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Okay, I've had it. Over the past few months I've spent several hundred dollars on nursing licenses for three states. Between fingerprint fees, license fees,transcript fees, notary fees and worst of... Read More

  1. by   mamabear
    Quote from rollingstone
    I'll be the lone voice of dissent. I'd rather not have a federalized license. I'll pay the fee for any state in which I choose to work.
    Why? That can run in to some major bucks. ALL healthcare professionals should have a federal license.
  2. by   mamabear
    Quote from moondancer
    It's all a money game, of course. Many states are now compact, mine just recently went compact, I think there are what, 17 compact states now? I think that's the way we are all headed, pretty much. Our state, to compensate for loss of reciprocity money is increasing the renewal fees.
    What is a "compact" state? I live in Indiana, and sometimes it takes a while for information to float down to us.
  3. by   ginger1023
    Compact states work together and you can use your license from one state in another ..17 states are already compact states..
    by the way that maybe would eliminate some NURSING BOARDS ...:hatparty:....
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  4. by   fawnsternurse
    Bring it on!!!! I agree that a Federal license is the way to go. I understand cognitively the pro's and Cons of this argument but practically we boast of being so advanced. I want a federal license with # so that when I apply to a job in ANY state you can plug my number in and see my resume, last math med test results, all my immunizations, references, CEU's, transcripts, cerificates, CPR, Etc etc Yada, Yada, Yada... lol... I am personnally so sick of filling out forms , taking tests, paying out $$$ and being nickled and dimed to death.You know one week when I moved to Charlotte, NC I went to maybe 5 or 6 different agency's to find work. Do you know how many tests I took? How many PPD's? How many times I saw the OSHA films and took the pre and post tests? hahahaahah... It was rather ridiculous if you ask me! And out of all that work ... I was called so infrequently that now and this includes travel agency's I usually ask what are your current positions available and if they even have any that I am qualified for or interested in then and only then do I send all my paperwork in. Truly it is exhausting!
    Forgive me venting but that is my two cents.