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:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire Okay, here's what happened. My father's health has been declining rapidly for several weeks now. This morning, my mom could not get him out of bed... Read More

  1. by   Jay-Jay
    Mom's coping not too badly. She's seen this coming for awhile. She nearly wrecked her back trying to get him up off the toilet and back to bed on the weekend, so she realizes that she just wasn't able to cope.

    Me, I'm a basket case. Just finished up last-minute taxes (delayed by all this) and headed off to bed. They've given me 11.75 hours of work for tomorrow, and if you know community nursing, well that's a lot more hours in actual fact. Probably their revenge for me missing team meeting today!

    Heavy-duty prayers would be appreciated for tommorow!
  2. by   susanmary
    Heavy-duty prayers coming your way.
  3. by   nrw350
    please do not forget the heavy-duty hugs too!
  4. by   amk1964
    too bad the government cut so deep into the home health benefit.
  5. by   Token Male
    S.N.A.F.U. Jay Jay; I hope it goes well for your parents. I would like to say that this sort of episode never occurs on this side of the Pacific but not even I can tell Porkies that big.
  6. by   nrw350
    Originally posted by Token Male
    S.N.A.F.U. Jay Jay; I hope it goes well for your parents. I would like to say that this sort of episode never occurs on this side of the Pacific but not even I can tell Porkies that big.
    i know the word snafu, but what does it stand for?
  7. by   Honeysundun
    Originally posted by Edward,IL
    I have been doing home health for years (US). This is yet another example of poor discharge planning/lack of communication between the providers and the patient's family. I'm sorry it happened.
    This is what ya'll would call "the American way". We're fed a daily diet of this kind of crap.
    Just my opinion.
    I do home health as well and there were many times the dicharge planning was not communicated in a timely, and accurate manner. And it made my job harder. So I know what ya mean. Best of luck to the to all. ~Amanda~
  8. by   yannadey
    Well thank god your dad got the help he needs & extra heavy duty prayers will be sent you way.
  9. by   rebel_red

    SNAFU= Situation Normal All F****d Up and another personal fave ***** F'd Up Beyond All Recognition....

  10. by   crispix
    Just some questions and observations....
    Could you not have worn a mask and/or gown to be allowed to stay in your dads room at the first ER?Doesnt make sense to me how they got him discharged without anyone being present.
    Also,did they not stand him up and walk him at the hospital?Or try to?
    I used to work in an ER.And I know,yes,the hospital got full at times,and we had to juggle patients.But,we had a policy(which admin didnt like to use)that we would call toall the local hospitals and find this person a room if they truly needed to be admitted.Which,your father did,no doubt,if anything for 24 hour observation and IV antibiotics.At the VERY least.
    Also,we nurses,and sometimes the docs if they had any doubts,would speak with the family to make sure they could care for the patient at home before..BEFORE wed consider releasing them....to safeguard against such situations.
    Hugs and prayers going out to you
  11. by   Jay-Jay
    Well, someone WAS looking out for me today! That 11:75 hours ended up being only 9 after some sympathetic RPN's took a few clients off my hands. Plus there was another pt. who'd already been seen yesterday, and didn't need a visit. The capper was when I stopped for a coffee and a snack. Who do I meet, but a local parish nurse, who is a lovely, lovely person, well known to me because she has MS, and has occasionally needed our services for flare ups. She recently went through something similar with her father, and was glad to provide a listening ear. We also discussed nursing in general, and had a wonderful visit!

    Thank you one and all for the prayers/good thoughts!

    The latest on Dad is that he has been admitted to a room and is on IV antibiotics. Probably what he needed in the first place! And no, the OTHER hospital obviously did NOT assess his ability to walk. (BTW, I did ask them if I'd be allowed in gloved, gowned and masked, and they said "NO") I have to admit, I made a mistake: I TRUSTED the nurses. I believed them when they said he was all back to normal, didn't have an infection, all tests negative. What a load of crock that was!! Next time I'll know better!
  12. by   nrw350
    I would think that they would allow you back there with your dad if gloved, gowned, and masked even if there was a risk simply because you are also a nurse and understand the implications! That is also a load of crock too. IMHO.

    Let us know how it all works out.
  13. by   sedate_me_stat
    I am glad your father got admitted, he needs the IV and the antibiotics! I would like to point out that toronto is under strict orders for the department of health for NO VISITORS due to to the SARS outbreak. The only exception is for family members when a patients death is iminent or partners of women in labor.
    If they made an exception for one, they would have to justify to many many other family members why the same exception cannot be made for everyone. I hope some of your blame goes around equally to administration, discharge planning and the MD also. Hope dad gets better very soon so that he can be back to normal and get out of the hospital. Best wishes