Everyone has a 4.0 GPA!!

  1. Okay I was doing orientation at a major hospital today...while there I had time to talk to new grads and students at the program I am going to enroll in.

    I am hoping to get into the accelerated program. The standards are higher to be accepted in this program and although I exceed them, I still worry about getting accepted.

    So I (know maybe rude) asked a few people what their GPA was in school. EVERY single person told me 4.0!!

    This cracked me up especially the itty bitty girl who took a Nurse Tech position in the NICU.
    I had orientation with her the day before and I couldn't help but laugh at her ignorant questions and statements. It was so bad I shared with my fiance when he got home.

    When discussing warning signs for bleeding she stated decreased HR increased BP.....
    This is just one the ridiculous things she said... and if not saying something ridiculous she said "I don't know"

    Once again, she claims to have a 4.0...
    And she has completed the first semester of Nursing School.

    What makes this worse is if my child goes to NICU after birth, I will insist she doesn't lay a hand on him!!

    I am also concerned how or why would any hospital hire an nursing student who couldn't tell a foley from an IV!!
    I mean didn't the ignorance I have seen displayed over the last 2 days come out during her interview??
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  3. by   tishirajan
    It really makes you wonder doesn't it? Couldn't tell a foley from and IV?!? That takes a "special" kind of stupid if ya know what I mean.
  4. by   VICEDRN
    This is her first semester of nursing school? Ease up there, killer! She is not a NEW GRAD yet. (then maybe we can call her all kinds of stupid but I would probably laugh and think she is nervous)

    In my program, we don't learn IVs and Foleys until second semester and we are not allowed to do them in clinical until then either. Shock isn't taught until second semester. She has it backwards maybe she was nervous!

    First rule of nursing school: go gently and judge less.
  5. by   NursingStudent5548
    Yes, I am thinking it could be due to a few possibilites.

    1. That program is way easier than I anticipate
    2. She lied about her GPA
    3. She cheated her way through school

    When I heard from 4+ people they all had 4.0 in that program, I began to wonder if one of the three possibilites above wasn't a contributing factor.

    I mean seriously I left a prestige program that had 100% acceptance into all the medical schools in our state. Its funny when the acceptance rate into some of those programs from our school was higher than the students from that school.

    I guess I will find out...but I left a program where NOBODY had a 4.0 I know this because nobody got an A in physiology, pathophysiology, or anatomy. I wonder if they will take into consideration my class ranking at this program, because even though my GPA isn't a 4.0, I was rated second.

    Cause I mean seriously how could I get accepted if EVERYONE ELSE HAS A 4.0??
  6. by   STNA
    I wouldn't be too hard on the tech . . . her job is not to assess the patient, just report abnormals. The best aides I've worked with just know that something is weird and come get me. Even if your tech. thinks that a decreased heart rate is a sign of bleeding, it doesn't matter as long as she gets you immediately. Just keep an eye on her and don't delegate to her unless you trust that she can complete that specific task. Oh, and be sure to teach her the difference between an IV and a foley.
  7. by   NursingStudent5548
    Oh well trust me I covered that...I specifically asked what skills she had learned in first semester.
    Vitals and Foley's were covered...I am not trying to attack her, I just found it scary since she is in her second semester of nursing school and didn't know these simple things.

    If it was just nerves I am still concerned. I mean you claim to be a "prestige" student, and your in a room with less than 10 people and have been there for over 2 days. You have also done your clinicals here for over 6 months.

    I am expecting a son in 7 weeks and WOULD NOT let her touch him.
    Vitals were covered yet you couldn't tell me what normal range for infant vitals!!!
    So I am supposed to trust you to know when my son is declining if you don't know what is normal!!

    I am sorry but since I have been a patient myself numerous times over the last months, I am terrified to hear things like this from the staff that is supposed to be caring for me.

    I was in an ambulance a few weeks ago with signs, and symptoms of preeclampsia.
    The ambulance driver made a comment while driving me to the paramedic in the back wouldn't it be cool to blare another one bites the dust over these speakers!!!

    WHOA, talk about scaring the crap out of me...
    Same thing with this girl going down the hall and saying you didn't know normal vital ranges in front of patients wearing scrubs and a name badge!!

    It scared me to knowing my son could be under her care in a few weeks!!!
  8. by   PostOpPrincess
    good in theory doesn't always translate to good in clinicals.

    besides, she is a young and new nursing student. let's not be so hard on her....
  9. by   VICEDRN
    Newborn assessment isn't taught until OB/Peds so she wouldn't know newborn vitals anyway. Also, I just started my peds clinical and all of the nurses walk around with a small card behind their ID with the ranges by age group on there. They don't expect to know the values themselves although I do happen to remember them from studying for the test.

    Did she claim to be a "prestige student" or did you ask her about her GPA and she answered you?

    Med/surg clinicals would have nothing to do newborn vitals and the focus would have been on general assessment and basic skills like wound care. OB patients are a specialty area and she is not expected to know that yet.

    Edited to add:

    Gosh. She is just a tech in the NICU. lol What are you expecting her to do that would harm your baby? Bathe the baby too vigorously? lol Like I said, even the nurses use reference cards for vitals and she is just in her first semester.
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  10. by   JBudd
    Not to mention, anyone can say they've got a 4.0, whether or not its true.
  11. by   waitingforthedream
    I have learned when going through school (finished now) that you worry about yourself, not the others. First semester students do not learn much other then the fundamentals of nursing, which really does not include any of the things that you mentioned. Give them time, you will see this once you start. Worry about your GPA, and let others worry about theirs. Good luck
  12. by   tishirajan
    I'm sorry if I came off as harsh. I just couldn't believe that she didn't know the difference between a foley and an IV. Didn't mean to sound like a heifer :uhoh21:. I'm just kinda PO'd because hubby is laying over there snoring while I'm missing Hawthorne! Again, sorry if I came across tacky.
  13. by   Batman24
    Quote from waitingforthedream
    I have learned when going through school (finished now) that you worry about yourself, not the others.
    Excellent advice. Worry about your own grades and passing your own courses and less about others.
  14. by   Patchouli
    people in glass houses..........