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I know we sometimes feel like we need one at work, but I am talking about when you are in your (or someone else's) car? I was astounded years ago when I worked Trauma to discover that the Director... Read More

  1. by   Rustyhammer
    I just seem to have a difficult time driving when I'm getting strangled by that shoulder belt. It hits me right on the neck and makes for an unpleasant trip.
    I should uninstall it and replace it with a regular lap belt. I would probably wear that more often.
    The kids always are sliding that shoulder belt behind them so they don't get choked either.
  2. by   CATHYW
    Always! Even when going across parking lots-you never know who might be cutting through!
  3. by   fedupnurse
    They have these belt things you can slip on so they will fit you better. If the kids are putting the shoulder belt behind them they should be in booster seats. Really ugly, potentially fatal abd. injuries from just lap belts. All of us over 35 or so also know that cars when we were kids were like tanks. That isn't true today. With all these SUV's with their drivers on cell phones and going 90 down the NJ Turnpike or Parkway you already have someone else taking you life into their hands. Please get your seat belts to fit right. You will never forgive yourself if something happens to one of your kids!
    That seat belt thing is called Sure-Fit I think and I believe I got one at Toys R Us. That was a few years ago.
    I cannot tell you how many lives I saw permanently altered due to a lack of seat belt use. Frontal lobe injuries are devastating. Being thrown from the car because an airbag propells your unrestrained body just isn't worth it. The families of these critically injured people go thru absolute hell. I wouldn't want to put my family thru that!
    We also all pay dearly for people's stupidity. These people sue everyone in sight. The car insurance rates go up, healthcare costs, etc. because people are careless with a deadly weapon and don't take the 2 seconds it takes to buckle up.
    I'm off my soap box now!
  4. by   Rustyhammer
    And EVERY time since 1955 that I have been in a moving vehicle......I wear a seatbelt. ALWAYS.
    I find that a bit hard to believe PRN.
    Seatbelts didn't become standard equiptment on most cars til around '65.
  5. by   Rustyhammer
    I am going to look up the toys-r-us site now and see if I can find the sure fit device.
    Thank you fedupnurse.
  6. by   Y2KRN
    Always, but I am concerned with airbags. I am very small and very short and I keep telling myself I am going to have my air bags shut off because I have to sit so close to the steering wheel.

  7. by   capgirl
    I used to wear them without fail, but do admit I have gotten a little LAZY in the last year or so..........
    Just took defensive driving course through work, WOW! that woke me up!
    Now I am back to buckling up......
  8. by   live4today
    originally posted by fedupnurse
    i know we sometimes feel like we need one at work, but i am talking about when you are in your (or someone else's) car? i was astounded years ago when i worked trauma to discover that the director of the program did not wear a seat belt. granted the guy is convinced he is god in the flesh, but still!! i have always been a seat belt wearer and cannot fathom why people don't wear one. i can fathom even less when peole do not properly restrain their kids in cars!!
    if you don't wear one, why not????
    absolutely 100 percent of the time...all my life, now, and forevermore! made my children wear one at all times, make my grandchildren wear one at all times, and if anyone rides in my car, they must wear one or exit the vehicle! :d
  9. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    It's so nice to see that kind of response:kiss

    You all might think this is weird but when A passenger gets in my car(wife included) I stare at them and the seatbelt and don't move the car an inch. If they argue I start into all the variouse orifices that will be violated by tubes,the daily routine of human broccoli and the elegant apointments of LTC.:imbar

    I yell at "mothers" that don't have thier kids restrained. That's child neglect. Geeze.that peeves me off! I flat roll the window down and yell at them. How bout those kids in the back of a pickup truck.....uhhm?.........That's brilliant.

    I applaud you all for having the good sense to wear your seatbelt.

    I promise I won't yell at you.
  10. by   dianah
    Re: seatbelts on busses: Reading all the comments from those of us who won't budge a vehicle until all its occupants are buckled in, and of the number of kids who actually remind their parent(s) to buckle up, -- aren't kids these days a lot more aware of the safety issues and wouldn't they be more likely to willingly buckle up (and feel a lot safer while travelling)? Plus, one must weigh the extra time/attention necessary to keep order on the bus (not an easy task on any day) with the terrible price to be paid in the event of a major accident, or even a fairly minor one, with kids flying all over the bus! Not a pretty picture. It just seems some priorities are skewed here. IMHO. As with a lot of other things, it's probably mostly a funding issue: who is going to pay to retrofit all the busses? ?? Sorry for the digression on the thread . . .
    Great thread, tho', keeps us aware and thinking. Had a close friend (a skilled ICU nurse AND an attorney) years ago who didn't buckle her toddler in for short trips, as "she cries so much and just doesn't want it on . . ." Very frustrating. They never had an accident, grateful for that.
  11. by   Rustyhammer
    I've got to admit, I've never really given that much thought to seat belt use. Perhaps it's because we live in such a rural area.
    There is not the traffic problem that you city dwellers have and I really don't know of anyone who doesn't let their kids ride in back of the truck when out in the boonies.
    We don't have the hassle of having cops harrassing us (no cops at all in this town) but like I said before I DO have them move up to the cab when we get into populated areas.
    I agree that seat belt use is a good idea but they ARE uncomfortable and I really don't like them. If I lived in a city I would probably wear them but as it is I drive a half hour to work on the interstate and maybe see 5 cars on the way.
    I do think this is a good thread. I'm quite surprised to see all the pro-seat belt users. Who'dve thunk it?
  12. by   caroladybelle
    ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   Tookie
    Rustyhammer - l live in a rural area where we have a high road toll (this is the percentage of population compared with the to the city)- most often young men - the statistics of road deaths dropped dramatically after the introduction of complusary seat belts years ago - We are a very large country with a hugh raod system and it can take 6 hours to drive from on major (million + people) city to another ie Melbourne to Sydney.
    The point l am making here is that it is rare to see people without seat belts on - we over the years have got used to the comfort or otherwise of the belt itself - I guess it is the acceptance of what is 'good for you' wins
    We now in Australai are trying to reduce the road toll by tackling the other killers - inexperince, long ditances causing fatigue, speed and drink.
    Here in most of our newspapers it is a socially acceptable campaign to publicise people whoare charged and lose thier licences thoiugh speeding and especilly drinking.

    I guess becuse it so much part of our culture to wear a seat belt l find it a bit astounding that people even question it - there is a push now to get tourist buses etc(even old ones) belted up
    I can even remeber the first safety campaigen back in the 60's I think Click Clack front and back