Double Shifts: Your tips and tricks for getting through it - page 3

We all hate 'em but I've never known a nurse who hasn't been talked into working extra at least once in her career. What ONE THING do you recommend to get through it alive?... Read More

  1. by   SE_BSN_RN
    I work Baylor's in CO so far for 3 months. I usually don't have a problem until Sunday nights from 8pm until my shift is over at 10:30. I take a shower in the mornings, go thru the drive thu starbucks, eat breakfast and lunch, then about 2pm I eat a snack and go out and get fresh air. Use your breaks to take walks outside the facility if it's still light out. Maybe also take a change of scrubs with you and change before your second shift and freshen up, brush teeth,put baby powder in your shoes, whatever. If your facility has a resident gym, maybe do a quick 5 minutes on the stair stepper or bike.
  2. by   SavageWist
    i have worked the Baylor plan for four years now. 2 days and my whole week is done. work 32 hours paid for 40. anything and almost everything is completed the first part of the shift when i am fresh. the last of the shift i spend my time doing such things as diabetic nail care, cleaning med carts, or restocking for the following week.

    it works for me.
  3. by   medicrnohio
    We have nurses that frequently work 24 hour shifts at a time in an ICU. In my opinion, it is unethical for the management to even ask and dangerous for the nurses and patients.
  4. by   dede1956
    AMEN to tat Shamira!!