Dreaming about work

  1. I had one of those completely bizarre, abstract dreams last night but during it's course, I woke up and it was very clear to me that it was about work.

    I was working at a hospital (not my hospital) with some of my real coworkers. The hospital was eerily quiet and everywhere I went, I ran into other hospital staffers (the information desk, the ward clerks, the executive walking down the hallway, the tech wheeling a gurney, etc.) and they were ALL CLOWNS, and not the happy ones -- they were the sad, angry ones with runny makeup and devilish smiles. No kidding.

    It gets better -- I figure out that my place of work is some sort of hospital/amusement park combination. I walk out to go home and get on a roller coaster to leave -- apparently this is how you get home from the place. So, I take a very scary roller coaster ride and guess what? Finish up right where I started, back at the hospital. It was only then that I remembered that roller coasters do that and that there clearly is no way out of this place.

    I wake up feeling rather anxious at 3:30 AM.

    Profound, or just weird?

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  3. by   netglow

    Clown dreams can never be good.
  4. by   dorisc1981
    Sounds like a movie I will pay money to see. It reminds me of the joker in that nurse uniform. Don't know maybe that dream is telling you that your job is a hell hole (kidding).
  5. by   loriangel14
    That's pretty funny. I have gone home after a busy night and heard call bells all night in my sleep.Shortly after I started by current job, which is my first out of school,I had a dream about trying to do my computer charting.I kept coming across screens that i didn't know what it information it wanted. I spent the whole dream frowning at the computer screen saying"what are they talking about?". I work on a floor that has some rehab pts so we get families to bring in clothes so they can get properly dressed each day. I have had dreams where each room had a very large, very old wooden dresser and i spent the entire dream rummaging through dressers trying to find clothes for people.

    When someone says they have the job of their dreams, i don't think this was what they had in mind.
  6. by   NocturneRN
    Sounds like an interesting, if disturbing, dream.

    I generally dream about work when I'm sleeping prior to going in (I work nights). Most of the time, the dream is the same theme except for a few details: I'm aware that I'm in bed trying to sleep, but at the same time I've been assigned to care for a patient while I'm sleeping. I keep waking up, glancing at the clock, and thinking, "It's already 9 pm, and I haven't even looked at the patient yet!" or "I was supposed to start that IV and give pain medication, but I keep falling asleep. Am I going to get fired for not doing my job?"

    When the alarm finally goes off, I usually wake up filled with guilt about neglecting that patient. And it's usually a good five minutes before I realize that (1) there is no patient, and (2) no one is going to give me a patient assignment when I'm not even at work. ;>)

    I chalk it up to having an overdeveloped sense of responsibility----aren't all nurses taught to take on huge responsibilities, even if they have no control over the situation?
  7. by   TipitiwichitRN
    I have had some dreams of work, too.... along the lines of these already mentioned. But0 what gets me is the Call bells in my head!!

    I get home and can literally still hear the call bells ringing. Sometimes it is the quickly- paced sound from the bathrooms, but mostly those are interjecting the room call bells. I am full on still awake when this happens.

    I am really tired though! I work nights, and go to sleep within an hour. The sounds are there untill I fall asleep!

    beep beep beep beep!

    Thanks for sharing!
  8. by   SweetLikeSugar
    Are you sure you were dreaming? That sounds alot like where I work. Minus the roller coaster ride home. LOL

    Work dreams are the worst!! I have this recurring dream where no matter what I do, I just can't catch up. I'm behind on meds, dressings, assessments and charting that no matter what I do, I can't keep up. I'll wake up in such a panic! Recently, I gave my son a dose of Tylenol (in real life) and I woke up in a panic because I forgot to chart it.
  9. by   tokebi
    What a dream! Psychoanalysts would have a field day with that one! Although... it probably doesn't take a psychoanalyst to know the meanings of those images.

    I think your dream should be made into a short film. It will be such a bizarre and haunting one. I actually felt a chill when you got on the roller coaster because I knew where you were going to end up!
  10. by   TDCHIM
    I think dreams like that happen anytime you're in a stressful job. About eight years ago, when I was still working as a reporter, I was going through a particularly stressful time at work. I had this terrible dream where I was sitting at my desk, trying to write a story, but the screen kept growing taller and wider. I had to write more and more and more to fill up the screen. My boss kept calling me and yelling that I clearly wasn't working, I had barely written anything, and I was going to miss deadline and be fired. Eventually I was surrounded by this huge screen - it had expanded so much it was as though I was sitting in the eye of a tornado of words. It was pressing in on me sort of like the garbage compressor in Star Wars IV when I woke up in a cold sweat.

    I agree that dreams with clowns in them are particularly creepy! Maybe a short relaxation routine before you settle in to sleep would help.
  11. by   MinnieMomRN
    I hate work dreams! When I dream of work, it's the old I'm giving report at end of shift when I realize that I had an additional patient that I never knew I had. Wake up in a cold sweat thinking OMG!!! I never even SAW this person!
  12. by   iNurseUK
    Slightly off-topic but striking enough to be worth repeating we recently had a patient of ours whose wife came to us crying and asking to talk to the nurse looking after her husband.

    I took her into the room we have set aside for these things and she told me that she had dreamed of her husband wanting to buy a new house. He loved the house she told us and was insisting that they buy it but she hated the house.

    I asked her why she hated the house in her dream and, very distressed,she cried "Nurse, it had no doors or windows. He will die"

    I tried to reassure her as her husband was an active treatment chemotherapy patient with a reasonably good prognosis that we were certainly not expecting to die.

    The very next night he threw a huge PE and died to the total shock of the ward.

    "A house with no doors or windows"...a coffin?

  13. by   earthcrosser
    Mine come from the nights where it seems like I'm doing absolutely nothing but feed after feed after feed. I'll just dream about feeding babies endlessly until I randomly wake up, see my little kitten and wonder where his NG tube is because I need to feed him.

    Yeah...I don't like work dreams.
  14. by   ktwlpn
    Oh-I hate waking up exhausted from a rough nite of dream-working.I usually dream that some of my co-workers are going on some strange trip together. Not too deep-that's just like every shift.....