Do you wear a seat belt?

  1. I know we sometimes feel like we need one at work, but I am talking about when you are in your (or someone else's) car? I was astounded years ago when I worked Trauma to discover that the Director of the program did not wear a seat belt. Granted the guy is convinced he is God in the flesh, but still!! I have always been a seat belt wearer and cannot fathom why people don't wear one. I can fathom even less when peole do not properly restrain their kids in cars!!
    If you don't wear one, why not????
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  3. by   RN-PA
    ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS! And anyone who is my passenger wears one. I'm with you, fedupnurse-- I cannot FATHOM anyone not wearing a seatbelt, and when I see children not buckled in, I am shocked and amazed.

    In our town, we recently lost a young police officer to a one-car accident caused by excessive speed and rain. He was headed to assist an officer with a traffic stop and was NOT WEARING A SEATBELT when he crashed. A terrible, senseless loss of life...
  4. by   nursegoodguy
    You, and your passengers HAVE to wear seatbelts PERIOD! Not only should you wear a seatbelt but also adjust the neck wrest of your seat so if you do get into a wreck your head will not pivot on it but rather will be supported from behind. And I would really be careful about what sort of "loose" items I have in my vehicle as anything, (including a pet), could become a projectile and kill someone. I haven't had to do it yet but if I see a car with a child unrestrained I WILL get on my cell phone and call the police to give them a nice big ticket! Why should the children have to pay a price for the rest of their lives because of parents irresponsible behavior. Maybe when it costs them they'll think twice... I have a patient who has been a para since 1 year old for just that reason! So sad to think of how different his life could've been if only he had been restrained... It just isn't fair!
  5. by   Tookie
    In Australia it has been mandatory since l think the 60's to wear a seat belt - Huge campaign then and ongoing for people to wear them - we also have campaigns about the speed and alcohol and driving currently one is 'drink drive - bloody idiot'
    It is just a given that people wear their seat belts or they are fined and so is the driver of the car
  6. by   Tiiki
    It is also mandatory up here in Canada to wear a seat belt. When my children were younger I used to tell them that the car wouldn't start unless everyone was buckled in. Now it's so ingrained, I don't go to the corner store ( a few blocks away) without buckling up!! I'm an ER nurse...seatbelts DO save lives!


  7. by   Ted
    Sure do!! In New York, you've got to. Around where I live they have the occasional police stops to check things like people wearing seat belts, up-to-date inspections, etc. . . Can get fined $50.00 if you're caught without one. These small town cops know how to make their quotas!

    Besides, "seatbelts save lives". . .

    Happy driving, folks.

  8. by   Mary Dover
    I do always! So does any passenger in my car. Here in NC, it's
    'click it or ticket'.
  9. by   nursejws
    I always wear one when I'm driving, but noticed I rarely wear one when I'm the passenger. I am getting better about it though. The thing I hate is seat belts usually rub against my neck...that just drives me crazy!
  10. by   suzannasue
    Oh yes...gotta be belted before I crank up the is a personal rule...have seen way too many folks come in then ED after flying through the windshield,windows, of crashes. Yeah...have seen the injuries sustained from wearing the seatbelt,too,but have seen most survive. I am very shocked at the number of nurses and MD's who do not wear me the willies.
    Local campaign to get the locals in this county to buckle up...brought in lots of troopers...called them "the WOLFPACK"...seems this county had highest rate of noncompliance in the state...but this county also has (IMHO) the highest level of fast food places,used car lots,juke joints and churches in the nation...
    Buckle up yall !!!!!!:kiss
  11. by   shay
    I feel nekkid without one!
  12. by   misti_z
    Originally posted by Tiiki
    I used to tell them that the car wouldn't start unless everyone was buckled in.
    My mother did the same thing! I too always wear a seat belt and so does anyone who rides with me. I'm outraged when I see an unrestrainted child in a car....senseless
  13. by   Huganurse
    Me too shay! It's like not having my watch on. we have a mandatory seat belt law. What I can't figure out is why we recently made it legal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet! The people I see who do not wear a helmet, to me, are really stupid! Will people ever learn???
    I think it's ok to live on the edge a little but not without proper safety gear and precautions. As far as kids go, they don't have a chance without proper restraint. In the event of a MVA, the poor kid will get thrown, usually out of the car....couldn't imagine living with myself if something happened to someone in my car, especially a child. What's worse? Kids riding in the back of a PU truck. Scarrrry!
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  14. by   susanmary
    Years ago, had a friend who worked in the coroner's office -- he told me about a parent/driver who was unrestrained who was in a car accident -- he ended up being "flung" into the back seat where the baby was secured in a car seat. Head hit head -- the baby died. I was a new parent who, at that time, wan't religious about buckling up. My hubby and I buckled our seatbelts on the way home from our friends -- and have both been faithful "bucklers" ever since -- 18+ years. I always buckle up -- always. My car does not pass "go" unless everyone is buckled up.