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Hey guys! here it goes... The other day at clinicals (I'm a student:) ) I witnessed a herione addict fake a seizure. Well, the nurses who responded to this incident were amazing. At first they... Read More

  1. by   MelRN13
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    I have said this before and I guess I can repeat it:

    It it is wet and it ain't yours, don't touch it.

    Rule to LIVE by; learn it now. That said, to hold a hand or give human touch, of course I don't wear gloves.
    I totally agree!!
  2. by   litebrite
    I do not wear them for everything but most things. Assessments as well sometimes, depending on the patient. I error on the side of caution.
  3. by   susanmary
    The nurses put themselves at risk and must have broken hospital protocal. I'm very careful/faithful wearing gloves -- and try to always practice universal precautions. I wear them anytime I believe I will come in contact with body fluids. I do not wear them for assessing patients as a rule -- UNLESS the patient is "leaking" from somewhere. There are many things we have no power over in our clinical practice ... and many things we do have control over.
  4. by   dabestrn
    I think you will find a lot of ER nurses won't wear gloves for starting IV's. They do about 1 an hour and are quite excellent at it. When I put an IV in I don't lose a single drop of blood. I certainly don't agree, they should definately be wearing gloves but I can understand their bad habits. I sometimes just tear off my index finger of the glove to start an IV so i can palpate a difficult vein.
  5. by   altomga
    I wear them for everything except the "human contact" that a pt deserves at times. I agree with smilingblueeyes...if it's wet and isn't yours, don't touch it!
    To hold a hand, touch an arm out of compassion, etc.. means more to a pt without a glove though.
    I remember an AIDS pt (yes aids), that was shocked that I touched her arm without gloves. The pt was not bloody, no weeping fluid, nothing. Dry, smooth skin. Why wouldn't I touch them? The pt was very happy that I did this. They said it showed I wasn't scared of them.
    Wear gloves when you are supposed to, or even think you may be exposed!
  6. by   rreed
    yep, always wear them for all IV's and Lab draws and cleaning up pts and anyone that is combative.
    I can't stand to see people start IV's without gloves on.
    it is the people that you don't know what they have that you have to worry about.
  7. by   obeyacts2
    Whenever it is a possibility to come into contact with body fluids wear gloves. I do...this is my agency requirement AND IS REQUIRED BY OSHA AS WELL....those RNs were foolish.....if they were working for our agency and my boss saw thhat.....goodbye charlie!!!!!!! Awful when they KNEW she was a heroin addict HEP B, C heavens knows what else....scary.

  8. by   GAstudent
    The first thing that bothered me about this thread is that you said

    "The pt had soo many needle sticks (from iv nurse cuz she couldnt find a vein) and at one point she Bled all over the nurse who was trying to hold the pt down."

    Your not suppose to hold down a pt or anyone that is having a seizure..

    Now to your question. I always wear gloves not just for my health but for my kids health and my other pts health. One time my son was in the ER and the nurse came in for blood work and put her gloves on and she was checking for his vein and then ripped her index finger part of the glove off. I was like husband looked at me and I said very nice "Mam, I know I don't know you but this is my son and if you prick his finger and then happen to hit your finger with the needle and your blood touches my son. Well we have some problems." She kindly said well I can't find it any other way because i can't feel the vain with the glove. I said ok well then I'll do it and she was like no no and then i called another nurse in and I told her the situation and I ended up doing it. Choice I guess.
  9. by   tattooednursie
    I do wear them most of the time. I don't wear gloves if I 'know' that there is no body fluids. There has been a few times where I thought that there was going to be no bodily fluids, like when I make beds, and a few times I have grabed a brown gift.
    But if I know that I will come into contact with body fluids, I will wear gloves.

    The only task that I never wear gloves while doing is fixing a patients hair. I only did that once, and I am not going to say what I was called after that! lol :P
  10. by   Rapheal
    It is always my intent to use gloves at all times. But I have surprised myself when I have forgotten to put them on. So far this has only happened a couple of times. Then I think to myself "stupid, stupid stupid".
  11. by   Whisper
    I wear gloves any where near nathing that isn't mine! as a general rule, with washes, toileting and dressings etc.
    I learnt real quick to keep a pair of gloves in my pocket and was amazed by how quick I can now get them on.

    I have however been in contact, with a few bodily substances that I wouldn't want to experience, found a pt on the floor shouted for help, we got her back in bed, but she was drenched in urine....
    Plus with a CA pt, coughed up not sure of the technical term, but it looked like a bit of lung, onto my VERY quickly gloved hand! Didn't even manage to get the fingers on.
  12. by   jude11142
    I do believe that you should always where gloves when you are in contact with any bodily fluid, open wounds, etc..........I also worked in the O.R. back in the early 80's(before universal precautions, AIDS)and there were plenty of times when we would get trauma pts straight from the ER and while preparing the pt, gloves were often an afterthought. Not smart, but it's been done. I still see several surgeons who have come to the unit to do a dsg change and No Gloves??? Not only for his/her safety, what about what they are exposing the pt to? Always carry gloves in your pocket at work, so you will always have a pr close by.

    What bothers me about the whole glove issue is that I also see many(aides, nurses, doctors, students etc)...who overuse gloves. I mean, is it really neccessary to put on gloves when feeding a longtime resident in a nursing home? Or how about the ones who put gloves on and go from room to room, patient to patient with the same gloves? Oh YUK!!!!! And the remarks/looks I get when I ask them to please change their gloves and wash their hands.

    Then there are the ones who when working with an AIDS patient, won't even go into the room without gloves/mask on. No matter how much education there is regarding how Aids is transmitted, people are still so paranoid. I was touched by a previous post, that stated going into a pts room who was dx'd with Aids and touching that pt. God Bless You and others like that. I have worked with many pts with Aids and it means so much to them. The human touch is one of the best of what we can give to a anyone esp a sick patient. Imagine being that patient and having a nurse come in with gloves/mask etc....It really upsets me to see that.

    We are supposed to be using universal precautions, never know who may have Aids/hiv+/ be wise, use your judgement, be safe...........not paranoid.

  13. by   mother/babyRN
    Nope......I do try, however.