with. I totally freaked out when my dog had a very bad siezure. Being a nurse did not make it any easier. Please let us know if mom is ok?
  7. Shevalove

    Your Hairdo (long hair)

    My hair is shoulder length and I always wear it in a ponytail. First I think letting your hair fly all over the place is unprofessional, (depending on the type of nursing of course) But it would also drive me crazy if me hair was falling in my face while I was doing a dressing or some other procedure. Never mind what else it could fall into!! EWWWWW
  8. Shevalove

    Verbal Abuse from surgeons in the OR

    I am really truly shocked that in this day and age Drs. still treat nurses like #$*%, not only that, but they are allowed to get away with it! I have had only one run in with a DR over the phone and it was because I was totally clueless about a patient (First day on the job) I am just disgusted that this is allowed. If you worked in any other field and you were spoken to like this there would be action taken. I do agree with one of the above posters about letting yourself be treated like this. I do think if you show right from the beginning that you aren't going to stand for it, you are less likely to have to put up with it
  9. Shevalove

    GED and nursing school

    I only had my GED,but had no problem getting into nursing school. There are probably going to be extra courses you may need to take or pre-placement test. If you do well on the test sometimes you can skip the class. It all depends on the school.
  10. Shevalove

    O.R. Orientation

    hollyxuk...I am a nervous wreck but extremely excited too!! Good luck!!
  11. Shevalove

    O.R. Orientation

    I am going to be starting a OR orientation at the end of this month. It is supposed to be 9 months long and takes new graduates as well as experienced nurses.
  12. Shevalove

    Job Opportunites

    Welcome to the board! I don't have any suggestions either, but the both sound like really great opportunities!
  13. Shevalove

    Have Yall seen OBNURSEHEATHERS avitar????

    Have to admit it...my hair looked very similiar in the 80's and (GULP) the early 90's!! It was so hard to give up!! Saved a lot on hairspray though LOL!!!
  14. Shevalove

    Yippeeeeee!!! I Got A Job!!!

    I wish you the best of luck. You will be great!!
  15. Shevalove

    I need some advice!!!!!

    I have to say there are some bad places out there and some good ones. It took me quite a few unsucsessfull (SP?) tries, but I finally found a place I feel comfortable and appreciated. I am not saying it's a dream job because it's not and there are some people that rub me wrong..but on the whole it's a pretty great place. You have to spend way too much time at work to hate. It is not worth it.
  16. Shevalove

    Insulin syringe question

    We only use insulin syringes too. I was taught in school to have all insulin double checked with another nurse, but I am THE ONLY NURSE .... So I just check and double check myself.

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