flu in Southeast

  1. I thought we were having a very light flu season in US. Well it is light for most people. However, I checked the CDC web site and it appears that Fla., Georgia and South Carolina and some other southeastern states are having a lot of flu this season. You can check yourself by going to CDC website.
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  3. by   2008nurse2b
    I can attest to that, I live in Florida and I was supposed to have a party on Sunday and my husband had the flu and a couple of the guests had it. All of the sudden everyone is getting sick.
  4. by   SCRN1
    Here is the link to the CDC's map of the Influenza summary. Looks like it's spread more in Florida than anywhere else. Of course this latest summary was week ending Dec. 9th. So, no telling how it is now or will be after all the people traveling for the holidays. I live in SC and have not met one person yet with the real flu.

    CDC - Influenza (Flu) | Weekly Report: Usmap Influenza Summary Update- Week 49 , 2006-2007 Season
  5. by   Huscarl73
    All three of my kids have been down in the last 2 weeks with the flu that had both school aged ones out for a full week. The teachers were understanding they said somewhere around a third of the school was also out.
  6. by   Indy
    I dunno about flu but we have some GI bug going around my area of Georgia. For the last month ... 1/3 -ish of our unit's patients have run a fever, usually 1/5 of them have or just got over the diarrhea thing, and I don't even want to know what their visitors have. Dayshift had it and had some nurses stay home a couple weeks ago, our nightshift just got started on it... three nurses so far this week. It's not flu, at least I think it's not, but it's definitely not fun.
  7. by   P_RN
    I'm near the West Coast of South Carolina.

    We had Lord's Supper (Communion to you non Baptists) Sunday morning. We do the service in the pews, passing the tray of wafers, and a tray of tiny wine cups. The church was only about full and almost everyone was coughing.

    Lord forgive me but only pretended to partake. I don't know of anyone in my close vicinity but I am really washing my hands like crazy when I go to a store.
  8. by   grammyr
    We are tracking positive flus at our facility. So far in the ED we have had 19 positives since Sunday, and all but one were in the 4yr to 13yr age group. Had the first positive adult yesterday.
  9. by   txspadequeenRN
    I read about this yesterday and today woke up with a sore throat and feeling like death warmed over...... I don't want to be sick