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  1. Missie Hannie

    NICU interview questions?

    Hi peeps! I have been a NICU nurse for over 4 years now. Soon I will be interviewing for several NICU positions in other states, and I am finding that I have little idea on what to ask an interviewer / recruiter. I don't remember much from my interview for my current position (which is my first nursing job out of school), and I would appreciate any help y'all could offer regarding things to ask a new unit - things such as orientation process, patient ratios, uniform requirements, career opportunities, typical work day... you get the idea (I hope!) What sort of questions have worked for y'all, and / or what do you wish you would have asked when interviewing for a NICU position? Thanks in advance!
  2. Missie Hannie

    Advice for a New NICU Nurse?

    Congratulations on your dream nursing job! I started my NICU residency in May 2016, and have been on my own for about 6 months now. Everything the previous commenters have said is absolutely true - best way to learn is to ask questions! One thing I wished I had paid more attention to / overheard more often during residency was the teaching that the other nurses did with the parents; I often stumble over my explanations, but after hearing another nurse explain it, I remember it better. Plus, you learn so much by listening to more experienced nurses! Oh, and reviewing what to do when a baby desats/bradys (NRP) is a good idea if you have any anxiety (like me). The kiddos are so precious, and even though the job will drive you insane sometimes, it is totally worth it! P.S. - I hope this post makes sense. I just got home from a night shift in the NICU, and should really get some sleep :)
  3. Missie Hannie

    What keeps you going as a nurse?

    Echoing what everyone else has said, having a marketable skill and a nice paycheck is pretty great! I work in a NICU, and seeing my sweet tiny babies grow bigger and stronger warms my heart. There are a lot of crazy times as well, but knowing that I'm helping these families during a scary time in their lives keeps me going :)
  4. Missie Hannie

    Length Boards

    Our unit uses length boards, but I've never paid attention to the brand. Ours look like the shoe store feet measuring thingys, too. I'm gonna try and find out the brand next time I'm there!
  5. Missie Hannie

    Still Surreal. New grad (Dec) Accepted Official RN Offer: TIPS Please

    Congratulations! Orientation and training will help a ton (obviously), and make sure your basic infant assessment skills are solid. Everyone always says "don't neglect the basics" and it's true. I think that a NICU bible will come in handy as a reference tool, but as HisKids37 pointed out, your unit will teach you everything you need to know. Best of luck to you in your new job!