Feeling weird

  1. Hi guys, I'm a nursing student, sometimes when I watch a new procedure (e.g. a long line being put in) I feel weird like I'm going to faint. I love nursing, but sometimes I think that I can't handle watching some procedures!!
    Do you get used to seeing things that totally gross you out, or am I in the wrong job??
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  3. by   bigwavedave
    in my opinion- i do not think you are in the wrong profession just because you get a little quesy now and then. i would imagine it happens to a lot of people. i thought i was going to drop one time when i saw a jp drain being pulled out during my first clinical last fall. then i went through the o r and have seen a lot of way more gruesome procedures and have done fine. so maybe you do get used to it. and there are always ways to help prevent incidents like that- try to eat a good breakfast with protein, don't lock your knees when standing watching procedures and if you need to, don't be afraid to sit down- just don't get to the point where you faint and fall onto the surgeon's sterile field- they don't appreciate that very much- i don't know that from personal experience but that is what other people have told me. hang in there.
  4. by   Shamrock
    Nah, you are not in the wrong job. 1st time I had to deep suction
    someone I thought I was going to puke, then faint and I'm still around.
  5. by   Nurse Ratched

    May I suggest you check out this thread. It will desensitize you if nothing else .

    You'll do fine. It's amazing the things you get used to in this job lol.
  6. by   Rapheal
    I used to faint at the site of blood! During OR clinicals I had to remind myself "if you feel you are going to pass out, try to lean back, so you will fall backward-away from the sterile field".

    I am over it now. If I am running blood and look at the unit hanging for more than a couple of seconds - I start to feel a little weird. As long as I can keep busy I can deal with blood and gore. Have walked on floors covered in blood and have learned to move quick when someone starts to release the pressure from a pressure dressing (arterial blood can shoot a long way!).

    Experience is the key. The first couple times you feel weird try to remember to breathe regularly because anxiety tends to make people hold their breath. Use distraction when you can. After that your brain seems to be more accepting of the gross stuff and stops sending you the "weird" feeling.
  7. by   TreceRN
    Don't worry about it. I think most nurses have been grossed out to the point of fainting, puking, or running for the door. When I was in nursing school I just about passed out in the middle of a total knee surgery when I smelled the burning flesh from the laser - and then they pulled out the power tools The surgeon, nice as he was, says to me "Hey, come on over a little closer - you'll wanna see this" and then noticed I was sweating profusely and white as a sheet. He yelled at someone to get me a chair before I contaminated his sterile field! I was so embarrassed and sure I was a total failure! Now I look back and giggle My nurse-buddies and I sit down in the lunch room and discuss pus, sputum, and whatever other disgusting things we've encountered during the day while eating our soup and salads! I never did set foot in OR again, though:chuckle
  8. by   EmeraldNYL
    Yeah, I have a stomach of steel, almost nothing grosses me out (not even total knee surgery, lol-- didn't bother me one bit), and I almost passed out the other week when I saw an open fasciotomy-- the guy also had multiple bullet wounds. It happens to everyone at some point or another.
  9. by   WhiteCaps
    Laurlaur, they are right!

    It is normal to feel sick at the sights we see and the things we do. I guess we become "abnormal" as we become used to these things!

    May I suggest that you keep in mind that what is being done is to help the person in the long run, no matter how disgusting it may seem at the time. That takes the focus off you and onto helping the pt. endure what you can barely look at.
  10. by   Tweety
    It get's better. Hang in there.
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    There is something that will make almost anyone lose it. We are all different. I have had ER/ICU nurses gross out at normal childbirth where I work. I can't imagine; after all they deal with they would , but it goes to show we all have a niche. Not everything works for us. Do NOT berate yourself. As for me? Suctioning/phlem does it every TIME! Glad I am not in RT huh.