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Okay, I've had it. Over the past few months I've spent several hundred dollars on nursing licenses for three states. Between fingerprint fees, license fees,transcript fees, notary fees and worst of all verification fees! This came to a head today when I called my original state of licensure to find out why my verification hadn't been sent out yet, even though I overnight mailed them the request with the check and the check had already cleared my bank. They told me it can take up to 14 days from when they receive the request to when they mail it out. WHY IN THE &*$& DOES IT TAKE 14 DAYS TO SEND OUT A SIMPLE *$% VERIFICATION?

An employer can simply log onto the boards website and verify a license in 5 seconds FOR FREE! They sure didn't wait 14 days to cash my check!

If one state has to honor another states drivers license, why not nursing licenses? If I remember my high school history right (another transcript that required a notarized request!!!), shouldn't this fall under the "full faith and credit" clause of the constitution? Because I'm old an cannot remember the exact wording, I googled it and found the text as follows: "Section 1. Full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state. And the Congress may by general laws prescribe the manner in which such acts, records, and proceedings shall be proved, and the effect thereof."

Am I alone in thinking this is ridiculous? Congress should mandate national participation in the Nurse Licensure Compact currently signed by 17 states! :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire

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That's one of the best ideas I've heard in AGES!!!

Definitely needed in today's world of travel nursing!


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Yes, I agree 100 %. Just shelled out nearly $200.00 for everything involved in getting my NC licence. Next year Va. will be a "compact state" , but I've already spent it...

National licenses for ALL. ! :balloons:


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I'm for it...for all licensed professionals.

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That's a fabulous idea! I think it's too logical for the powers that be to have come up with it. :chuckle

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Sounds good to me, I don't even want to think about all the money I have sent to various BON for licensing and verification. All the forms and the hassle, for that much money it should be an easy process at least!


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I think the time for federalization of licenses for nurses (and other professionals) is long overdue. People, especially in professional jobs are so mobile these days that it really doesn't make sense to keep the system we have now. I used to go to church with a lady that was a teacher who dealt with the same dilemma. She was from the Midwest originally, had a Masters is special ed and years of experience. Her Dh job took them to AZ, which would NOT recognize her credentials. She had to waste a year of time and money to get a AZ credential, which she did. She taught for a couple years, and guess what? Dh transferred to CA, which didnt recognize AZ or her prior credentials. She said *&*^^ with that and taught in a Christian school. So it isn't just nurses. We at least can just pay $$$ and get our licenses verified.



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My husband's FAA Airframe & Powerplant license is a federalized license. Why can't we have a Federal Board of Nursing? One test, one license, 50 states plus territories.


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Sounds like a wonderful idea. Unfortunatly, the laws pertaining to our practice are governed by each individual state and this will not change. What they could do is give us reciprocity. The problem with that lies within the fact that if a nurse has a licensed revoked in one state, could go to another state, start working before anyone knew that they really didn't have a license anymore.


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Great, I thought that maybe I was so upset I wasn't thinking rationally. I'm calling my congressman tomorrow. Anybody know if any of the nursing organizations has a position on this?


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I'll be the lone voice of dissent. I'd rather not have a federalized license. I'll pay the fee for any state in which I choose to work.


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I like the idea of just having 1 lic. I carry 3, Okla, Missouri & Illinois......they are all going up $$ and they are all due different years, so that means that I'm renewing almost every year!!!

But, where would the individual states get all their $$?? I think they (the states) will really pitch a fit with this one.

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