Dry hands

  1. What type of hand lotion do you use and why do you like it?
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  3. by   PIANISTRN
    In the local pharmacy, I found this great product called
    "Corn Husker's"Lotion. I used to have really dry hands, especially in the
    winter time and they would even crack to the point that it would be
    painful. When I tried to use other lotions (even the medicated ones)
    I would have like a burning and painful sensation upon contact. With this
    corn husker's lotion, it has worked very well for me. When it goes on your skin, it feels cool and is not painful. My hands have been cracked and bleeding before and this definitely helped to heal it. I highly recommend it over any other lotion. And it is inexpensive too =)
  4. by   JentheRN05
    I make my own - and sell it online. It's a base of shea butter with vit E, hemp oil and other oils (I change the recipe often) and it's all natural - can be scented with any of 600+ scents that I offer
    I found it is the only thing that ever worked to keep my hands from drying out through the numerous washings we do. I came up with it because my hands were cracking and peeling because they were so dried out. It works wonders. Its basically body butter.
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  5. by   palesarah
    I've been using Gold Bond Ultimate healing lotion, it's awesome. The soap we have at work is really harsh, my hands were cracking & breaking down after my first few days there. I tried a few other lotions then found this one and it works great, it's thick but doesn't leave my hands greasy and it doesn't have a strong scent. My coworkers frequently "borrow" it too (I don't mind!)
  6. by   supernurse65
    i use mary kay satin hands kit its a 4 step to begin with then the hand lotion is wonderful
  7. by   nursejohio
    I use St Ives Intensive Healing. It's good (the only thing I've ever found to keep my knuckles from being so dry they crack and bleed) and cheap. Purse size tubes are at wal-mart for a dollar or so if you want to try it, and the big bottle is 3-4 bucks. I tried corn huskers but didn't like the texture (too much like trach goo for my liking ), satin hands is great for dry/rough skin, but didn't help the everyday dryness from washing 1000x a day. Good luck finding something that works for you
  8. by   adrienurse
    yeah, this the season. I have tried so many lotions and creams that people swear by- they either so nothing or I have an allergic reaction. My current favorite seems to be Aveeno. I usually use the intensive hand cream with the burgundy lid, but they're come up with an intenser formula called "skin relief moisturizing lotion" that has a light blue lid.

    Here's another tip: exfoliate. Use a scrub like St Ives apricot on your hands in the shower. Or else take vaseline and sugar and scrub your hands smooth.
  9. by   Antikigirl
    I guess I am very lucky...my hands rarely get too dry! When they do I have used the gold bond lotion, St. Ives, Vaseoline intensive care...but my favorite is shea butter by far~!

    The thing that gets my hands really dry are many of the hand cleansers hospitals use, but lately my hospital has been using one that doesn't dry out my hands (I will look up the brand). It is a foam, and it doesn't even cause my cuticles to crack (which has been my probelm).

    I take lots of baths though, and use bath salts and moisture bath gels in it...so maybe that is why I don't have much probelm! Now that it is fall...ahhhhhh a nice hot bath after work feels great!
  10. by   snowfreeze
    I use Bagbalm when my hands get really dry, daily I use St Ives, bodycology and a few different Bath and body works lotions.
  11. by   mamason
    Lots of great input here. I have tried some of the products mentioned. Most left a greasy feeling on my hands. Can't stand that! LOL! Or, the product doesn'' stay on long after washing again. Sugar and vasoline sound like it's worth a try though. And have used the MaryKay hand set. Yes, very nice. But, takes time to use. I guess I'm looking for some miracle product. LOL!
  12. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Vaseline's Water Resistant lotion is great for me during the day. I can apply it and still turn a doorknob afterward.

    At night, it's the Equate version of A and D ointment, followed by cotton gloves.
  13. by   HyperTension
    I usually go to employee health and they give me a bottle of whatever is "new" that protects your hands from water.
  14. by   scizzerin
    I've been using the "Gloves in a Bottle" I got from the local scrub shop. It works great at retaining the moisture, but not as well when your hands are already rocked. My grandmother has some weird old-lady concoction she gave me that smells like ben gay and roses, but it works well, I just slather and glove at night and use the Glove in a Bottle at work. It is expensive, though, but that expense outweighs the risk of some funky bug getting in me!