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Brian and the moderator's have come to the conclusion that we are going to be forced to strictly enforce the TOS. We tried a relaxed atmosphere, but the profanity and personal attacks have just run... Read More

  1. by   zudy
    Originally posted by night owl
    All I can say is thank you Brian and mods for strictly enforcing the TOS because it certainly needed to be done. The TOS are simple... Behave or be booted. Nuff said.
    I also agree.
  2. by   nimbex
    ok, soap box.... have to say it... have counted to at least 100....

    I joined this BB for support, an ear, friendships, resource and a sounding board of opinions of those who face the same day to day struggles that I do.... knowing that mine in NC are thes same across america, in canada the UK, in aussie... everywhere.....our jobs suck and we need each other.

    This should be a place for people who are not getting something, whatever it is... where they are... to link up with people who can identify with them... across racial, cultural and continential borders.

    Instead of being that support... at small intervals, this board can be nothing but the same petty back stabbing childish behaviors that we all have to put up with 36 plus hours a week which drive us to our home computers to link up with people who may see things differently and want more than that for ourselves, our pt's and our profession.

    A recent off topic post.... has so my posts of insecurity and need to be part of the "accepted" that it has sunk my views of nursing to the deepest depthts... that here ..... should be a place of comrade.... and we continue to tear each other apart as to who is "irritating" ...... taking up so much peoples time... to figure out if they are on the "wrong list, and possibly not welcome in a place the they so very much needed.

    So jumping off the soap box as the snipers prepare their flaming... but when will we agree to disagree and treat each other with respect.... and when will some of us grow the profanity up and learn that we are tearing our profession down..

    and why do the rest of us tolerate it?

    and why do we need moderators to tell us how to behave.

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  3. by   ShandyLynnRN
    um, I think many of the people that participated in "that thread" have since apologized and said that they were wrong.

    So why does it still seem to come up, as if we are NOT "getting it?"
  4. by   nimbex
    previous post hold no offense to our wonderful moderators.... I meant to covey that if we all behaved as we should.... your time could be spent then babysitting . Thanks.
  5. by   nimbex
    ShandyLynn, first thread read since the one you are refering to. Clicked on this one, saw the link, not meant to continue beating a dead horse
  6. by   nurs4kids
    Originally posted by Grace Oz
    So, will our American "cousins" desist from using the word "Fanny" in future??!!! It REALLY IS VERY OFFENSIVE to us Australians. So you understand, here in Oz it is the word used ( slang) for the word; Vagina! And from what Queen Bess wrote, same in mother England!...
    I'm sure we can ALL abide by the rules & show each other respect?!
    I had no clue about that word being offensive!! To answer your question..DEFINITELY. We want EVERYONE respected. However, it may be left up to you guys to let us know if something is considered offensive over there. I didn't know "bloody fools" was profane until this week.
  7. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    Originally posted by P_RN
    Bess the moderators don't own the board. It is exclusively Brian's. The moderators operate voluntarily. We only help to moderate following his instructions. And general forum is truly not the place to introduce political views.

    So, in other words, the mods are the ones patronising us then, by assuming that I'll be adversley affected by a swear word! :chuckle

    To be pendantic, I could also say that you are censoring me by saying that I shouldn't "introduce polictical views". That's my right to discuss and give my opinion. Besides, I felt what I said was relevant in the context of what I find offensive. ie: what I see on the news I find MORE offensive than a couple of swear words, as political atrocities affect people's lives directly.

    I shall say again: (:zzzzzzzz Sorry to bore!) If someone is being deliberatley targeted or being bullied, or if someone is being racist, this should be addressed. However, a few swear words? Give me a break!

    To quote Claude Adrien Helvetius, "To limit the press is to insult a nation; to prohibit the reading of certain books is to declare the inhabitants to be either fools or slaves"
  8. by   cajnet
    BB are made to express oneself in a proper format and I agree that all should respect each other. Allnurses is a great format and keep up the great work Brian!
  9. by   caroladybelle
    So how's it going?