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  1. dede1956

    Most off the wall complaint

    Work with some people that have said this also.
  2. dede1956

    Another reason unions suck!

    I'm curious ...why you have an open shop and not a closed shop? Where I work we voted in a union 5 1/2 yrs ago and will finally be going to the negotiating table soon (we hope). It has been tied up in local labor board, regional labor board, and the court system in DC...we just got notified just before Christmas that the court sided with the nurses and the hospital has to negotiate with us. When we were trying to get a union in we decided that we would have a closed shop. We talked about an open one but the union reps explained an open shop means you don't have to join, pay dues, BUT you GET EVERYTHING that the union members get. We all decided that wasn't happening, everyone pays dues and everyone get represented! No unions aren't perfect but they are only as strong as your membership/leadership is. If your leadership is working hard for you then you need to hold your elections and vote them out and put new nurses in. I look at it this way, the money that I will have to pay to get representation and people on my side is soo much more than I have right now without representation.
  3. dede1956

    Another reason unions suck!

    Where I work now it is a 1 year limit for scheduling vacations. Having said that, everyone knows that if you are planing a special vacation (cruise or out of the country flight) more than 1 year out we will make sure not to take that week(s) vacation. However, where I work it is seniority first until Jan 31 then it is first come first serve. The manager still has to approve the vacation time!
  4. dede1956

    Nurses with pedometers - How far do you walk?

    1-6 miles/night, depends on how busy we are
  5. dede1956

    ACLS should always be 2 days and in person!

    For new providers, those that don't have codes frequently, and when the new changes come out for ACLS and PALS it should be a two day class. For experienced providers, ICU, CCU, Trauma, and ER absolutely recert should be one day. The dummy computer program only teaches you how to point and click!! Everyone should have face to face and hands on no matter one day or two day class.
  6. dede1956

    Am I a Product of My Environment, or Just a Crappy Nurse?

    Unfortunately, you are now getting screwed! Your coworkers know that you can handle everything that you have had thrown at you for the past year and have upped the ante. Talk to the person that is making the assignments about equality esp if you are getting majority of the completes, psych, confused, demented, ETOH/drug withdrawal patients. Ask for help, delegate what can be to the aides, politely confront your coworkers "I know you guys think I can handle everything that you have given me for the past weeks/months, but I feel like I'm not giving the quality of care that I should be and would appreciate it very much if the wealth was spread around a little more." Said of course, with a smile on your face.
  7. dede1956

    Brian Short News

    RIP Brian Short
  8. dede1956

    Nurses with pedometers - How far do you walk?

    If it is an average night...5800-6500. If it is a busy night up to 7800. If I am pulled and it is a busy night 12,000-14,000 steps.
  9. dede1956

    Why did you come to allnurses? What made you stay?

    Why did I come to allnurses: I heard about the site while an adjunct and was curious Why did I stay: I enjoy reading what everyone posts and responding to some of the comments How long have I been a member: Over 6 years What do I enjoy the most: all of the comments that not only experienced nurses post but also the comments from students and new grads, I also like helping the family of students that don't understand what school is all about or what the new grad has to go through to prepare for boards/interviews/new job. What would I like to see changed or added: the bashing that we see on some of the posts, there are ways to get your point across without the hostility that can be read in the posts.
  10. dede1956

    A VERY frustrated nurse

    I agree with the responders...you are new and you will get better as time goes on. Will there still be issues that come up and you need to put the other patients o"on hold" for a short time. Your aides need that push to do what you request, review their job description, explain what you are asking them for is part of their job descriptions, and then follow up with them that they did their job. I have found when I ask an aide to do something for me I freq find that I have to say, "I'll check in with you in 20 min to get the results of...(BP, I&O, spec collected). This way they know that not only am I serious about them doing the requested job but I will also be checking up on them...I also thank them when they have done the requested job. Does your hospital have bedside report? If so, when you are in the room doing report do a quick look at the patient and make sure s/he is clean, the IV is working, the ABC's. If there is a problem, politely and professionally point it out to the previous shift that the patient and room is not acceptable and needs to be corrected before they leave to go home. With your vascular surgery patient without pulses, if the pulses had been checked during bedside report you could have asked how long there hasn't been pulses and again politely and professionally tell the nurse that they are responsible for calling the physician. He will have questions that you won't have the answers for and that nurse will have those answers, and it makes her/him accountable for their actions. I have done this for the past 3 yrs that we have been doing bedside report. The previous shift is not always happy that they have to fix/correct issues that are found with the patient but I stand up for myself (doesn't make me popular) and I'm being a patient advocate!!!!
  11. must be nice. we are told that the survey is voluntary but if you don't do it, you are harassed until you either do the survey or lie and say you did. if mgt did something with the results staff would be more inclined to fill out the survey. I used to do them ignored the demographic section except for the dept where I work (need that so they know who you are evaluating). because the scores are so very low, staff is told to pick a couple of the low sections to "improve mgt's scores." why are we supposed to fix their scores? if we have a poor eval then we need to fix our scores, but this is mgt scores...aren't they supposed to fix their own scores?
  12. AMEN!!!! You put it in a nutshell that the rest of us are trying to say. You are currently going through it, and the rest of us have already gone through it.
  13. that's what we in the profession call a "warm fuzzy" enjoy them, they are far and few between. I was told this by one of my LPN nursing instructors. as nurses we are on the receiving end of abuse from patients, families, visitors, dr's, management, and administration...so when we get a thank you, good job, break from studying for 1/2 hr, "got that information this time when I looked at it" it is considered a "warm fuzzy"
  14. Does your husband have spring break coming up soon? Talk to him, find out what is going on, ask how you can help. I'm not bashing you, I'm trying to look at the situation from both sides, my own experience, and from my students experiences. Like I said before, nursing school is very intense, and he might not be aware on a cognitive level that he is "neglecting you and the children." He is probably looking at it as he is trying to do well in school so that all of you are proud of him when he graduates. I know each time I was in school, I had to find that compromise between studying, friends, family, work, and then boyfriend...now husband. Everytime I tell my husband I'm thinking about going back for my Phd, he rolls his eyes and says....Oh God, here we go again...am I going to see you at all? How long will this take this time? Am I going to have any place to sit down in the house with all of the books you will have? How crazy are you going to be this time?" I know it is said with love and that I have drove him crazy with all of the studying that I had to do, and I felt really really really bad that I couldn't spend much time with him...and yes, I neglected him freq during all three school times, and spent a lot of time with classmates to get the work done on time, pass the classes/quizzes/exams/clinicals...because it doesn't get any easier each time I go back to school, for me or him.
  15. sorry to hear about your sister, but she and your parents knew you were there when it counted the most...at the end.
  16. My husband used to call me a professional student because after 10 yrs out of RN school I went back to school for my BSN, graduated and 2 yrs later went back for my MSN. He stuck by me through all of that schooling, even postponed our engagement until after I graduated with my RN. Nursing school is very hard and demanding. We all have the best intentions when we start to NOT neglect our families, but as the pressures to succeed in school and pass quizzes, tests, and clinical increases we become so focused on passing that unfortunately our families are kind of left in the dust. School is very intense 2-4 years, and as you go on with your education it can be an additional 2-6 yrs per degree. The information is giving to you, some in great detail some not so much, and you need to figure out how to fill in the blanks. After he has had a couple quizzes and tests he will become acclimated to how the instructors ask questions and what they are looking for. The first month is a busy time learning information and procedures that need to be "perfected" before he can go onto the clinical area. As a nursing clinical instructor, as occ classroom instructor, I can tell you the requirements to pass clinical are just as strenuous as passing the didactic portion of the program! Hopefully when he gets to the clinical area he will have an instructor that will help as well as challenge him. The information given in the classroom has been so compacted in a very short period of time, that the student has to look/read the textbook. I have some questions for you. What is your husbands class load? Is he full time or part time? Has he done all of the pre-requisites or is he trying to do them with the nursing courses? While he is studying from one book, look at one of the other ones along with the syllabus and make note cards to quiz him and help him learn. If your children are in school, try to do homework at the same time so that the family is together. He is setting an example for your children by going to school, studying, and trying to get good grades. When they look at what he is going through, they see him struggling like they are to learn something new. Get your date night/family night during school breaks...spring, summer, thanksgiving, christmas. Yes it's hard but look at the reward at the end. 2 yrs seem like a life time when just starting school, but the time does fly...many of my students have said the time flies too quickly and they can't believe they are graduating and becoming responsible for another persons' life without the instructor to "help/bail them out." My students have said that just having their family there by their side through school is what kept them sane, also having a study group helps too. Offer the use of your house for your husband to have a study group, and be the one to ask questions and see if they can get the right answer. I have used my clinical and post conference time to quiz the students jeopardy fashion, I also ask my questions to make them think outside of the box...to see the big picture. Hope this helps.