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I'm going to get raked over the coals for this one... But I just HAD to ask this question. At any point in your nursing career were you drug tested? I'll say no more. And no, I'm not a pothead.... Read More

  1. by   shel_wny
    I am now being trained to be a CNA at a LTC and they don't drug test - nurses, CNAs, or anyone! Amazing. I actually kinda like it. I feel trusted and I feel like everything begins with honesty and dignity. Usually it's the very opposite. Guilty till proven innocent.

  2. by   StreetRN
    Amen, brother. :-D Actually I fully agree. I would not want some pot head taking care of me or my family. It's easy enough to make a mistake sober, much less stoned. I've worked with nurses who had nasty habits and stole drugs from sick patients to meet their own sick needs. Drug testing is a must because you cannot depend on people to be honest and forthright. Most druggies will swear they perform "normally" and that their drug habit doesn't affect their ability to perform...just ask any drunk arrested for DUI....some of us need to take off those rose colored glasses and face the real world.

    Quote from Groovydogg
    I do not believe that drug testing is an unreasonable invasion of privacy considering the consequences that are possible. I fully support random drug testing for many professions including nursing. Impaired nurses (pilots, surgeons, bus drivers, truck drivers, etc.) kill people and anyone who fights to protect the "privacy" of these dregs share in the blame of all they kill. Most unions (nursing and otherwise) are guilty of facilitating this death toll by opposing drug testing. If you want a job where drug taking is tolerated become an athlete or rock star.
  3. by   Tm777
    Quote from StreetRN
    Pre-employment testing is mandatory at our hospital. Also, random tests are regularly performed. And anyone involved in a driving accident while on duty is automatically tested. It's just the way it is. My thought is....if you dont' do illegal substances, you don't have to worry...if you take legit prescription meds and advise of same, you still don't have anything to worry about.
    I am a new lpn grad and I was just recently diagnosed with lupus and primary biliary cirrhosis. I was prescribed 25mg Fentanyl for pain, I worry that I will not be hired d/t being under the influence of an opiate. Im trying to ween myself off and hopefully get on something as needed if my body will allow. Does anyone have insight regarding thus issue? Thank you!