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I am a second-semester nursing student, and just finished my first clinical rotation at a local hopsital. I know that nursing school is different from the real world, and that working nurses will do... Read More

  1. by   Fort Worth
    For what it is worth - Follow your training, disciplinary action by the hospital or your board will not consider the actions of others, only your action - same logic as all practices, would you risk patient, visitor, or your own health by non compliance of other basic practices? If supplies are an issue call your infection control nurse, as far as the compliance of others - do not even go there- not your issue unless you are charge or infection control..
  2. by   Who?Me?
    Absolutely! and if the nurses are not your clinical instructor needs to be talking to their supervisor. Just think about it--who wants that "stuff" on their skin, their clothes, on their faces (ick!) to take home to your loved ones or even just roommates--double ick!

    It is a matter of protecting yourself and being a responsible practitioner!
  3. by   janetrnc
    Absolutely. At our facility we do spot checks for PPE
  4. by   Who?Me?
    Being a surgeon makes you immune to most bugs and being an orthopod makes you really, really immune--I don't know if this will ever change. ugh.
  5. by   Muttlover
    I'm with you. I have 2 children at home and there is NO WAY I'm bringing anything home to them that I have the power to control. Shame on the nurses being so careless. I work the night shift -- yes, there are times I am soooo tired I don't want to gown up, put on a mask or get another box if we're out -- double glove, etc. BUT it's my responsibility to myself, my family and the other patients I care for to not be an idiot. 'Nuff said!
  6. by   jrbl77
    I would have to say that I wear ppe 99% of the time. If I need to stick my head in the room to ask a question, I may not gown up. Otherwise if I'm going to provide any type of hands on care I wear ppe. Many pts will say to me, you are the only one that does that. I tell them I follow the rules and do what I'm supposed to do. As an experienced nurse I feel that I must set a good example to other staff members and visitors and I am aware of too many nurses that have ended up with mrsa in their own wounds or with c diff. I agree with a previous writer, that it is disheartening when a pt that you have cared for for days, all of a sudden has mrsa in their nares or sputum. Keep following the rules to protect yourselves as well as other pts.
  7. by   CapeMaui
    That is aweful! We definitely use gown, gloves, and maskehen the isolation requires!! I work in the ICU (neo and pees) and many have suppressed immune system, if we are not careful, they can get really sick! Plus, don't want to bring anything home to my kids!!
  8. by   Bradford627
    It is different when u r actually working as a nurse. Anyone who has MRSA, VRE, etc are on at least contact precautions. But once u work for a while and u know what type and where, u just use ur own judgement. Depends on what u r going in the room 2 do w/ the patient as 2 what u have 2 wear. If u just walk in the room w/ someone that has C-Diff and put everything on just 2 check the IV bag, or something 2 that nature for example??? No, there is no point b/c u know there is no contact w/ it. Just remember ur basic handwashing precations. U learn 2 pick and choose what ur gonna take the time 4.
  9. by   MassED
    absolutely wear it - I know nurses who don't use PPE for a variety of things, which is just stupid. It's about being responsible for yourself and OTHERS.
  10. by   MassED
    Quote from TheCommuter
    While I'd absolutely love to wear more PPE for patients who are on various types of isolation, my workplace purposely understaffs and undersupplies us all the time.

    We don't have masks or gowns in stock half of the time. Therefore, the only PPE I can get my hands on are the gloves.
    wow. Time to find a new job if you don't have the necessities for basic care.
  11. by   dizzejan
    i'll make it's not smart not to..
  12. by   zebsmom2002
    With contact precautions, if I'm only going in to check the IV or ask them a quick question & I'm not going to have any contact with the patient or their immediate environment, I admit it, I don't put one on. Gloves & good handwashing though. Otherwise I do. (If ya do it every time, you'll run out of gowns before the end of the shift & won't have one when you really need it)
    If the person's only on contact precautions, I don't wear a mask.
  13. by   mbarcher
    well if you're in nursing long enough you're gonna be "colonized" with mrsa... especially in the nares. if i just go into spike an iv i don't get all dressed ready for the ebola virus! staph aureus or just plain staph is a bacteria found on the skin of everybody. just google it... i spent several years in the army many moons ago and the hepatitis guys were always the coolest... lol... my favorite place to hide! i just practice real good hand washing technique for the most part... but if you have open wounds or respiratory i'd be a leary of those cases.

    30 years in nursing i suppose i oughta count my blessings... but i can remember long before aids that we as nurses were not allowed to wear gloves because it might "offend" the patient... now you wear gloves for everything even to put somebody on the bedpan... the only time i put 'em on for say a blood sugar is when my instructor was watching or some inspector from state... and i find it more diffucult to find a rolling vein with thick gloves on too. but when you're in a hurry... i gues just use common sense...