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Hi Everybody, Im New To This Site. I Have A Bs In Biology And Thinking For Absn ( Accelerated Bsn) . I Have A Question, What Exactly Is The Duty Of A Rn ( Who's Done Absn) . Does She/he Need To... Read More

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    are you serious? why do you want to go into nursing in the first place? How can you supervise nurses without ever having got your hands dirty? Do you think you will get any respect from "your" nurses if they are shortstaffed, need a hand and hear you say " I do not go into patients rooms, I am here to supervise you". How will you know if these nurses who "require" your supervision are performing basic patient care in a fitting manner if you have never done it yourself? I had a manager like that once upon a time -totally clueless and dangerous. The job is hard enough - nurses have no need for colleagues who are not team-players. And nursing is not about a series of unpleasant tasks involving bodily fluids and mundane chores.
    Please do some of your own research about the nursing PROFESSION and do not glean your ideas from TV shows or preconceived notions of an ill informed Joe Public who still see nurses as doctor's handmaidens. Joining is a good start. Good luck with your research and your career choice.
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    Quote from LeahJet
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    Being a CNA when you have a bachelors degree already?
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    Is this a joke?
    I mean, ofcorse nurses clean up feces and urine! They do a lot of other things, BUT they still DO have to do that! If you get grossed out by that kind of stuff, then why would you want to be a nurse? I am not a nurse, but a pre-nursing student, and I think it's kind of common knowledge that nurses have to clean up all kinds of bodily fluids!
    I really think this is a joke though..
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    Well, personally I don't clean bowels. Just poo.
  7. by   Cherish
    Why don't you get a major in Health Care Management or Health Systems Management. Honestly I dont think you want to become a Nurse. But if you still want to work in the healthcare industry this would be the route to go. Its more administration and management. You WILL NOT be working with patients though. But this seems to be more your area. Or get a degree in Human Resource Management and work HR in the hospital. You will have to deal with a lot as a Nurse and one of them is body waste. You dont seem like you want to be even close to it. So check out those areas.
  8. by   SuperFlyRN
    I want NO ONE "managing" me when they have not even experienced bedside nursing themselves because it is too "icky" or whatnot.
    Try pharmacy. I was a Pharmacist for years before I returned to be an RN-big difference in pay (and cleanliness) but I am a lOT happier
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    I think this person is just pulling our chains
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    There are MANY managers who are not nurses. Ask an administrator most of them have business degrees. My mother is an Administrator at a hospital she is not a Nurse but has a business degree. You do not need to be a Nurse to be a Manager. You do if you are a charge nurse or a Nurse Manager position. You think CFO's are NURSES? There Finance majors. There are many management positions in hospitals where you do not need to have a medical field background. HR, Finance, Security, IT, Medical Records, etc. All these positions can be found in the hospital. You can find out more about this at this website

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    hehe... funny question..

    gloves is a very important tool in protecting urself... especially if you are goin to handle body secretions and excretions... this is very basic... you dont have to be a nurse to know that. also make sure that u always do the proper handwashing. handwashing is very important to minimize the spread of bacteria....

    it's all in the fundamentals of nursing and common sense ;-)
  13. by   angel337
    this is a joke. trolling at its best.