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I was working in peds last night and they brought up an 8 month old baby with a head injury who had been in a car accident. The baby was the only one hurt...the parents claim he was in a car seat and... Read More

  1. by   colleen10
    This all seems a bit odd.

    If the parents were Spanish speaking were the Aunt and Uncle English speaking? Perhaps that is why they went with the child, to be able to communicate with the X-ray tech. etc. But still, you would think that the parents would tag along and perhaps use the aunt and uncle as interpreters.

    If they really were in an accident perhaps they meant that they stopped suddenly and something within the car bacame loose and hit the child. Then there would be no damage to the car and the police would not be called.

    This all sounds too weird. I agree with others, trust your instincts. Surely, though, when they brought the baby to the ER they would have had to explained to the doc or nurse the events and what exactly hit the child.

    Let us know what happens.
  2. by   Flo1216
    The uncle spoke some English, and I see your point but I would think the parents would still want to be present, you know? I did voice my concern to the nurse assigned to the patient and she ignored me as though I didn't exist, as if to say, " You are just a CNA...what do you know?" (she has been a nurse about 6 months and when she first started she told me that she didn't know anything and that she was terrified and now she thinks her **** doesn't stink but that is another story) The doctor DID seem to listen to me though, so hopefully this WILL be followed up.
  3. by   Flo1216
    I didn't hear anything about the child being struck by any loose objects. And he had lacerations all over his face, not to mention a black eye and a fat lip. Like the injuries to his face were generalized...not just in one spot. If something had stuck him, he might have an injury in a localized area but his entire face was battered. Poor little guy. And for as hurt as he was, he didn't cry much. I mean some of these babies scream their heads off just when you take their temperatures. He just looked kinda sad.
  4. by   Lausana
    That's sad Flo Those injuries don't make sense to me for a baby in a car seat Especially since 8 mo olds are to be in a rear facing seat, I doubt much would've cut the baby if the car was hit in the front? Hopefully someone gets to the bottom of what happened. You should report it again, if the nurse didn't understand, this time to someone was the right thing to question!
  5. by   Flo1216
    Sometimes it sucks being a student and a CNA at the same time because of the different hats you wear. At least as a student, there is more that I could do. As a CNA, I just have to hope that someone investigates the situation further. As a CNA, my opinion isn't really valued. It's not really valued as a student, either but at least I am still in the position to do something and my instructors will back me up. I would rather investigate it, even if I am wrong and be able to sleep at night than to do nothing and have something tragic happen and be unable to live at myself.
  6. by   night owl
    This IS waaaaaaayyyyy too fishy!
  7. by   RED_ALERT37
    My first question woud be proof of a MVA.... if proof was a airbag invovled???? If MVA was sooooooo bad how was it the child was the only hurt if properly in a car seat ..... SMELLS LIKE TUNA that has been under a rose bush to meeeee..... Has CPS been notified just as a paper trail investigation ??? Patient advocacy is and should be of utmost importance if you have a strong feeling about this .....
  8. by   usmc94201
    I have a question. Has anyone here actually reported this type of thing to CPS and was anything done about it. I know in California (where I used to live) had a terrible CPS. Almost to the point that they were making things worse.
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  9. by   kids
    I agree things do not add up.

    But but I am more suspicious over the babys injuries than I am over the parents or the babys behavior. It is impossible to predict how a parent will react or to judge what is "normal"...when my (now) 19 yo was 11 months old he ran across the room, tripped over the carpet and knocked his front teeth out on a step...I was not able to even look at him to see how bad the damage was...we went to the ER and I couldn't go in the room with him. When Andrea was 4 yo she was hit by a car in front of our house...I stood in the doorway and screamed for her Dad & sent him out...I couldn't even go out to her, Dad rode in the ambulence. One thing I learned from my kids experiences and had confirmed since I became a nurse is that it is fairly common for children (even babies) who have "sustained trauma" even if the injuries are not serious like scrapes, cuts, bumps, fx, knocked out teeth (but involves a big scare) to react by becoming quiet & passive (and will even go to sleep).
  10. by   BeachNurse
    Definately something very fishy...
  11. by   Kim Steinmann
    I don't think you have to be a nurse to make an anonymous call about this. I have know ward clerks in our hospital to make calls to the abuse hotline. It very difficult to injure a child secured in a car seat. Yes, follow your instincts.
  12. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Had a situation this fall where a baby was in properly fastened (so far as belts, snaps, etc) car seat. Young mother, just dumb, didn't mean to hurt the baby. Put it in the FRONT seat. Wreck. Air bag went off. Hit the seat hard enough it broke the baby's neck!!!!!!!! Not the cord, just several vertebrae, and jammed it's face into the seat. Ugly injuries, lots of investigation.
    Mother repentant and upset, guilty, miserable.
    Investigated, mom sent for classes, etc. Baby in hospital several weeks in full body cast. Last I heard, moving all extremeties, expected to be fine, being released to mom who now knows better. BUT it sure sounded fishy at the time.
  13. by   Gromit
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