Echo Heron Books/Nursing stories

  1. Have any of you read and/or heard of the author Echo Heron? I just read: "Intensive Care: The Story of a Nurse" and it was AWESOME!!!

    Let me know if any of you have read her books. Thanks!
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  3. by   mom and nurse
    Hi - Yes I've read her books. The nonfiction ones. I enjoyed Tending Lives. Each chapter is by a nurse in a different area of nursing. (for example, psych, long term care, community health nurse, etc). It helped me to see each area of nursing from the perspective of the nurse.
  4. by   caroladybelle
    If you use the search option, you will find that her books have been discussed here previously.

    They are quite good.
  5. by   ldynwht
    Echo tells about the author and all her books
  6. by   3KittiesRN
    hi i have read "intensive care" and "tending lives" by Echo Heron. I loved these books. There is a sequel to "intensive care" called "condition critical" that i havent read yet. There is another book that i read that is called "just a nurse" but i forgot the author.
  7. by   live4today
    Yes, I have read one of her books years ago. It was a very well written I could not put down once I started reading it.
  8. by   pwp1289
    have read all her books--fiction/nonfiction an dhave enjoyed them all ---check your local library
  9. by   rebel_red
    I've enjoyed her books also though she is a little too sweet for me. No disrespect meant, I just tend to be loud, rowdy and obnoxious. You know who is a fun fiction nursing read: books by Eileen Dreyer, a former ER nurse for 15 years. They are mysteries and usually have a sub plot r/t romance. I could do without the romance bit, (sheesh I am picky). But I love the nurses she brings to life, we all know them, we all have worked with them. And some of us are them!!!! Kinda scary.....

    In the spirit of her nurse/protagonist from "Nothing Personal"

    Up the Rebels!!!!

    Good reading to all,
  10. by   austin heart
    I also have read all her fiction/non-fiction books. I liked the non-fiction ones the best. Quick and easy reads.
  11. by   suebird3
    I read the books too. My husband even got his mitts on them and enjoyed them.