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Ok. I am understanding. I have medical knowledge. STOP WHINING! It seems like EVERYONE around me is DYING of something. My dear husband made the coment that someone has to be full of tubes and... Read More

  1. by   deespoohbear
    Originally posted by RN2B2005
    My mother (who gets queasy at a papercut) always complains that my grandmother and I (retired nurse and prospective nurse, respectively) aren't sympathetic enough.

    The best story she has is that when I was nine years old, my dad did an auto-amputation of his right thumb with a table saw. While my mother was retching, I went downstairs and retrieved the thumb, wrapping it in a washcloth, handed it to my mother, and watched as she promptly passed out. Needless to say, a neighbour drove my dad to the hospital.
    That's funny!! Sounds like something my kids would do!! (Hopefully I wouldn't pass out. DH might though!)
  2. by   Flo1216
    Over the summer I went to the ER because of nausea, vomiting and diarreah and severe abdominal pain.I literally stumbled into the ER and the registration person asked what was wrong so I told her I was having severe abdominal pain and the ***** actually ROLLED HER EYES at me and said to the security guard, " I told you you shouldn't have opened the door," I didn't like being judged, nor did I like not being taken seriously. As it turned out I did have a potentially serious problem that needed immediate medical attention. With exception to the true hypochondriacs(like my mother), I try my best to listen to other people's aches and pains regardless of whether or not they are life-threatening or trivial because I don't like it when people don't listen to mine. (Incidentally, some of the biggest complainers I know are NURSES:>D)
  3. by   robynrn2b
    As far as people asking for medical advice. I have a good one from a stranger. I was at a mini-mart this summer and apparently a woman noticed that I have personalized lisence plates that say "RN2B." Well, she procedes to get out of her dirty, filthy car, and pulls out her dirty, filthy daughter and her daughter's dirty, filthy child. This kid was so dirty, she looked like she had just been dug out of a dirt pile!~ Feet were BLACK. Anyway, she asks me to diagnose her kid's rash!!! Not sure what it was actually. I assumed it was some type of dermatitis but they wanted to know if I would recommend going to the ER. I thought, "sure, waste our tax dollars on that." I know I shouldent' generalize but judging by the tooth-to-tatoo ratio, I have to assume some type of public assistance. When they got out of the car, trash was falling out everywhere. It was disgusting.
  4. by   sjoe
    robynrn--Well you had your chance to provide (illegally) a medical diagnosis, so that these people could later have sued you (tracking you down from your license plate), thus helping pull themselves up from their present economic status. But you blew it--fortunately for you!
  5. by   teeituptom
    Now sjoe, these people might not even know what an attorney was for 1, and also would not have known that anything is wrong.
  6. by   MissdonditaBsn
    What a relief it is to hear other people talk about this issue. I find that some of the most difficult people I have to deal with are fellow nurses. They complain that you are a few minutes late hanging that piggy back, or changing the bed. I always want to tell them that they must be wonder nurse if they are able to do everything exactly right on time. And these are the people who complain over the stupidest little details and make a big fuss over nothing.
    What's worse though is my friend who is a nurse. This woman thinks that every little sniffle she or one of her children get is a life threatining illness. I have never known anyone to complain so much. One time my husband was over at her house helping her husband fix her car. They had been working for hours. She called me at like 11:00 PM to tell me that she had taken my husbands blood pressure for no real reason, and that it was elevated to 160/80. She felt this was too high for a man his age and she wanted him to consider going to ER. She wondered what I thought. By this time my husband was so mad at her he could barely talk. I told her just to let him come home and I would check it myself. He was asymptomatic at this point. He came home and I took it myself. It was normal. She acutally called me at midnight to make sure he was ok and to ask again if I thought he needed to go to ER. She is lucky I love her.
  7. by   Furball
    Whatta freak!
  8. by   Curlytop
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by 3rdShiftGuy
    When you work with the majorly sick, it is difficult to deal with the minor sick.

    Also, I have touble with family members of our patients. They scream at me because I'm ten minutes late bringing dad a blanket. I want to scream back "WE SAVED HIS FREAKIN' LIFE. STOP B*TCHING!"

    OH-- And ALWAYS put some moisturizer on their lips or the family will ask in a nasty tone "isn't there something you can put on their lips?" That chaps my hide every time!
  9. by   Furball
    [OH-- And ALWAYS put some moisturizer on their lips or the family will ask in a nasty tone "isn't there something you can put on their lips?" That chaps my hide every time! [/B][/QUOTE]

    I always put moisture on everyone's lips now if they need it or not. Got so damn sick of hearing about the lips! Twicee this week I had pts families ask "What is all that white stuff on his/her lips?" in a rather digusted tone.

  10. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by BuffaloLPN
    Ok. I am understanding. I have medical knowledge. STOP WHINING!
    It seems like EVERYONE around me is DYING of something. My dear husband made the coment that someone has to be full of tubes and machines in order for me to feel bad for them. I'm sorry. It just seems like everybody I know has some MAJOR health issue. I want to bring them to work, so they can see a 23 yr oldCF patient admitted once again, or a 13 yr old SCD kid crying because of yet another pain crisis. Am I supposed to feel bad because you need back surgery to finish the final touches on your lawsuit, or discover another illness while surfing the net.????
    Am I the only person who can see you are exaggerating, or I am so heartless I don't see your disease process as real.?
    Please tell me if I need to get out of nursing or if it's a fashionable trend to be sick.

    I understand what you mean, but....
    I was sick for 2 months before I finally told people I worked with what I was sick with, because I was just not able to work as fast as normal, and they all didn't know me very well, and thought I was slacking. (I was trying to conserve my strength and breathe well enough to get through the shift without fainting.)
    So now I keep 'em updated. It also helps me to SAY that I'm getting better and make myself work a little harder or a little faster; I can go home and gloat to hubs, "Hey, I pulled this lol up in bed all by myself tonight!! Gettin' better! Whee!!!"
    I have my good days and my bad days, but damned if I'm gonna quit my job and stay home--even if, on my bad days, I notice that some of my patients who are in for the same thing I am working with, are breathing better than i am. :chuckle: whatta hoot!
  11. by   Agnus
    I say, "You really need to see your doctor about that."
    This covers every situation, shows concern, keeps me out of litigation, ends the conversation.

    Granted some times they persist. So, I persist with, "You really need to see your doctor about that." They soon figure out that is all they are going to get out of me, and stop.
    they fall into two catagories: Those who really do have a problem. These folks take my advice.
    Those who just want sympathy. These folks just shut up realizing they are getting no where with me.

    I love the ones who are not embarrassed to ask about very personal private problems very loudly in very public places and expect me to diagnose and treat them there.

    For example one woman I casually knew stopped me in a bussy crowded post office lobby in a very loud voice started describing in great detail her husbands constipation and wanted me to tell her what to do about it. EVERYONE was staring. She didn't care.

    Or at a dinner party or restaurant they start discussing gross body functions and don't stop when you ask them. Even after you tell them your dinner is ruined they persist. Now mind you these are not immature teens. They are in thier40's 50 and 60's.
    Just because I am a nurse and some times have to scarf my lunch between removing impactions, treating infected wounds, collecting sputum samples, and measuring emesis does not mean that I want to spend my off duty time listening to them describe the contents of someone's barf.
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