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What's the worst report you ever got? Was it the report itself or the condition the patient was left in? Or did it have to do with the style of report the nurse gave? Bonus Q: When will you stay... Read More

  1. by   Davey Do
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    What's the worst report you ever got?
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    Report: "No change." I had never taken care of the patient before.

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  2. by   Davey Do
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    She gave the worst reports. Some of her "best" included: not being aware that her patient was dead when we were doing bedside report.
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    Davey!! I knew you'd come up with some good ones! Lol!
  4. by   audreysmagic
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    2) reporting 16 count respirations on every patient. Even a dying man who was at least 32 a minute.
  5. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
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    I don't care about report, as I work in an ER with computers.
    I can look up whatever I need a lot faster than a person can speak.

    And I stay late frequently. If I have the time, and it is busy, I do what I can to ease the transition.

    I LOVE this!!! If you can read it in the chart and it's not relevant to what's going on with the patient currently I really don't need to hear about it. Don't waste my time telling me about pappy's low back pain since 1957 unless it impacts the now. Maybe it's an ER Nurse thing I don't know
  6. by   EaglesWings21
    Left a patient and came back the next day to find the patient extremely confused, vital signs indicating severe sepsis, family members and night shift RN tell me patient was like that all night and no doctor was ever notified. Med student came into the room right after report and I reported my findings and she told me it wasn't a big deal so I paged the resident and said you need to come right now or I'm calling a rapid response. Unfortunately the patient had a perforated bowel and ended up dying.

    The issue that I believe took place is that the nurse I gave report to is known to try too hard to try to be every patient and family memeber's friend and actual medical needs get overlooked. This is where patient satisfaction surveys are failing our patients. If only the general population new the real story behind what a nurse should be doing...
  7. by   EaglesWings21
    As far as staying late, if it's an immediate need or concern for the patient, yes I will. But nursing is a 24 hour operation so some things can and should be passed on.
  8. by   EaglesWings21
    One of the worst reports I've witnessed and assisted in the subsequent code: obs floor was transferring a patient to the medical surgical floor. Last thing the obs RN told the receiving RN was that the patient was going into flash pulmonary edema. Apparently the receiving RN didn't know to question that and the patient arrived 20 minutes later, got pulled over into the bed, and literally coded.
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  9. by   kitty29
    I have been an RN for so many years with All Kinds of reports from none to detailed. Pretty much I try to go with the flow you know? But I have to say one of the comments that just gets under my skin is: "Well I have only had ------ for 4 hours." Ahhhhhhhh Sooooooooooooo!!!!!! LOL!

    And yes I have stayed late to help, but often do not need to. I work straight 12 hour nights so it is hard to do that...but I am generally early to work and have taken report early loads of times or just helped.