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  1. I am wondering if Nursing is right for me...I want to help people and make a living while doing so..what is the average pay an hour and different shifts?? which floors or units pay better? Does home health pay well? I have so many different questions please but your city and state and annual salary if you don't mind or average salary...Also how do you get paid in a hospital do you work 4 on 3 off and if so do you get paid for 48 hours?? Thanks
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  3. by   micro
    First, I do not mean to sound cold.......but if you have a drive to help people, then making a $buck doing it.......cool!!!!!
    But if making a living, $$$$$$$$$ yes, nursing can pay well, we should get paid more..........but if I didn't like what I did, I surely would not do what I do.........
    There is too much stress, demand on the person that is the nurse, too much stress on the students in nursing school.........medical/health care field is serious business.........

    Just because you hear us type/laugh and joke.......that is part of what we do........because of what we do.........
    that is how we survive.....what we do.........
    and "wolf" our food down before flying off to our next "need"........

    Sorry, I do not mean to tangent off. I will get this/my comment back on track. Salary/benefits will vary state to state, facility to facility, region to region, unit type to unit type. Some facilities will have 12 hour shifts, some split, some straight 1.0 eight hour shifts............
    Where I am at is in the lower part of the nation, as to $$$ amount, but I can still make a fair living. Benefits are okay. Probably will not be my end all stop.............as I hopefully have many more years before retirement.........

    Where you are at.......if you are interested in nursing. Talk to a faculty, etc at a nursing school..........talk to nursing students
    Also talk to human resources at a hospital, nursing home, etc. in your area.....and ask about job shadowing a RN............job shadow a CNA, an LPN
    get into CNA work prior to formal decision to getting into nursing............lets you into the field and "get your feet wet" and lets you see the 'glamorous side' of nursing.........

    Good luck to you. Best wishes in your career. Nursing can be very rewarding, but it does have its negative side. It is a balance, and what you feel your priorities are.

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  4. by   canoehead
    Nurses make $15-25 an hour depending on experience, position, shift and hospital. LTC I think usually gets less than say ICU, but someone might correct me on that. Different parts of the counrty pay more or less depending on union and cost of living. You can find rotating or straight shifts, and you get paid for the hours you work (of course). Travellers make their own deals, and I have no idea about home health.
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  6. by   Gomer
    I must agree with Micro, if you are looking at a nursing career simply because of the money, FORGET IT! No matter how much we are paid or how many benefits we get, it is still a hard job and the hourly rate no way equals what a nurse does.

    Now, if you really want to help people, you should remember that the people come first and the $$$$$'s last, whether you are a nurse, a social worker, or priest.
  7. by   CATHYW
    Micro's post covers it well, and Canoe's and Gomer's posts fill in the cracks. It basicall comes down to if you are willing to work hard to make a decent income, or if you want to do something else to make BIG bucks. It is a personality issue as well as a $$ one.
  8. by   renerian
    Home health either pays per visit with a productivity scale per day saying you usually need to see 5 to 7 per day. They may also pay salary. Some on call rotation. Some weekends. Hard on your car. I put around 30,000 miles per year on my car for home health. I went through five cars in 11 years. Cost alot to keep your car in good shape and tires. Hospice usually pays hourly.

    does that help you?

  9. by   lpnga
    Sorry I got the wrong message across to everyone...No I want to help people I have always wanted to be a nurse or in the health field...I just always here other nurses talk about the bad pay and etc..for the job they do..That is what through me off. I just want to get paid while doing what I like to do..I really just wanted to know if the pay was as bad as I hear people say and if you can make a living for yourself as welll as your family..Thanks for all the help
  10. by   Rustyhammer
    The pay could be better but I've always been able to keep the mac and cheese on the table.
    The ones who stay in nursing stay for the love of the job, however, and not for the money. It can be stressful, difficult, and emotionally draining. When you see someone die before their time despite tremendous efforts it hurts. When you see someone come back from the brink of death you feel as if your efforts are worth something. When you get sh*t on by the company you work for but continue to do your job it's because you know why you are there.
    Nursing is more than helping people and making bucks. It's an almost undescribable profesion and you ask 50 nurses why they do it and you will get 50 different answers.
  11. by   Kayzee
    Make sure this is what you want to do. Nursing can be very difficult. The money varies. You must care about people first. I have found that I have to take care of me first, and am looking into diff aspects of care since pt. load can be impossible.