Everyone Please Read

  1. Brian and the moderator's have come to the conclusion that we are going to be forced to strictly enforce the TOS. We tried a relaxed atmosphere, but the profanity and personal attacks have just run rampant. Please keep this in mind when posting from this point forward. Refrain from using profanity (even disguised profanity) and/or personal attacks. Let's debate respectfully.

    Today, we will begin removing/editing posts that are in violation of TOS. This is necessary for the enjoyment of ALL nurses .

    Thank you for keeping within the TOS of our wonderful bb!

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  3. by   renerian
    Thank you.......................I agree.

  4. by   gwenith
    Clean broom approach - may not be popular but sometimes neccessary.
  5. by   sbic56
    I agree...plenty of smut boards out there...let's keep ours respectable.
  6. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Thank you.
  7. by   hapeewendy
    respect the decision
    will play by the rules

    just silently hoping that the rules are enforced for all and not some

    (daunting task , I know ,but really it adds to credibility)

    good luck

    thanks for the laughs and good times on your board...

    its been a slice

    and hope that some of the people who were so offended previously refrain from engaging in the very behaviour they find offensive, because I have seen some of the nay sayers partaking in the same antics that repulse them
    but thats not the point....

    I will respect the decision, and abide by Brians TOS
  8. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    I agree that people who are just swearing for swearings sake or insulting others, or just being down right rude are either very sad and pathetic or morons! However, I also believe in the freedom of speech. To what degree are you going to censor us? What about when people are telling a joke? The odd swear word here and there can be amusing. What one person finds offensive, another may not. What about words like "crap"? etc. Are they to be censored? If so, that is just getting pathetic. We are adults on here, and I don't wish to be patronised. Words also mean different things in different countries. Here in the UK, the word "fanny" means something totally different to what it means in the US. And is in fact, school-boy humour.
    I actually believe that any form of censorship is wrong. (Isn't it against the american constitution?). I am an adult. Unless something is racist, sexist or is just plain insulting, or if people are being bullied, people should be able to say what they like, but be prepared for the consequences from other posters.

    To summarise: Unless a poster/signature is racist/sexist/insulting/bullying, what's the problem?

    I would like clarification on this. I didn't realise that bullying or extreme profanity was going on on here. Ta.
    Last edit by Good_Queen_Bess on Apr 13, '03
  9. by   LaVorneRN
    Hey Good Queen! It's refreshing to hear a fellow Brit. I haven't heard "ta" in years! I am a US citizen now(been here since 4y.o.) but once a Queen's subject, always. Most of my fam is still there! P.S.-I have seen some vicious bullying here upon innocent situations and we don't want to chase anyone, especially newcomers seeking support and comraderie, away. I think your list above of what should be censored is what Brian may be referring to.
    Great to see you here and hope we can chat some more!
  10. by   Katnip
    But, when you signed up to use the boards, you signed up to abide by the TOS. No one forced that. It was your choice. That isn't censorship. That's choice.
  11. by   karenG
    glad to see this is happening! yes, have seen some nasty attacks on some people- not necessary. do agree that sometimes the language difference can be a problem- are you sure we talk the same language??? will try and be careful!

  12. by   jnette
    Originally posted by cyberkat
    But, when you signed up to use the boards, you signed up to abide by the TOS. No one forced that. It was your choice. That isn't censorship. That's choice.
    Can't argue that.
  13. by   Whisper
    There have been some pretty harsh attacks on some members in the past and if this puts a stop to it, then it is all well and good.

    Like Good_Queen_Bess I am slightly worried about what might be percieved against the TOS, because of the different menaing/interpretations hiven to words on different sides of the pond.

    I think I am going to be on my best behaviour for a while, Until I am sure what is acceptable.
  14. by   ChainedChaosRN
    I've only been a member since January and I've found nothing offensive here. I've raised my eyebrows at a few things...not profanity or someones opinion, but definitely seen flames thrown with accuracy without provocation. But even in the short time I've been here I have noticed it's pretty much the same flame throwers that will start something. That's pretty easy to see when you sit back and watch rather than jumping in feet first.

    I'll abide by the rules, the same ones I do at work. That's also by choice.