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  1. amk1964

    Funniest real orders you have seen in a chart?

    canna42 stole mine...... Not an order, but a progress note from md describing drainage as "pussy" instead of purulent. Pretty ignorant of the English language I would say.
  2. amk1964

    Please share your knowledge of cultural diversity

    I would just like to say that the text books aren't always accurate; you have to ask, because within cultures there is wide diversity. I live in a 90% Mexican-American community and the things I learned in nursing school weren't correct. Its taken me nearly my whole 9 years here to begin to have an understanding. Good luck in your new job. Be humble, keep your ears and eyes open, and mostly keep your mouth shut unless you're asking questions!
  3. amk1964

    Letter Re: Smallpox from DHHS?

    All theRN's I know here in Texas received those letters too. I even got 2!!! Pretty ominous huh???
  4. amk1964

    Fellow FMC Nurses

    I applied with FMC a few months ago and got a call from an administrator to set up an interview. I went and was interviewed for nearly an hour by him and the DON. They had said they would make a decision within 10 days. That was in FEB., I called to follow-up in APR just to make sure they weren't going to hire me so that I could accept a different position I was offered. The DON stated that they [FMC} put on a hiring freeze until MAY. I was surprised to here this as they were paying oodles in overtime. Is this the norm for FMC?
  5. amk1964

    Promethazine IV Question

    I've never seen a policy on dilution, but its a good idea. to capgirl, When I was still in Buffalo we rarely gave demerol ivp. It was almost always ordered with vistaril IM.
  6. amk1964

    Excelsior BSN Program

    Excelsior directed me to istudysmart.com for purchase of the classes, but they [ec] decide which courses I need and set up the degree plan. I deal w/ a man named Don Raffield
  7. I agree with garnishment.
  8. amk1964

    Excelsior BSN Program

    i've attempted to email both angus and cqc_cqb the email from don raffield at ec, but need an email address.
  9. amk1964

    Excelsior BSN Program

    to both of you. my info came from an e-mail i got from a don raffield with ec. i will attempt to foreward both of this email.
  10. Years back I was trying to get my bsn at a state university, before finally being accepted at a community college adn program. The last straw in the state univ was the chemistry class: Survey of organic/inorganic/biochemistry. I struggled to understand and it seemed everyone around me was getting it except me. Then some lab instructor[ a grad student], told me I should go back to high school. I recieved a D and left the the university. Very discouraging...
  11. amk1964

    Excelsior vs traditional - Help quickly?

    i did really well in my lpn program and then went on to community college for my adn. the sciences are not easy. you need a good instructor.
  12. amk1964

    Excelsior BSN Program

    i'm currently in process for starting the bsn program with ec. they have a special right now 12 courses for 499.00....is this worthwhile for me to pursue?
  13. amk1964

    Excelsior College

    i trained for my lpn then went onto community college for my rn in nys and at that time[ late 1980's], nys regents was considered diffacult and only the smartest got through it. can you believe california??? what are they thinking????
  14. amk1964

    Nursing site

    are any of you familiar with excelsior college[ formerly regents]? i'm nearly ready to take the plunge,but would like some feedback.
  15. amk1964

    question about the Classifieds

    to hellllllonurse, i live in harlingen. have been in the valley 8 yrs
  16. amk1964

    Is Med/Surg attracting new grads?

    in general you care for pts with various illnesses at the same time.examples: uncontrolled diabetes, copd, chf; or someone undergoing general surgery like an appendectomy. acuity can range vastly . most hospitals i've worked at attach a subspecialty like oncology or neuro. nowadays you can expect just about anything.