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3KittiesRN has 8 years experience and specializes in Medical/Surgical, L&D, Postpartum.

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  1. 3KittiesRN

    New to labour and delivery nursing

    Having worked med/surg for a number of years, I got burnt out. I have found a new love for nursing now that I am an L&D nurse . Been doing it for about a year now. What gets me through is knowing that I am working with seasoned nurses I can rely on to help me when I have questions. I work with wonderful role models and mentors. Good luck! You will love OB nursing!
  2. 3KittiesRN

    Breastfeeding and 12 hour shifts...

    Hello there fellow nurses! I have been away from these forums for a long time! But i am back now! =) I gave birth to the most amazing baby boy 8 weeks ago. I go back to work at 20 weeks to a busy med/surg floor. (12 hr nights) My question is for mothers who have managed to exclusively nurse past a year while working 12 hour shifts (or 8!). How many times did you have to pump? Do you have any tips for me? Did your co workers support you? I would also love to hear some success stories for encouragement! How long were you able to nurse your little one? I love breastfeeding my little guy and just want to hear about your experiences! Thanks so much!!
  3. 3KittiesRN

    New RN starting her first job in medical area.

    Congrats on the new job!! Your current nursing textbook (med/surg) is a great resource as well as your NCLEX study books. I started in med/surg as a new grad also. You are going to learn so much. The most important thing you will learn is TIME MANAGEMENT. Brush up on all the systems (cardio/GI/GU/resp etc) because you get it ALL in med/surg. Brush up on care of the post-op patient and things like diabetes, pneumonia, COPD/CHF exacerbations. Most of your learning will take place on the job, I hope you have a great preceptor because it makes all the difference! Good luck and please keep us posted! p.s. It takes a good year or more for you to start feeling comfortable in your role!
  4. 3KittiesRN

    Moving back to the Bay

    Hello fellow nurses! I want to move back home to the Bay Area where all of my family lives. I was born and raised in the Bay Area. After nursing school (graduated in 2008), I landed a job on a Med/Surg unit VERY FAR away. I have been there for almost 3 years. Can you guys tell me about the job situation in the bay right now for an experienced Med/Surg nurse. I want to do either meg/surg, telemetry, oncology, L&D, or post partum. I was never really into ICU or ER, but would be willing to give ICU a try. What is the job market like right now? Which hospitals are the best? I was looking into the east bay area, preferably Antioch or something close-by (I am really looking into Sutter Delta). What are the wages like for Bay Area nurses these days? Can someone survive working part-time, 64 hours a pay period? I see a lot of part time openings. Thanks so much in advance!! 3KittiesRN
  5. 3KittiesRN

    a must read book for nurses!!

    I read that book before I went to nursing school and became a nurse. I love her books! Tending lives is a really great book too!!
  6. Hello everyone! My little sister has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, she is very young. She has stage two non-gestational choriocarcinoma of the ovary. Does anyone know of any good websites to find information on this type of cancer? When I look it up all I come up with is a articles. I just want to read general information about this type of cancer. Has anyone ever dealt with this type of cancer? Had any patients with this type of cancer? What was your experience like? She starts chemotherapy pretty soon and is recovering from surgery. I appreciate any input and any positive thoughts! Thanks in advance! 3KittiesRN
  7. Good lord! That is a lot of medical/tele patients. Were you taking care of that many patients recently or was that a long long time ago? The most I have ever taken care of by myself were 5 because it's the law! Med/surg patients that is.
  8. 3KittiesRN

    Will I lose weight being a nurse??

    I second this!! For example tonight at work someone brought the nurses a whole bunch of candy, gummy worms, chocolate raisins etc. It was the end of the night and I needed sugar so I gobbled them up!! Another example is when I left this morning there were 2 dozen donuts in the breakroom that the nursing students brought for the staff! It is all up to us though to have the motivation to make healthier choices!! However if someone makes brownies for us nurses it can be hard to resist!
  9. Hi everyone! Sorry is this has been asked before but here goes... I have always had a passion to work in Oncology. I know that it is a difficult area of nursing to work in but I find myself drawn to this area. Some of my most favorite patients have been my cancer patients. I find it rewarding to be able to care for them in their time of need. An appreciative patient makes all the stresses of the day worthwhile. I am a new grad working in adult med/surg. I plan on staying in this specialty for at least 2 years before moving on. I want to work in an oncology unit. Is working in med/surg the best way to start if I want to eventually specialize in oncology? How do you like working in this specialty? What are the pros and cons? What do you like the most? I am also particularly drawn to pediatric oncology...do I need to have peds med/surg experience for this? Is there a possibility for an adult med/surg RN to work pediatric oncology? Thanks in advance for the replies!
  10. 3KittiesRN

    Thinking of nursing

    Hi there!! Here is my $0.02... I am a new nurse. I know it may sound cliche but... nursing does take a special kind of person. If you were to change majors to nursing you would need to start off with completing your nursing school pre-requisites. The most important classes that you MUST do good in are Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology. You also need to take a bunch of general education (English, Psychology, History, Math etc.) These pre-req's can take about 1-3 years to complete depending on if you go full or part time. You also need to take Biology and Chemistry in order to advance to the A&P and Micro classes. TONS of science classes if you like science! But for me personally I LOVED learning about the human body. Then you need to apply to Nursing School...at either a university or a community college. The above poster did great about differentiating the different roles of the healthcare team (RN, LVN, CNA etc.) If you want to become a nurse it is not necessary to become a CNA first, but it will definitely give you a great foundation for hospital nursing. I never worked in a hospital before nursing school. Oh yeah and about the "gross" stuff. It comes with the job. Especially if you work bedside nursing. I empty bedpans, commodes, clean and change incontinent adults. There are also CNA's to help with this, but they are not always available. I do dressing changes and see some crazy looking wounds, and have worked with a tracheostomy. This stuff can be gross at times but I guess I am used to it. You will find that nurses can talk about the grossest things while eating lunch and not get sick!! LOL Well there is my two cents for what it is worth!! I am the only nurse in my whole entire family, I just decided after high school I want to become a nurse!! Nurses are educated professionals...I am so happy with my chosen career. It is stressful and rewarding at the same time. If you have an "itch" for nursing...then check it out. Do some more research into the field. There are tons of opportunities for nurses and you can specialize in an area when you find your niche. GOOD LUCK and welcome to allnurses!! Be careful because you may just become addicted to it!! LOL
  11. Hi everyone!! I have a question for all you guys. I would like like to know what different experiences you have had working in either a rural hospital (i.e. 59 bed facility) vs. a large city hospital (i.e. 200+ bed facility). I may have an opportunity to work in a small rural hospital as a new grad in med-surg. I was wondering if I would be getting the same experience there as I would at a larger hospital? What is your opinion on the pros and cons of each? If later in my career I decide to work in a larger hospital, would my experience be up to par with the others who have always worked at larger facilities? I would really appreciate any insight you may have on this subject. Thanks! I look forward to any replies! 3KittiesRN
  12. 3KittiesRN

    New Grad Program

    Hi there! What state are you in?? I am in CA and I sent my application to the BON in mid April, I graduated in May. In CA you are allowed to take NCLEX before your transcripts get to the BON, they just won't issue results. As far as new grad programs, I suggest calling the hospitals you are interested in and find out. Make sure you have a great cover letter and resume and send it to them during your last semester. Depending on the hospital you may have to send additional documents. Start applying during your last semester! New grad programs are very competetive, esp. here in CA. I wish you luck!! Oh yeah, and this is my opinion, take the NCLEX as soon as you can!!
  13. 3KittiesRN

    Waiting for NCLEX?

    So did you find out how you did???
  14. Hi there everyone! I was wondering if anyone can kindly tell me what the difference is?? Also, if you have any information on what this position would entail?? Thank you so much in advance!! I truly appreciate it!
  15. 3KittiesRN

    I'm having major anxiety here!!!

    I PASSED!!! I am soooooo happy! I found out yesterday! I still can't believe it! Now I am going to go job hunting!
  16. 3KittiesRN

    I'm having major anxiety here!!!

    Hi everyone! I took the NCLEX 3 days ago and I am soooo scared. Two of my classmates that took it with me are on the BRN website and I am not. Does this mean that I failed it??? I am sooo scared right now that I failed!! I am losing sleep!!!