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  1. well this is a very upsetting message for me to right I just want to ask oppinions on what I should do.....I am a student nurse on an elderly ward I am finding it really tough the staff dont seem to care-and I constantly feel like I am just a dogs of the nurses who had been there for 2 years didnt even know what the drugs she was giving out were for and I took the initiative to get the BNF to look it up.....she was also crushing uo enteric coated tabs and putting them in jam for the older people who found it difficult to swallow and who would not take tablets...I am sure I am over reacting but I asked where the crash trolley was and the nurse didnt know.I dont want to waste this placement I am here for a year I am considering appealing what would you do ?
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  3. by   KellyandtheBoys
    It weems to me it might be a benefit to finish out the year. Your enthusiasm might rub off and people will start "caring". This may also give you a little picture of people trying to do their best against a difficult situation.
    For instance although it is not "correct" to crush an enteric coated
    aspirin what should this nurse have done? Was she just trying to make sure the patient gets the benefit of the drug? You might find you learn from these folks. At the same time your fresh enthusiasm might make them a little more enthusiastic again.
  4. by   NurseTami
    Well, when I worked in the Nursing Home and a patient could or would not swallow whole meds that were enteric coated, i simply called pharmacy to ask, then Dr. to order a suitable substitute.I then took the opportunity to educate the nurse who had been crushing same med.
  5. by   thisnurse
    good advice tammy!
    where i work you dont have to call the doc unless there is no substitute.
    i call the pharmacy and they will send over liquid vitamin c for example, rather than the pill.

    just hang in there and dont let their attitudes affect you.
    you are a student so your enthusiasm will shine thru their apathy!
  6. by   P_RN
    Hello Blossom and welcome! Nursing in the UK is VERY different from here in the USA.

    IBL would be Inquiry Based Learning

    The IBL is being tried in Canada as (CBL), but I haven't seen it here. It doesn't seem to be too popular there.

    DipHe RN training would be Diploma of Higher Education in Nursing Studies

    This is the site from York.....I am not sure where you are studying.

    So you are committed to adult nursing-correct?

    Did you choose your placement or did the university?
    What is the possibility you could request a different site?
    If changing is not possible, then you must do everything to make sure that the work you do is correct and "first does no harm."

    The 2 year veteran nurse is setting an example-a BAD one. So you will learn what NOT to do.
    Find the Crash Cart (trolley) yourself and get someone to help you learn the contents.

    I wish I knew more to tell you. You might want to also post on the Canadian Nursing may come up with some there who can relate more to your problem.

  7. by   grnvillechick
    Welcome to the wonderful world of certainly isn;t what any of us thought it would be !
    First of all, let me apologize for the busy and obviously overworked nurses you have had the pleasure of a few years, you will look back and smile when you think of the frustration you are now feeling. We all went thru this. Crushing meds that have no other way of being given are only the tip of the iceberg. I have one question for you though...did the patients GET all their meds?? were thier dressings changed..were they kept dry...were they fed...were they cared for??? ok more than one question there !!! What I am trying to get across to you is this....
    Nursing is a juggling act...a balancing compromise in idealism...but once you are out there...once you have the responsibility to care for all those will slowly come to realize just how streeful life can get. OK, so a nurse didn't know where the crash cart was...she isn't the only one an emergency, someone would have gotten it, trust me. And yes, in some places, you have the luxury of a pharmacy that can substitute enteric coated drugs for liquid ones...but not all can(or will).
    Instead of judging, perhaps you should try to focus on the goals of the nurses' care. It will not matter where you go. It is universal..this stresed out feeling and this overwhelming shock of getting out there and seeing nursing in action.
    Just remember, we nurses are out there because one day long ago we were just like and ready to care !!! Don't lose gets better...
  8. by   seven
    have i mentioned lately how much i haaaatttteee CBL?
  9. by   pandora
    If you are unhappy about the way this nurse is mentoring you then you should see your Lecture Practitioner about it. This person is supposed to be showing you good practice, and should care about teaching you the RIGHT way! You are obviously aware that she a) should know what drugs she is giving and why, and b) that she shouldn't be crushing enterically coated pills. Have you said this to her? I know it's difficult when you are a student nurse, but now's the time you have to begin to learn to be assertive. I'm sure if you approach it in the right way she will listen. If not, then go to your LP for advice. Good luck!
  10. by   moonshadeau
    Students seem to be a little more on the cautious side and recognize more significant problems than those of us out of school. When you get out of school you develop bad, bad habits. Sometimes nurses get so burned out that they just don't care anymore and this makes them not think about consequences. No the nurse should not be crushing enteric coated meds. But in my opinion elderly should not be recieving half of the meds that they are on now anyway. As for the crash cart, I have worked in several nursing homes, few have a crash cart because there are few ACLS trained nurses in the nursing home. Plus, in many states the LPN's cannot administer IV medications without special training and that is what is in most crash carts. Lpn's are what are usually in most nursing homes lately I find. Usual policy is to call 911 and to start CPR and let the ambulance crew handle the rest. But that is my experience and those who know of something different are sure to let me know. But don't get frustrated nursing is a good profession, you just have to find your niche.