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I've been working 50 hours a week lately and today was my day off. I stayed up late last night hanging out with my husband. This morning at 0530 my phone started ringing loudly and I thought someone... Read More

  1. by   AtlantaRN
    "I'm seeing poor little me in a lot of the posts over the years. Hey you are human you need a day to laugh, shop, kick your heels up and nap in the recliner. And don't get all guilty feeling over it."

    I agree. When I was young, I would feel BAD about not coming in, thinking of all my coworkers struggling. But as i've gotten older, i've learned i'm the only ME i've GOT!!! If I don't take care of me, no one else is going to either.

    Now I have never called out cause I didn't want to go to work, i just suck it up and do it. But to say no, that is getting easier as staffing grids are changed to facilitate greater profits; and my back is aching more as a result.

    We have to take care of ourselves, or there will be no us to care for the patients.
  2. by   ginger58
    MarySunshine, I had the same thing happening to me. After they called at 0445 on my day off I was so mad that I couldn't get back to sleep! I called staffing and they put me on their Do Not Call list. What I really wanted was not to call me before 0600 but it was black or white.
  3. by   guerrierdelion
    [FONT="Garamond"]I got called at 5:00 am to be cancelled for an overtime shift today. Bummer, the kitty kat needs new kitty litter, LOL.
  4. by   uscstu4lfe
    don't pick up the phone. also, on some cell phone you are able to program certain numbers to certain ringers. i would program your work number to "silent"
  5. by   cherrybreeze
    I don't work nights anymore, but I was often charge on that shift when I did. There were times that I wouldn't make those 5am calls, and told the house supervisor to do it. Yes, there are some I WOULD call, but if they were coming off a stretch, had just worked PM's or NOC's one day before, etc....then I was not going to call them, because I knew they wouldn't come in, anyway. Common sense has to prevail sometimes.
  6. by   NewWayofLife
    Quote from crnawant2be
    ever though of calling the nm at home on a weekend at 0100 just to ask able coming in. might prove a point

    oh, how i've dreamed!!!! or calling that 7-3 nurse who likes to wake you up for stupid questions at 3am to ask, did you give this med, it's not charted- when the omnicell says it was taken out on time, and the a&ox3 patient remembers taking it- etc, etc
  7. by   OgopogoLPN
    Thankfully we have a great system where I work!!

    We have a central scheduling office. I'm casual at two LTC facilities. If I'm available that day, I will leave my ringer on and be prepared to be called as early as 5:30 (the time the office opens). I can call the office and let them know I'm not available that day and they CANNOT call me.

    If I havn't called to let them know I'm unavailable, I will turn my ringer off and sleep peacefully until 7:30am.

    The actual facilities I work aren't the ones calling.

    Oh, and if they call and I cannot take the shift, I don't have to give a reason and they cannot pressure me in any way to take it. It has something to do with the union I think. They will say "thank you, good bye".
  8. by   Booty Nurse
    I used to work evenings on med-surg, and I was cross-trained to OB where I worked every shift, a few shifts a month. One morning the OB manager (not the supervisor for some reason) called at 5:15 AM after I had worked 3-11 on M/S the night before, to ask me if I could work 7-3 on OB. The thing is, I was already scheduled for 3-11 that day too! She didn't even have the courtesy to check my schedule before calling and waking me up. Grrrr. Of course I was too mad to go back to sleep.

    I got caller ID a few years after starting work as a nurse, and it made a big difference. I tended to turn off my answering machine too, so I wouldn't have to return calls. Now I work GI endo and never get called!
  9. by   Iam46yearsold
    My home phone is through the computer, and it has programmable down time. Mine doesn't even come on until daylight. I can over ride this but I don't. I also have a cell. But work does not have that number. Very few people have that number in fact.
  10. by   caliotter3
    If I got called at 0530 at least I would know that I had work.
  11. by   WickedRedRN
    I use my cell phone as the only number I ever give out to work. I protect my home number at all costs...unlisted, caller ID, registered on every no call list possible, and NEVER given out to someone who doesn't have a darn good reason to call me. You really are family or friend if you have my home number.

    Work and business contacts get the cell number with their own special ringtones. At night, its set to vibrate or silent and I let it drop to voice mail.

    This way, I protect my family from the constant calls, and I have control over the ringing.