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    After wasting a chunk of my life reading this entire thread, all I can say is: I understand why, of all the medical professions, psychiatrists' are the #1 group committing suicide.
    I had always believed it was dentists

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    one more thing...............this is especially for the likes of pebbles and molly and any other nurse who seems to have forgotten the pt. bill of rights and that they are not there to power trip on the pt...........found this on another message board:

    and you wonder why people feel this way about nurses? pull your head out of your hind quarters and realize that your patients are people, not your little lab rats or subjects. you are not queen of your domain.

    no wonder people hate getting health care. it's because of nurses with attitudes like yours, i.e., that pts. who object to certain things are being silly and unreasonable, that people have this image of nurses being "cold, clinical b**ches". get over yourselves and go take a course in therapeutic communication and basic social interaction.
    shay i agree with you 100%.! i am glad to see that there is another nurse out there that knows and believes in the patients bill of rights as much as i do.i just love your posts they are so enlightening and intertaining. would love to meet you in person some day well good luck with everything!
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    No, psychiatrists are the ones who get the most divorces...
    Originally posted by researchrabbit
    No, psychiatrists are the ones who get the most divorces...
    Thank you! I guess psychiatrists and dentists both succeed in their statistical areas! But I was pretty sure the high suicide rate was for dentists.....

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    Have to add a small twist.. My teenage daughter sees the psychiatrist. She is weighed each visit to determine weight loss... the adderal with paxil caused BIG loss. So yeah, I see the question being raised. Once you said no, I could see a polite education about a basis of weight needed prior to treatment to monitor for changes.... THE BUCK STOPS HERE.

    If a nurse in a psychiatric office snubbs her nose at a patient for such a "simple" request... how does she treat others?

    I feel strongly that you quickly identified a NASTY BI**H that took pleasure in showing her disapproval at you which is why you are so justifiably angry.

    No one needs an oscar to show respect and caring twords a patient that is informed who says no. If anything we should be further empowering our patient who are correctly informed that have very real ideas about their care.

    Hat's off to you shay.... PLEASE file a written complaint about your experience and find an office which will support you through a challenging yet happy time in your life!!!!

    best wishes:kiss :kiss

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    so can i get some adderall with paxil????
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    research..... LOL!!!!!!! works great... the side effects are a bit**h

    You borrow the teen, I'll refil the script!!! thanks for the laugh!
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