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Just wondering how many of you are getting hit with this east coast storm? How many inches have you gotten so far???... Read More

  1. by   nicudaynurse
    Well I am from down south and rarely see snow. I do have to admit that it looks pretty, but I'm sure it gets old real fast. How do ya'll get to work? No matter what the patient's still have to be taken care of. The news keeps saying that the city is virtually shut down, but that doesn't mean hospitals. So what do the hospitals do if nurses can't get to work?

    A few years ago it was icy down here and I just spent the night at the hospital instead of risking driving on the roads. Nurses have to go to work no matter what. It's not like in the business world where the company will just shut down.

    Not to make anyone jealous, but the temp. tomorrow will be 70 and sunny where I'm at, but yesterday the high temp. was in the 30's. Very typical for this time of year. Crazy!!
  2. by   RainbowzLPN
    I know at my hospital, they have a 4 wheel drive wagon for this kind of weather. If you can't get in, they come get you! I'm glad I had the day off today & don't have to go in till tomorrow afternoon ::knock on wood::
  3. by   ava'smomRN
    I'm in Philly and it is just too much snow for me. I am exactually very upset with "mother nature", because i'd rather be at school or work. It gets kinda boring when your locked in the house for more than one day. oh yeah over here we have about 18 inches,probably more, im not too sure because i havent been out of my house since sunday.
  4. by   rnparrot
    i live in havertown pa...philly suburb....we got 2feet of snow on top of the 10 inches that was already there...add in the piles from shoveling and drifts...easily 6-8 feet tall! a little male bashing here on my husband.....he knew about the storm.....we have a brand new snow blower in the garage that he cant get started...do you THINK the genius even bothered to look at it...no...i have a back injury and 2 kids...one sick with the flu...so it left the genius and my son. I told him i'm selling the darn thing since he is too lazy to figure it out! am i wrong for being upset? then to top it off he did a halfassed job of shoveling and only got his car dug out of our driveway...left mine in a huge snow drift...guess he didn't think i had to go anywhere til summer??? sorry, but i needed to vent. connie do you live nearby? your pictures look like familiar area
  5. by   EmeraldNYL
    Yeah I live in Philly too and my classes were cancelled for tomorrow even though SEPTA is running. Of course, we are still responsible for the information that we will miss. Oh, and I have a paper due tomorrow anyway, because they expect us to e-mail it. I am so cabin feverish right now it's not funny. Oh well, back to paper writing. Sigh....
  6. by   Reabock
    My DD keeps giving me not so subliminal messages "condo, Florida, condo, Florida". After this winter, I'm about ready to move! We live in the same general area as NightmoonRN and I did have to go to work today 3-11. Our road was not plowed since sometime last night, so after getting out of my driveway, I plowed snow with my Subaru bumper for 1 1/2 miles to the main highway which was not much better but at least I was the ONLY one on the road till I got to town, approx. 5 miles. Took extra clothes in case I got stuck there but snow let up and roads were pretty good on the way home at midnight. YEAH !! Of course the state trucks had pushed snow about 2 1/2 feet deep at the end of my driveway but got up on the second try. DH stays near Philly to work and says they got about 20 inches where he was, his dog had a problem finding a place to lift his leg but finally went near a roof overhang and found a bush he could get near. Poor dog
  7. by   caroladybelle
    I am a southerner on assignment in Philly and having a blast.

    Took out a kiddy toboggan and was sliding down hills like I was 12. I think that the passersby think I'm insane.
  8. by   Uptoherern
    i sure do miss the snow! It was 70 degrees here today. But winter in AZ is wonderful
  9. by   Emperess
    I know people here in Flagstaff AZ who would kill for any amount of snow right now - as much as you all are hating it, the ski resort here has been closed for weeks and everyone gets depressed hearing about all the snow in the east! Sledding sure sounds like fun right about now!
  10. by   RainbowzLPN
    Originally posted by caroladybelle
    I am a southerner on assignment in Philly and having a blast.

    Took out a kiddy toboggan and was sliding down hills like I was 12. I think that the passersby think I'm insane.
    You go, girl!!
  11. by   melissa24
    I am loving all this snow and so is my daughter. It is making a beautiful memory. We were pretty well-prepared. I went shopping Saturday and got everything we needed...except the one thing I needed most...toothpaste! We have been getting by with baking soda, floss, and mouthwash...not too bad. My teeth actually look whiter! Does baking soda whiten your teeth? I may keep using it...cheaper than Crest Whitestrips!

    Just look at how white they are! LOL...maybe that is a glare off the snow.

    My husband and son are stuck in Pennsylvania. They were supposed to come home yesterday. (They are the ones who took the toothpaste!) :chuckle We have a huge long driveway and I spent four hours shoveling yesterday and still have a lot to do.

    I am trying to attach pictures, but it is not working for me. Not surprising...I have tried several times to make my own avatar, to no avail.
  12. by   melissa24
    Trying to send a pic...
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  13. by   melissa24
    Hey it worked!

    Here is another of some of my shoveling job. Great exercise! Sorry it is so dark...don't have that digital camera totally figured out. That pile of snow along my driveway is as tall as I am!
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